Ditch your typical New Year’s Eve dresses and go for one of these ultra-chic alternatives. Start your New Year right with some fresh fashion choices! 

I don’t know about you, but I love any excuse to dress up and get a little swanky. And, now that it’s already mid-December, the end of the year is fast approaching! New Year’s Eve is the definition of an excuse to dress up and get a little swanky. In all honesty, New Year’s Eve excites me even more than Christmas does. The opportunity to create new beginnings, start with a clean slate, rethink your priorities—I love it. Making it through another year of life’s challenges—through happiness and hardship—is something that absolutely should be celebrated!

I am usually full of outfit inspiration for the occasion; though, this year, I’ve been having a little trouble figuring out what I want. Don’t get me wrong, I love blinged out mini dresses and long silky gowns as much as the next girl, but I’m a little tired of the traditional New Year’s Eve dresses. So, I’ve decided to wade through the sea of sequins and bring some fresh ideas to the table!

Here are some high fashion alternatives to keep your style on its toes this holiday season!

Oh, sweet soft velvet. Why were the 90s so bad to you? Don’t worry; I know how to treat you right… Velvet is a magical textile. It is SO comfortable and there is this amazing opulence about it. I feel like a goddess every time I put it on. For me, it’s an instant confidence booster! I don’t just look good, I feel good. The 90s velvet revival is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier. (As long as Drew lays this look to rest for good.)

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New Years Eve Dresses Lulus Good As Gild Gold Sequin Romper

Via LuLus

Won’t let anyone pry those New Year’s Eve sequins from your cold, dead hands? Totally understandable. For you, I have this sparkly gold romper. You’re welcome. Pair it with some opaque black tights and heeled booties and you’ll be ready to count down to midnight!

New Years Eve Dresses Nasty Gal Love to Love You Peplum Jumpsuit in Black

Via Nasty Gal

It seems to me like the black jumpsuit is the new LBD and I’m all for it! This show-stopping peplum jumpsuit is a fabulous choice for any New Year’s Eve event, from an A-lister soiree to hitting up the bars with a group of close friends.

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New Years Eve Dresses Lulus Between View & Me Backless Blue Jumpsuit

Via LuLus

New Years Eve Dresses Lulus Between View & Me Backless Blue Jumpsuit

Business in the front, party in the back. One of my favorite things about jumpsuits is that they’re very subtly sexy. Conservative with a twist. There’s nothing subtle or conservative about that bare back though—such a stunning detail. Between that and the beautiful indigo color, this jumpsuit definitely has a wow factor to it!

New Years Eve Dresses Planet Blue For Love & Lemons Ethereal High Waist Maxi Skirt & Embroidered Crop Top Damask Pattern

Via Planet Blue

I’m also a big fan of this trend: matching crop top and maxi skirt sets. I didn’t know this before about five minutes ago, but these kinds of outfits are actually called “co-ords.” Learn something new every day! I could definitely see myself rocking this number any day of the year, not just on New Year’s Eve.

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New Years Eve Dresses ASOS Little Mistress Midi Pencil Skirt & Cropped Top in Metallic Jacquard


I love the strength this outfit possesses. This girl looks ready for anything. The color and textile stories going on here are very compelling. I’m really digging the jacquard trend as of late. But, you know what? I realized that I had no idea what “jacquard” even means. So, I looked it up and have put together a little history lesson for you:

It all started with a dude named Joseph Marie Jacquard and his new and improved mechanical loom. Turns out, the term “jacquard” does not actually refer to a print, but, instead, a woven pattern. Multi-colored and metallic threads are used against a contrasting satin background to create that luxurious luster. Prior to Jacquard’s invention, this coveted fabric was only available to the rich. But, in 1801, he simplified the method for designing textiles by incorporating punch cards with holes corresponding to particular patterns. This made the process and resulting product much more easily accessible to your average everyday loom worker. Thanks, Joe!

New Years Eve Dresses Missguided Metallic Brocade Floral Full Midi Skirt & Bralet in Teal

Via Missguided

This one is my personal favorite. I am seriously in love. That is the most perfect shade of green that I have ever seen. Ever. Sexy and chic, while still remaining sophisticated. The shoes, the makeup, the hair—everything about this look is perfection.

New Years Eve Dresses Diamon Sequin Jacket & Peg Leg Trouser

Via Topshop

If you really want to get down and funky this New Year’s Eve, try on this sassy 70s throwback pant suit for size. The diamond-esque texture that was created here is too cool for words. Covered head-to-toe in shimmering gold sequins, you’ll be the coolest cat of all at your party. This girl is owning it. I don’t know if I could personally pull this off, but I’d definitely be willing to try!

Well, here’s to hoping this post got your creative juices flowing. Please feel free to share as well as comment with pictures of your favorite New Year’s Eve outfit inspiration, or even your actual look for this year. We’d love to hear from ya. Happy shopping!

Special thanks to Rue La La for providing the info for my little history lesson and to Act Like a Lady for the featured image.