Make a statement in your home’s design with an accent wall! From paint and wallpaper, to tile and wood, you’ll find the right style for you. 

Accent walls are the perfect way to draw the eye to a particular feature of a room. There are many different ways you can go about creating an accent wall, some involving more labor than others. One of the most important things to consider when creating an accent wall is your choice of wall. You want there to be a specific reason why this particular wall is being featured. A dramatic architectural feature like a vaulted ceiling or an unusual piece of furniture like an antique armoire are great points upon which to focus your statement wall.

You can also use an accent wall to create a sense of separation in a large room, effectively dividing the space up into smaller areas. For example, living and dining rooms are often combined into one large space, so implementing an accent wall can help in defining different spaces and their functions. With that being said, let’s explore some of my favorite accent wall ideas!

1. Watercolor

If you consider yourself to be artistic, this may be the accent wall for you. Watercolor walls are a newer trend I’ve been seeing all over the interior design world lately. The best part about this kind of statement wall is that the result will be 100% completely and uniquely you! Since you design and create it yourself, you know that there will never be another space that looks exactly like yours. If you’re looking to get hands on and creative, try a watercolor accent wall.

This living room looks like someone took a vat of alcohol inks and splattered them on the wall. I’m kind of in love. It’s soft, fun, and very whimsical! Definitely a cool pick for accent wall colors!

Accent Walls Living Room Watercolor Statement Wall Face Black and White Interior Design Living Room Modern


I love the fact this one is a portrait. The pink and smoky black-greens of the accent paint make this wall sultry and feminine. For some reason, this portrait makes me think of Poison Ivy from DC Comics. Anyone else getting that vibe? I think it’s super cool!

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2. Wallpaper

We’ve previously talked about how wallpaper is making a comeback, and this trend just keeps getting better and better! There are seriously so many different designs that are perfect for accent wall wallpaper, it can be difficult to make a decision. From geometric to floral and beyond, there is something out there for everyone. But, if you really can’t decide on one single wallpaper, you can always take a few of your favorites and create an entirely new pattern like in the photo below. The options are literally endless. (Psst—they even have temporary wallpaper so those of us who are still renting our homes can join in the fun!)

Accent Walls Bedroom Geometric Wallpaper Statement Wall White Bed with Bay Window and Pendant Light

Via Rue

Accent walls are all the rage right now, and we can definitely see why! What's your fave kind of accent wall?

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, May 16, 2016

This wallpaper is for the birds! Okay that was bad. But seriously, this bird wallpaper makes a fantastic wall accent. I love the extra pop of color the teal birds give, and how soothing the cloud background is on the wall. I love bird decor. I accidentally made it a thing in my apartment. Every room has at least one piece of decor with a bird on it. I just kept buying pictures, pillows, and random knickknacks and they all have a bird on them. So, this wallpaper may need to make an appearance in my apartment some time soon!

Accent Walls Bedroom Wallpaper Statement Wall Birds with Teal Bedside Table White Accent Lamp and Polka Dot Bedding with Coral Throw Pillows

Via Danielle Oakey Interiors

This damask print is stunningly chic! I love how they used it on a smaller wall and paired it with that gorgeous black and white dining table set. Hello, ultra-chic dining area! It even meshes with the rest of the space because of those black and white pictures on the walls in the next room. The accent wall color combinations here are just perfect, am I right?

Accent Walls Dining Room Floral Damask Wallpaper Statement Wall White Dining Table with Black Chairs Monochromatic Design


3. Paint

I see so much wallpaper that I’ve forgotten that you can achieve a similar look painting accent walls with a can of paint and a brush! You can go classic and simple with a solid color of your choice or illustrate a pattern. There are tutorials out there for just about any and every pattern imaginable—chevron, herringbone, trellis, you name it. A more structured method than watercolor, you don’t have to be an artist at all to do this. The secret is buying the best painter’s tape money can buy. There are places to skimp out and save a buck or two when designing the interior of your home, but painter’s tape is not one of them.

The color turquoise seen in this bedroom is absolutely amazing! Bright shades make excellent accent wall color ideas! And secondly, that tree design is just gorgeous. There are more birds too! The pops of color the birds add to this vibrant wall only make it even more wonderful

Accent Walls Living Room Yellow Herringbone Statement Wall Indoor Plant Decor

Via Apartment Therapy

Herringbone accent wall designs are super cool. I love how this one doesn’t quite go all the way down the wall, and is uneven across the whole section. It looks stellar behind the TV, and the shade of gold looks great with the plants!

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4. Wood

Another recent trend spiking in popularity is wood pallet accent walls. I especially love the fact that this trend is very green since you can incorporate reclaimed wood! A statement wall made of reclaimed wood has an awesome vintage vibe to it. There’s so much history contained within those panels! And, to even further customize this look, you can use paint or stains to create more variation among the pieces. Although, there is one drawback; unlike paint and (some) wallpaper, this is definitely not temporary, so, kids, don’t try this at home (unless you own it).

You don’t have to be a lover of things English to enjoy this wood accent wall! You could easily make this into any flag or design that you want. I love the color palette of the wood here. The deep brown mixed with tan and white are very eye-catching!

Accent Walls Living Room Colorful Reclaimed Wood Statement Wall Wood Coffee Table White Couch Starburst Mirror

Via Our house now a home

Speaking of eye-catching, let’s talk about this one, shall we? Wow. So many colors! This is totally an accent wall for the ages! I love the distressed look of the colors on the wood planks. Definitely adds to the boho/green nature of reclaimed wood, don’t you think?

5. Wall Gallery

A wall gallery of photos, art, and other display-ables is another viable option for your accent wall. Wall galleries are ideal for art collectors, photographers, or those who like a hint of sentimentality in their home design. You can stay on the minimal side of things, or fill it to the brim! Here is a useful resource for help with planning a precise wall gallery. Remember—measure twice, nail once! For all you renters (represent!): These command hooks are another great tool if you want to avoid potentially damaging your landlord’s walls.

Wall galleries are a great way to incorporate lots of art and pictures into your decor. I love this one here on the striped wall paper. The round mirror makes this perfect to me because the round shape of the mirror beautifully contrasts with the stark lines of the rectangular frames and the wallpaper. Plus, mirrors make rooms feel bigger and brighter!

Accent Walls Black and White Office Space with Wall Gallery Statement Wall


I love the simplicity behind this wall gallery. It’s so glamorous! I love that it’s all in black and white, and there are a lot of deep contrasts in the photos. The design they chose for the wall gallery itself is quite cool. It’s close together, yet spaced out just enough to mimic the striping in one of the pictures. Very awesome!

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6. Tapestry

Tapestries are kind of like the ultimate summation of everything I just listed. They’re great because they make for an easily removable dorm- or renter-friendly accent wall. All you need are a few tacks and, voila! You have yourself an accent wall that is: 1) Colorful, 2) Patterned, 3) Temporary, and 4) A piece of art in itself.

Accent Walls Bedroom Bohemian Tapestry Statement Wall Low Ground Bed Pendant Light White Walls

Via Decor Love

Textile art is such a fun thing to add to decor, and this tapestry hanging above the couch is perfect! It has a beautiful design, and very rich colors. So it’s great for hanging on a wall because you can pull from the colors on the tapestry and incorporate them into the rest of your decor. I also love how they added some gorgeous throw pillows that go with the tapestry!

This last bedroom is probably one of my favorite accent walls ideas. I love the canopy/headboard feel this tapestry adds to this bedroom. It also goes well with the bohemian decor. The map is a great touch, because as soon as I saw this bedroom I got a feeling of wanderlust. But anyways, this bedroom is great because it also shows that textile art doesn’t have to be huge to make a statement, as this one is small yet still gorgeous!

Do you have any ideas of your own for an accent wall? Or perhaps a wall you designed yourself that you’re especially proud of? If so, share with us in the comments below! And, as always, if you enjoyed our post, please spread the love!

**Featured image via the Tao of Dana