If you’re like me and are constantly changing up your decor, acrylic furniture is what you need in your life. And if you don’t...you still need it. Here’s why: 

Hello, all! I have a fun topic to discuss with y’all today! To start off, I’m going to go ahead and state the obvious: I tend to go through random phases where I obsess over one type of thing. For example, the other day I went shopping and ended up with three different pairs of pointy toe d’Orsay shoes. In my defense, the deals I found were just too good to pass up! Anyway, you might remember my obsesh with copper (still love) and now I’m all about acrylic everything.

So, yesterday when I was sitting in my living room realizing that I’m going to graduate from college, move out, and forever leave my roommate's furniture in the dust, I instantly began visualizing what I want my next place of residence to look like. I mentally prepared a list of what I would need and things I would like to have, and it was like the vision of my house was completely see-through, i.e. acrylic everywhere. With that in mind, reality hit and I knew that to avoid tripping over everything I would have to scale the amount of Lucite acrylic materials back a smidge.

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Real-life me is much more practical and design-oriented than whatever kind of me is dreaming up interiors in my head, so I began wrangling up acrylic pieces from every corner of cyberspace. Doing so made me realize why I’m so drawn to it. Acrylic furniture is so simple, durable, and versatile. All of which happen to fall under the “things I love” category. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ve probably noticed that I like incorporating design elements that can grow with me. What I mean by that is that as I go through my day-to-day routine I tend to get bored with looking at the same ol’ same decor around me, and once that happens, it’s game over and changes start to happen immediately, if not sooner. Does that ever happen to you? If it does, welcome to the life that is mine. 

Anyway, acrylic items serving as an accent or statement piece allow for that change I just mentioned because they are CLEAR and go with everything. Acrylic furniture isn't bulky or overpowering, it simply exists and lets you take creative control of what you put on it, near it, or in it. Just remember not to overdo it and make sure to choose wisely when buying and styling so that there’s no chance of anything looking cheap-ish.

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To prove my point, take this acrylic side table for example: there are designer books on it, it is set near a couch/chair, and a shell and wood duo was placed inside the Lucite trunk to theme it up a little. Instantly you have yourself a coastal vibe all throughout your home! Let’s say that moment of beachy-keen decor has passed and you’re not into it anymore...simply swap out the shells with something different and you’ve given the piece a whole new feel!

Acrylic Furniture Trunk Chest Beach House Seashell Seaside Books Coffee Table Storage Living Room Organization Home Decor Interior Design Clear

Via Wisteria

The Lucite world is a big one and it’s our job to grin and chair it. Say hello to these brass and acrylic chairs that I’m ooh-ing and ahh-ing over!! The cushion adds comfort to this glam barstool option leaving me with no excuse not to love it.

Acrylic Furniture Brass and Lucite Barstool Bar Kitchen Home Decor Interior Design Clear Accessories Metallic Metals

Via Alice T. Chan

Who knew acrylic furniture could be this versatile and awesome? Check out some great ways to incorporate clear furniture into your decor!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sure, there are tons of larger pieces of cool acrylic furniture, but there are also tons of smaller accents to choose from! Take this frameless picture frame for instance. With just a sheet of acrylic and a sheet of paper, you’ve got yourself a great display! I’m a fan. OH and instead of hunting one of these down around town, this is a phenomenal DIY for all you crafty readers out there!

Acrylic Furniture Wall Decor Frameless Picture Frame Home Decorations Interior Design Drywall DIY Do It Yourself Pic Sketches Artwork Art Gallery

Via Pneumatic Addict

Now for something that doesn’t involve hammers and nails, just treats! What’s not to love about a breakfast tray? I bet you couldn’t think of anything because the answer is that there’s everything to love about one, especially one that you can see through. When I look at these trays, the words dual-purpose start flashing in my head. I wouldn’t just use it to hold snacks in my lap, I would mix it up and place it on a coffee table to display all the good things...remotes and candles and flowers and books and coasters and...okay, maybe that's going a little overboard but a few of those items would absolutely be present!

Acrylic Furniture Lucite Breakfast Trays Lemons Cheese Wine Water West Elm Home Accessories

Via west elm

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Last on the list is an item that I can’t seem to pull away from. Barely there hardware has a great look to it. These ones in particular are a fave because they have brass on them for some extra shine! Not only would I install these on doors, I would also like to have some type of variation of the pulls below put in the bathrooms and/or kitchen.

Acrylic Furniture Lucite Door Pulls Bay Windows on to the Patio Home Decor Accessories

Via La Dolce Vita

Have I turned you into a clear furniture-enthusiast yet?! One can only hope. It’s a crazy concept, really. Think about it this way, I’m raving about a material that is translucent...am I nutso? I guess that’s TBD depending on what you have to say in the comment section below! Thanks for sticking with me to the end. Peace, love, Lucite.

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