Did you know that personality and home decor style are inextricably linked? Interior design is all about expressing your personality in your home! 

According to Myers Briggs, there are 16 personalities in the world! By now you’ve often heard (or more so read) me say that your home decor style should reflect your personality. Recently, I began to wonder, does my home decor categorically fit with my personality type? I know that along with personality type, interests and hobbies come into play with interior design styles. Structurally, it would make sense if each personality type had a certain style or home organization preference they were more drawn to just because of how their brains “tick.” It makes sense that each of the types would have their own design styles.

So friends, rather than exploring in great depth how and why each one of the 16 personality types prefers one organization system and home decor style over the other, I’m simply going to cover the four different categories these personality types fall into and how that reflects their home decor and organization preferences. Why am I stopping at that? Well, for one, I don’t want to bore you all with my psychological analyses and human brain/mind correlations. Not everyone is interested in that. Friends, let’s let the psychology lecture... I mean home and decor adventure begin!

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There are 4 main categories that personality types generally fall into:

  • The Analysts: These are generally very intellectual people who carry both the “intuitive” and “thinking” traits in their personality type.

  • The Diplomats: People who possess this personality type are generally very idealistic! They carry the intuitive trait, like their analytical friends. However, rather than the "thinking” trait, they possess the “feeling” trait.
  • The Sentinels: This personality type possesses the “sensing/observant” and “judging” traits. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with Myers Briggs, to have a “judging” trait does not mean you are judgmental! It simply means that you are orderly/structured in your decision making.)
  • The Explorers: This personality type possesses the “sensing/observant” trait, however, unlike their sentinel friends; they don’t have the “judging” trait. Rather, they are more “perceiving."

Now, before I proceed with this post, I’d just like to clarify one thing; I am not a psychology or Myers Briggs expert. I know quite a bit about the test, but I am in no way, shape, or form an authority on the topic of psychology! That being said, today we’re going to focus on only 1 of the 4 categories. Not to worry, we’ll cover the rest later! Our first personality and home decor exploration will cover the personality types that fall under the category of Analysts.

Being in the Analysts category myself, one thing my “analytical” friends and I have in common is our deep sense of intellect or preference for intuitive perspectives. If you ever hear someone talking about how they’d rather make their decisions based on logical reasoning rather than what they feel, the likelihood of them being in the Analyst personality family is really high. So what does it mean to be an Analyst in the world of house decoration? Actually, it means a lot!

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#1 Organization is Essential

Home Decor Style and Personality Home Office White Desk with Wall Calendars Shelves with Books Work Station Planning Space

Via Artlogus

I’ve noticed that most “NTs” or Analysts have a huge need and desire for structure, organization, and efficiency. (This is coming from someone who falls into the Analysts category!) Large storage units are pure bliss to an Analyst’s soul. Analysts love when everything has a place. Furthermore, Analysts love it when things are cleaned, labeled, and organized. Why you may ask? Because with a clean, perfectly organized slate, ideas are able to flow freely. Organization is essential for Analysts because they think a lot! Have you ever tried to brainstorm in a chaotic, messy room? I’m guessing it didn’t go over very well! This is why we like clean and organized decorating ideas.

#2 Wall Galleries are Soundboards of Inspiration

Home Decor Style and Personality Home Office Space White Desk with Wall Gallery Flowers Accent Chairs Wood Floors

Via DecoSEE

Just in case you were wondering, my personality type is ENTJ, i.e. The Commander! I’ve found that with most of my analytical friends, when it comes to our room decor or office spaces (or any place we think, work, etc.) there is always a large wall gallery of our interests, focuses, and things that provoke our thoughts.

People in the Analysts category use wall galleries as soundboards of inspiration. We have a lot of thoughts in our heads. Sometimes the best way to filter thoughts and reason logically is to clearly display (in a pretty way of course, think about mood boards!) our ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. Another reason why wall decor, like these galleries, is great for Analysts is because they tend to be big picture people and forward-thinkers. They like to plan and envision things, especially if it can be done in a beautiful and logical way.

#3 Furniture Can Serve Double Duty

Home Decor Style Eclectic Modern Living Room White Couch Wood Floors Fuchsia Rug White Bookshelves Ladder Lamps Throw Pillows

Via Muses of Design

The majority of Analysts are thinkers who are always trying to pursue the best of the best when it comes to knowledge or just making things efficient. Double duty furniture is right up Analysts’ alleys because it has a multitude of uses, and is absolutely fantastic for living room decor. For example, storage ottomans are great because they provide storage and style. Or even one-of-a-kind stair storage, which is both functional and efficient. Another great example of using furniture for dual purposes is using shelving for both books and art! Can we just take a second to look at living room designs like this one here? Wow. It’s amazing!

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#4 Home Decor Should Display Your Intuitive Interests

Home Decor Style and Personality Entryway Wall Art in Colorful Hallway with Photographs

Via Mrs. Fancee

Although most Analysts generally have similar thought processes, they all tend to vary because of different and unique interests. It’s important for Analysts to express their interests in their home decor and ultimately have a space that they can enjoy relaxing in as well as meditating in. In other words, make your home a palace for your thoughts. (Insert Sherlock Holmes reference: Make your home your mind palace, friends!)

If you have an analytical friend who has an interest in leadership, don’t be surprised to find tons of inspirational leadership quotes plastered to their walls. Have an analytical friend interested in home decor ideas and architecture? Don’t be shocked if their home decor expresses that as well. The list could go on and on, but the point is that Analysts display their intuitive interests in their home decor—both consciously and subconsciously.

If you’re an Analyst, I hope you enjoyed this little post. And, for all of you out there who aren’t in the Analysts category, don’t fret! I’ll be sure to cover your personality type soon!

If you found this post interesting, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have a friend who you are certain falls into the “analytical” category, be sure to share this blog post with them. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

**If you're wondering what your personality type is, you can find a free test here. Featured images (clockwise left to right) via Mrs. Fancee, Muses of Design, and Artlogus.