No tree? No problem. We’ve got you covered. You’ll love these alternative Christmas tree ideas so much that you won’t want a normal tree ever again! 

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when I say the phrase Christmas decorations? For most people, their answer will probably be “the Christmas tree, of course.” Everyone seems to have a different opinion on Christmas trees. Some people think it’s absolutely necessary to have a real tree, while others prefer a fake tree. There are even some people that don’t put up a tree at all!

There’s a whole slew of reasons you may not have a traditional Christmas tree. Maybe you’re allergic. Maybe you don’t have the money to buy one (real or fake). Or maybe you just don’t have the space for a tree. Whatever the reason, it’s ok! You don’t have to have a tree to celebrate the holidays. But, if you’d still like a tree, just not the standard version, you’re in the right place. I’m here to show you all sorts of alternative Christmas tree ideas! Let me tell you, there’s a lot! This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should certainly get your creative Christmas juices flowing.

Alternative Chiristmas Tree Ideas Nontraditional Trees Ornaments DIY

Via Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

The featured image and the photo above are very similar: both trees are made be hanging ornaments from something with clear line (such as fishing line) and both are very pretty! These trees should be fairly easy to DIY if you’d like. You’ll just need a lot of ornaments and some patience! There’s a great tutorial on how the featured image trees were made. You can follow those same instructions to make the ladder tree, but instead you’d be tying the ends of the strings to the rungs of the ladder. I don’t know about you, but I think these ornament versions are pretty cool Christmas trees.

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Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Non Traditional Stacked Branches Monochromatic Trees White

Via Brit + Co

There’s something that’s just so right about this tree. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a tree made from branches. Maybe it’s because all the white ornaments make it look like it’s covered in snow. Whatever the reason, I love this tree. This tree could definitely be made at home, but this DIY certainly wouldn’t be for the faint of heart.

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Non Traditional Trees Garland Presents Holiday Dowel Rods


I think I will call this a deconstructed tree. You still get some of the greenery like a traditional tree, but it’s not as visually heavy. What I think I love most about this “tree” is that the presents really are underneath it! Since you don’t have to put the presents around the tree, the whole thing takes up less space physically and visually. With a few dowel rods and some garland, you can DIY your own version of this tree!

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Non Traditional Trees Cardboard DIY


It may seem a little cheap, but a cardboard tree could be very cool! Plus, it would be very cost effective. College kids and recent grads, I’m looking at you! No shame in saving money instead of buying a tree! This could also be a fun idea to give kids a chance to decorate a Christmas tree. If you’ve got little ones in your life, build them a cardboard tree, give them some markers or paints, and let them go to town! They’ll have a blast and you won’t have to worry about any of your own ornaments breaking while the kids decorate.

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Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Non Traditional Trees Modern Plywood Geometric Presents


I’m not sure there’s anything much simpler than this plywood tree. Not only would this be an easy DIY, but it could save you loads of money, too! Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. This tree is super modern and sure to look good with just about any decor! If raw plywood isn’t your style, your options are pretty much endless. You can paint, stain, or even whitewash the wood. Whatever fits into your style! Plus, no one said a Christmas tree has to be green.

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Non Traditional Trees Pillows Gold


Like I said… no one said the tree has to be green! Don’t scoff at this idea. I think a pillow tree would be super fun! Plus, when it’s all said and done, you’ve got lots of pillows to cuddle with!

If you’ve got a small arsenal of books lying around, this alternative Christmas tree might be just for you. All my book loving friends out there might cringe a bit at the tree on the right (those poor spines!), but you could always pick up a few books at a discount store instead of using your own precious books. Regardless, both of these ideas show off your love for books!

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Dress Form Sewing Holiday Ideas Wedding Dress Non Traditional

Via Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

You don’t have to have a traditional Christmas tree to officially celebrate the holidays. You don’t even have to have something that’s shaped like a traditional tree. For instance, this “tree” is shaped like a skirt! I have many friends that are big into sewing… so this dress form tree idea is perfect for them! Doesn’t it just make a cute Christmas tree?

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Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Knit Knitting Yarn Non Traditional


Sewing not your thing? How about knitting? I’ve never thought about knitting a Christmas tree before, but now that I’ve seen it… I love it! Knitting a full size tree might not be feasible, but a table top sized one is definitely manageable.

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Non Traditional Branches Tree Wall Ornaments Holiday


Maybe your problem is that you don’t have space for a tree. If you live in a dorm or small apartment, space is at a premium. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a tree, though! You just need a space saving Christmas tree! Collect some branches, tie them together, and hang them on the wall! That’s right, Christmas tree on a wall. With some lights and ornaments, you’ll forget all about not having a “real” tree.

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Bookshelf Ribbon Trees Idea Holiday Presents Gifts Blue Firewood Holidays Non Traditional

Via House & Garden

Your wall Christmas tree can even be made from presents! With a little bit of ribbon, these shelves went from everyday life to becoming an alternative Christmas tree! By placing their wrapped presents on the shelves between the ribbon lines, they filled in the image of a Christmas tree. Look at the tiny present on top! So cute.

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Non Traditional Trees Cork Board Ornaments Dining Room Frame Presents

Via Jessica Gordon Ryan

Like I talked about before ornaments can be used for so much more than decorating a tree. In this case, the decorations for Christmas trees become the tree! These ornaments are attached to a cork board to make the shape of a tree. You don’t have to have a cork board this big, either! This is such a brilliant idea. Right now, these ornaments are arranged as a Christmas tree for the wall, but they could also change to be an ornament wreath. The possibilities are endless!

I’d be crazy to not include a wooden wall Christmas tree or two! These are great space-saving trees that you can easily make at home. Gather some old pallets (or other reclaimed wood), cut to size, and hang on the wall! This is a DIY you can show off all season long!

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas Felt Kids Tree Ornaments Presents Wall Star Non Traditional

Via Sol and Rachel

Last year, one of my cousins made these felt Christmas trees for all the little kids in our family. Needless to say, my nephew loved it. In fact, he liked it so much that we had to leave it up well after Christmas! Because the tree and ornaments are made from felt, they “stick” to one another, allowing kids to decorate and destroy their tree an endless number of times! It was a huge hit with all the kids. It’s simple to make a wall Christmas tree out of felt. Check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

Even if you don’t have kids, this tree is a great space-saving alternative! It can easily become more “age appropriate” by creating more detailed ornaments and attaching LED lights.

Don’t worry, #Santa will still leave you presents under one of these alternative #ChristmasTrees!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Already have a “normal” Christmas tree? You can still add in some non-traditional Christmas trees to your decor! After all, no one said you could only have one tree! The options for alternative Christmas trees are endless. I’ve only just scratched the surface of all the amazing things you can create to replace a traditional tree. So what do you think? Is a non-traditional tree for you? Do you have any favorites? I think these are all beautiful Christmas trees, but I’d love to hear your opinions. As always, don’t forget to comment and share!

**Featured image via Not Martha