Bring holiday cheer to everyone on your list with these simple and cheap DIY Christmas gifts that your friends and family will love! 

It’s that time of year again! While you’re running around decking the halls, don’t forget to stop and think about Christmas gifts. No, not yours…everyone else’s! Personally, I love to give gifts way more than I like to receive them, and it kills me when I have to leave people off the list because I have no more room in my budget. But why choose between quality and quantity when you can have both? These ten DIY Christmas gifts will surely make everyone on your list happy—including you and your wallet!

1. Face & Body Lotion

DIY Christmas Gifts Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Face & Body Lotion

Image & Instructions via the Nourished Life

This stuff is the be-all-end-all of lotions. I recently started using it as my daily body and face (yes, it can even go on your face!) lotion and it has worked wonders. My skin feels clean, fresh, and flawless. I will never buy lotion from the store again! Those lucky enough to have this next to their name on your Christmas list will absolutely love it. It takes about ten minutes to throw together, and all you need is coconut oil and vitamin E oil (or capsules—but not tablets). You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you’d like!

2. Sugar Scrub

DIY Christmas Gifts Homemade Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Image & Instructions via Living Chic on the Cheap

Exfoliating sugar, soothing grapeseed oil, and antioxidant-rich green tea are an all-star team for relieving that dry winter skin. This one is a great last minute gift because almost all of the ingredients are probably already sitting in your pantry! Though, if you don’t have grapeseed oil on hand and don’t have time to make a trip to the store, you can sub in olive oil instead.

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3. Lip Balm

DIY Christmas Gifts Homemade Beeswax Coconut Oil & Honey Lip Balm

Image & Instructions via everyday roots

Protect your loved one’s lips from the cruel winter winds the natural way. Beeswax acts as both a sealant and emollient, while coconut oil, honey, and vitamin E nourish chapped lips. You might even want to make an extra to keep for yourself! All of these items (except for beeswax) are easily found in your local grocery store. As for the beeswax, it comes in bars, sheets, or pastilles, and can usually be purchased from organic retailers like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. You can sometimes even find it at craft stores like Michaels, depending on where you live. But, as is for most products nowadays, you can probably find it cheaper online!

4. Fizzy Bath Bombs

DIY Christmas Gifts Homemade Fizzy Bath Bombs

Image & Instructions via Everything Etsy

Ask me how much I love homemade bath and beauty products. Answer: SO MUCH. So we’ve got lotion, sugar scrub, lip balm, and now bath bombs! You could make a pretty killer spa gift basket with all of this. This project is slightly more complicated than the other three, but only slightly! It really isn’t complicated per se—it just requires a few more ingredients.

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5. Tile Photo Coasters

DIY Christmas Gifts Tile Photo Coasters

Image & Instructions via the Shine project

These make a wonderful gift for just about anyone on your list, from grandparents and close friends to neighbors and co-workers. Cheap, easy, and personal! You can find tile squares for next to nothing at your nearest hardware store—just ask for samples! After that, all you need is your photos (printed on white tissue paper), a paint brush, an acrylic clear coat spray, felt for the bottom, and Mod Podge. Oh, Mod Podge, how I adore thee.

6. Cinnamon Honey Butter

DIY Christmas Gifts Homemade Cinnamon Honey Butter

Image & Instructions via Tidy Mom

This stuff makes for the most AMAZING buttered toast you’ve ever had. So delicious, so simple—the perfect holiday gift. Oh, and did I mention that it’s AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS?! You can always just go out and get store bought butter for the base, but making butter from scratch is actually pretty easy. And, no, you don’t need one of these numbers:

DIY Christmas Gifts Woman Churning Butter

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7. Bacon Infused Sea Salt

DIY Christmas Gifts Homemade Bacon Infused Sea Salt

Image & Instructions via girlichef

Yeah, you read that right. Bacon. Infused. Sea salt. Drooling yet? Sprinkle it over your eggs in the morning for a twist on classic bacon and eggs. I can see it now on some breakfast avocado toast. The possibilities are endless! It’s an ideal gift for the bacon lover on your list.

8. Arm Knit Infinity Scarf

DIY Christmas Gifts Handmade Arm Knit Infinity Scarf Green

Image & Instructions via Handimania

I am an avid knitter. I love it. It’s calming, therapeutic, and I get a nifty craft out of it! What more can you ask for? Of course, like anything else, it’s not for everyone. I know some of you out there are a little DIY-challenged, and that’s okay! That’s why I’m showing you this—it’s as easy as it is cute. You can even make an entire blanket with this method. Can’t wait to try it out myself sometime!

9. Twisted Headband

DIY Christmas Gifts Handmade Twisted Headband Black and White Stripes

Image & Instructions via Life is Beautiful 

This one is so simple and cheap it almost hurts. Old t-shirt(s)? Check. Needle and thread? Double check. Literally, that’s all you need. I am an AWFUL sewer, but I could totally handle this. And if I can do it, so can you!

10. Key Holder

DIY Christmas Gifts DIY Photo Frame Key Rack

Image & Instructions via The Purple Carrot

This is one I’m definitely going to have to make for myself. The fiancé is always losing his keys. Seriously, like all the time. Not an exaggeration. It happens at least once a week. In fact, they’re missing right now. So, this is clearly a necessity for us (read: him). Though, for me, I would probably attach the hooks at the bottom of the frame and use the center for a photo or something, like this. Either way, it makes an awesome gift!

What are some of your favorite DIY gifts that you’ve given or received? Drop a comment and let us know! As always, please spread the love and share. Happy gifting!

**Featured image via diy network