Need an amazing cake for an upcoming special event? Spice it up with alcohol cakes! Check out these super awesome alcohol cake recipes and get baking!

While I was browsing Pinterest for blog ideas, I came across a beautiful looking cake that captured my eye. I clicked the recipe link and as I was scrolling through all these delicious-looking cake pictures, I finally found the recipe and saw that it called for alcohol, which briefly made me pause. I think I *may* have known that alcohol cakes/alcoholic desserts were a thing, but I’ve never actually tried one before. I haven’t been 21 for even a year yet, so before you say something like - “girl, where have you been!” - take that into consideration. At first I wasn’t even sure if you could taste the alcohol. After a quick Google search, I realized you could. After all, what is the point of adding alcohol to a cake if you can’t taste it?

Since alcohol cakes (which can also be made into alcohol cupcakes!) are a super cool and new thing for me, I had fun finding different recipes. There are so many different varieties of cakes and alcohol that you can be super creative while you bake up a cake! Now, for the disclaimer - we all know I love food and cooking, but baking just isn’t my thing. I wish it was, but it’s not. If you’re anything like me, you’ll read through these daunting recipes and think they’re too complicated. But no worries, my friend - we will get through this together!

That being said, let’s get baking!!

Alcohol Cakes with a Triple Layer Chocolate Mudslide Cake and Kahlua

Via Beyond Frosting

This is the cake image that has me convinced I have to learn to bake, so it’s only natural that it’s the first alcohol infused cake recipe that I have listed. This cake is called Chocolate Mudslide Cake, which is the cake version of a mudslide. This rich alcoholic cake looks so incredibly delicious that you can just taste the thick, soft, moist, creamy, decadent, chocolatey goodness (adjectives, anyone?). Can you see why I’ve dedicated an entire blog to alcohol cake recipes? Ugh. Need. I’m pretty sure my mom will feel the same way about this cake as she is a die-hard chocolate lover. Anyway, the cool thing about this liquor cake recipe is that though it calls for Kahlua in the cake batter, you can use either Kahlua or Baileys in the frosting and ganache. Yum!

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Alcohol Cakes with Baileys Vanilla Coffee Cake Triple Layers Coffee Beans

Via Liv for Cake

This next cake recipe is the first of two coffee cake recipes I’m showing y’all today. This cake is called Coffee & Baileys Layer Cake, and it is a vanilla buttermilk cake with coffee Baileys buttercream icing. Can you just imagine how savory that would taste? Coffee icing is one of most favorite things. Doesn’t it just look amazing and super delicious? I have to try this one!

Side note: I wonder if you can make a vanilla bean cake instead of regular vanilla and if this liquor cake would still taste okay? If you know the answer to that, comment and let me know! I’m curious.

Alcohol Cakes with Irish Coffee Chocolate Cake and Baileys

Via Tornadough Alli

Here’s the next coffee cake recipe! This cake is called Irish Coffee Chocolate Cake, and what makes it different from our previous recipe is that it is a chocolate cake. That’s pretty much the only major difference. This recipe also calls for Baileys, but there is no alcohol in the cake itself, only in the coffee buttercream icing (yay for alcohol infused frosting!). I love how these two cakes don’t look anything alike aesthetically even though they’re pretty similar on the inside. Bake the coffee cake that better fits your taste!

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Alcohol Cakes with Strawberry Moscato Cake and Soft Pink Icing

Via Life, Love & Sugar

Pink is my favorite color, so I am partial to this beautiful cake. And I mean, look at how beautifully iced it is! Goals. This cake is called Strawberry Moscato Layer Cake. Its recipe list includes a cup of Moscato wine, but you can use your favorite white wine, as this is a white cake. If you click the link and look through the pictures, you’ll see how amazingly fluffy this cake is.

Now, we have to talk about the icing. Although I do like Moscato, I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with this cake because of its gorgeous strawberry pink icing. It’s calling my name. Seriously obsessed. Must try!

Alcohol Cakes with Red Wine Triple Layers Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Icing

Via Life, Love & Sugar

Since we are on the theme of wine, the next cake recipe I’ve chosen is called Red Wine Chocolate Cake! This cake reminds me of Valentine’s Day. It has raspberry filling in-between the dark chocolatey layers, and the recipe calls for a cup of red wine. This cake looks super moist and just simply delicious, and that’s a lot coming from me since I’m not a big fan of red wine. But y’all know how the saying goes: “Wine - it’s win with an ‘e’ at the end.” So, try this one, and let me know how it goes!

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Alcohol Cakes with Triple Layered Key Lime Margarita Cheesecake Cake

Via Wicked Good Kitchen

I saved the best recipe for last (yes, even better than that gorgeous pink cake)! There’s something about this Key Lime Margarita Cheesecake Cake that makes me swoon. This cake just takes it to a whole new level in every department. It’s complex, has the best decoration, and has the most alcohol. So, that being said, this cake recipe is neither simple nor easy for baking novices. This cake recipe has three layers: two cake layers and one key lime cheesecake layer in the middle. It calls for three different types of alcohol, which are tequila, orange liqueur, and orange cognac.

If you’re a fan of key lime cheesecake, lime margaritas, etc., then I’m sure you will love this yummy looking cake! You could also take this recipe and create alcohol infused cupcakes/cocktail cupcakes, instead! Doesn’t that sound super delicious? This is the type of cocktail cake you bake for special occasions, like my upcoming birthday, wink!

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With so many kinds of alcohol, you have so many different ways to bake a cake made with alcohol. Be creative! Which booze cake caught your eye? Comment and let me know! Also, share this post with your friends so y’all can decide which one to make for your next big get-together!

**Featured image (L to R): Life, Love & Sugar, Liv for Cake, and Wicked Good Kitchen