Let’s explore the world, friends! It’s time to be a little adventurous and explore travel themed decor for our homes. Ready? Let’s go! 

Does anyone else out there have a strong case of wanderlust? Because I sure do! At a young age, I was blessed with tons of opportunities to travel internationally. Personally, I’m so thankful for those opportunities to travel because they have really broadened my perspective on life and culture. At times I wish I could travel more, but let’s be real, traveling internationally costs both time and money… and well, not everyone has the time or money to do that! Bummer, right? Not to worry though! I have a brilliant solution! Why not save a few bucks on travel expenses and bring the world to your home?

What do you mean by that, Alexa? Well friends, why don’t we explore travel themed room decor and bring a little world culture into our bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and just about everywhere else in our homes! ! It’s easy! All we have to do is travel different decor styles from different parts of the world. Sounds like fun, right? Let’s get traveling then!

1000 Nights in Morocco

I love love LOVE (did I emphasize love enough) Moroccan home decor. It’s bold, vibrant, and absolutely stunning. Moroccan architecture and interior design is simply out of this world! I pretty much live for those gorgeous architectural arches. Don’t you think they’re jaw-dropping? Goodness gracious, I could go on and on about them for forever. But I won’t do that. I’ll show you instead!

Travel Themed Decor Moroccan Living Room Neutral Couch Indoor Plants Wall Art Coffee Table Fresh Fruit Throw Pillows


Where do I begin with this living room? Those arches! Gosh! Have I told you that I adore them? Sorry if I’m being repetitive but when I really love something, I can’t help but express it multiple times. I also love the tablescape on the coffee table. Those lanterns are adorable. Plus, the way they look mixed with the fresh fruits, flowers, and tea set. Talk about a total package deal for a winner winner (chicken dinner) in the awesome department of home decor. Can you tell how much I love Moroccan home decor? To be completely honest friends, I just love travel decor ideas and global inspired decor in general!

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Before I leave this photo, can we talk about those subtle metallic stripes on the wall? Once upon a time, I was a decorative painter and if I could have those horizontal metallic stripes in my home, my heart would dance with joy. I love the look of the metallic stripes because it’s chic and not overbearing. It has a subtle elegance and class. Not to mention they’re just gorgeous!

Travel Themed Decor Arabian Living Room Area Rug Chaise Leather Ottoman Table Lamps Flowers Wall Mirror


How awesome is the mood lighting in this living room? This gorgeous space looks like something straight out of a dream or a modern genie’s bottle. I love the drama the mix of sheer and opaque drapes provides. The different types of seating are great too and make this living room look totally inviting. And the light fixtures are something I could only dream of!

Travel Themed Decor Moroccan Bedroom Brown and Cream Colors Gallery Wall Art Area Rug

Via Zillow

Before we move away from Moroccan home decor, you didn’t think I would forget to show you a bedroom with absolutely jaw dropping architecture, did ya? Check out this gorgeous travel themed bedroom! This bedroom has the most stunning arches. I can only hope and pray that my bedroom in my future home will have stunning architecture like this one!

A Day Trip to Paris

Travel Themed Decor Bedroom with Armchairs Crystal Chandelier Fireplace Candle Large Wall Mirror Bay Windows Hardwood Floors

Via South Shore Decorating Blog

Who doesn’t love classic European styled home decor?! Check out this gorgeous travel inspired room. The French seem to have grand, dramatic, simple, yet elegant down to a T. This European themed bedroom is absolutely gorgeous. There’s not a lot of color going on in this space, but the large windows, beautiful seating, ornate mirror, and candles all add tons of drama and elegance to this bedroom. You can totally tell that this is French inspired!

Travel Themed Decor French Country Cottage Kitchen and Dining room Chandelier Black and White Tiled Flooring Bay Windows Indoor Plants White Oven Hood Home Decor


This cozy and quaint French country kitchen is stunning! I imagine that if Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, had a kitchen in today’s present era, this is what it would look like. What do you think? Maybe my imagination is running a little wild, but I can totally see Belle loving the French country style of this kitchen and pulling one of the dining chairs over by the large window to read a book. I just love all the beautiful rustic touches in this kitchen and dining area. And that antique chandelier adds the perfect charming touch.

Travel Themed Decor French Bathroom Double Sink Wall Mirror Free Standing Bathtub Armchair Tile Floors Luxurious Space


Last stop on our French rendezvous, this adorable travel themed bathroom. I really love nice bathrooms—especially when they are clean, organized, smell nice, and have cute touches like this one here. I just have to say that those ‘monsieur’ and ‘madame’ rugs are darling! What a cute and quaint touch for a master bath. Plus, I love that there’s a chair in the bathroom and a plethora of matching towels. Often, I see homes that don’t have matching towels (which is a-okay), but whenever I see a home with all matching towels, I’m a little bit impressed!

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A Visit to Japan

Travel Themed Decor Japanese Lounge Sliding Doors Wall Art Indoor Plants Low Seating

Via Home Design Lover

Now that we’ve gone to North African and Europe, let’s explore Asia! Let’s check out Japanese home decor. Japanese home decor is all about minimalist style. Forget excess amounts of art, wall galleries, frills, or rustic touches. It’s all about keeping things simple, down to earth, and reflective of nature. Take this room for example. The floor stepping stones are reminiscent of a river path and the blue lights give an ambient feel of water.

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Travel Themed Decor Japanese Bedroom Window Shades Bed Indoor Plants Wall Art Minimalist Style

Via Homedit

Let’s take a gander at this fun travel themed room that features super cool and contemporary Japanese style. For starters, the low platform bed is very common in Japanese homes. However, the leather cover and stitching on this platform makes the room look more contemporary. Notice the minimalist use of colors in this room. We see a lot of neutrals, whites, and blacks with the exception of the green plant in the room. Japanese style is so unique and streamlined. I love the clean lines and simplicity!

Travel Themed Decor Minimalist Japanese Dining Room Sliding Glass Doors Indoor Plants White Couch Wood Dining Table Four Table Settings


Here’s the last stop on our home decor journey: this clean, minimalist dining room. For starters, I love the open concept floor plan and the brightness of this home. The tall windows and light coming in are amazing. As you can see, this dining room is entirely fitting with Japanese interior design style. It’s minimalist, clean, and streamlined. I wouldn’t mind being invited to a dinner party in this home. Why? Because cleaning up after a dinner party here would be such a breeze!

There you go, friends! We’ve gone across the globe and into the home decor styles of different countries. Did you like this post? Which style was your favorite? If you think I should write about more interior design ideas from other countries (i.e. Indian, Italian, etc.), let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

**Featured image via Houzz