If you’re looking for fun ways to incorporate color into your home’s design, then look no further. These rainbow designs are where it’s at! 

If you’re like me, then you think in color. And whether consciously or unconsciously you're always trying to find more ways to bring it into your home. Naturally, a great way to do so is to experiment with rainbow designs. I mean, what better way to add color than to add all the colors? There are tons of ways you can add in rainbow home decor, and not all of them have to be drastic changes! I scoured the internet looking for different rainbow designs that appealed to me and my love of all things color, and I found 5 rainbow ideas that I hope you love as much as I do.

Rainbow Ottoman

Rainbow Designs Button Tufted Rainbow Home Decor Ottoman in Living Room

Via Erika Brechtel

Take a look at my post, Tuft It Out: 8 Fun and Unique Tufting Designs, and you will see that I have mentioned this ottoman before. I couldn’t help but mention it again because it is just too cool! I am so fascinated by it that I have literally searched for similar ones all over because I really need one of these in my life. 

The rainbow ottoman is the focal point of this sitting area and it adds character, dimension, and playfulness. It adds just the right amount of color and brightness to this deep neutral room! Like, you would walk into this room and the first thing you see is this super cool rainbow button tufted ottoman. Whoa, say that five times fast! The little pig and giraffe give this space a childlike feel that I truly love. Wouldn’t this just be the best place to kick back and relax after a long day at work or class, and be able to look upon the happy colors of that rainbow ottoman? Plus, it would be easy to add into your existing decor!

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Rainbow Chairs in the Dining Room

Rainbow Designs Rainbow Home Decor Accent Chairs at Dining Room Table

Via Interieur Wensen

I find this dining area both creative and unique because the color of each chair comes together to create the colors of the rainbow, excluding red of course. I find it quite interesting that the designer chose pink instead of red, but visually it really works. It might be because with the almost jewel toned colors of the other chairs, red might have been too stark and made the whole setup not mesh. 

Rainbow decor that's spread out like these chairs works well if you have an even number of cool tones and warm tones, and they definitely have that here! Keep that in mind if you’re going to add rainbows to your home in this way, whether it be in the form of chairs, glass bottles, or pillows! Though this dining area is relatively simple in terms of design elements, it's quite thought-provoking as the English major in me wants to create a story based solely on this image. What type of people live in this home, and how awesome do they have to be to have a rainbow dining set? Very awesome, in my book!

Rainbow Window Blinds

Rainbow Designs Rainbow Home Decor Window Blinds in Bedroom

Via House & Garden

You can't tell me that these window blinds aren't flat out amazing. I love, love, LOVE IT!!! This rainbow bedroom decor is so bubbly and bright that it makes me happy just looking at it. I am a big kid at heart, so I love the appeal of these rainbow window blinds. I think they’d be fun to have in a home office or even an entryway. It doesn't matter if you're an interior designer, a graphic designer, or simply love color, it's easy to appreciate the originality and utter awesomeness of these window blinds. 

I would totally want to have these in my apartment, especially if they were solid white on one side. Why, you might ask, would you be totally amazed by these blinds and how rainbow they are, then want solid white on the backside? Well, because I could completely shock people by flipping the blinds like “Oh, you thought these were white? Well, bam they’re rainbow!” How fun would that be?

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Rainbow Bookshelf

Rainbow Designs Home Decor Books on Large Bookcase

Via the Tao of Dana

If you don’t know yet, I graduated with a degree in English. And yes, I am aware that my grammar may not always support this claim. That being said, you can only imagine how much my heart fluttered when I saw all of the various colored books sorted chromatically on this bookshelf. It’s pretty dreamy, all those colors flowing across the shelf. 

If you're trying to make a rainbow-themed book assortment, then you may find it difficult to carry out the design. Oh, if only books in series were actually designed to be a rainbow collection to be able to create this wonderful bookshelf. Well, most books in a series are very different colors, and to get this look, you’d have to split them up. My literature loving heart just can't do that. However, I have a solution for those of you like me! As a book enthusiast, I would recommend investing in book covers in order to get this degree of color variation. Then, you can pick your own colors, and keep your series together, as they should be kept! You can choose a few colors for your shelf, like the one above, or you could even gradually flow from red to violet. Oh, that would be some gorgeous and colorful home decor!

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Mini Rainbow Bookshelf

Rainbow Designs Home Decor Books on Small Bookshelf


Assuming that you do not already have an array of different books of various colors, obtaining the amount of books necessary to carry out the large rainbow bookshelf is going to be difficult. Some people might prefer not to use book covers. You can opt out of the large rainbow bookshelf design and think instead about recreating a smaller version. You can do this by taking the books you already have and arranging them by color, from red/pink to purple, or any other arrangement of colors as long as they are divided into their own sections. 

I love the small rainbow bookshelf pictured here. The designer chose to arrange the books from white/yellow to pink/red and so on. I think it is simple, yet extremely elegant. Plus, it doesn’t seem like they split up any series here, and that makes my heart happy. I know not everyone is as crazy about books as I am, and many might not care about splitting up series to create wonderful rainbow bookshelf art. And that’s totally okay. You go do you, and create your rainbow decor as you like!

So, what do you think about rainbow home decor? Please share our post and comment with your own ideas for rainbow decor!

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