Today, we have another awesome interior designer to show off for our newest project! From across the pond in the UK, we have the very talented Angela Colley.

Hello, lovely readers! I am really enjoying our newest project. We love talking about artists, interior designers, and bloggers because well, we love reading about them! There’s just something so exciting about learning how creative people express their passions. Today, I have the privilege of sharing a wonderful interior designer with you. Angela Colley is from Cheltenham, England, and she creates the most gorgeous interiors. I recently had an interview with her and I’m really excited to tell you about her and show you some of her amazing designs! So, keep scrolling and let’s get started.

Angela Colley Interior Designer Sitting Area with Cozy Rocking Chair and Wall Shelves

Angela is originally from Dorset, but now lives in beautiful Cheltenham, The Cotswolds, UK, with her husband, James, and her two girls, Lexie and Georgina. She’s been living there for the past 15 years and absolutely loves it. “I love life here,” she said. 

Living in a place she loves really helps Angela keep her creative juices flowing. “A lot of my inspiration forms from just living and breathing interior design on a day to day basis,” she said. “I’m a huge fan of Instagram and can really see how it can help inspire designers, and it’s such a great way of sourcing new products and original suppliers.” I completely agree with Angela. I am constantly on Instagram looking at inspiration for quilting, embroidery, crocheting and knitting, and to be honest I also look at interiors when I have the chance. It’s the perfect social media platform for showing off interior design styles.

Angela Colley Interior Designer Black and White Bathroom with Accent Wallpaper and Fireplace

Angela first discovered her love for interior design when she was a teenager. “I decided that I no longer wanted my bedroom to be painted pink, but wanted to change it to peach instead,” she recalled. “It took a bit of time persuading my dad, who was a painter and decorator, but I got my wish in the end!” I admire her persistence. It reminds me of when I was little and wanted my bedroom to be purple (which it totally was!). Angela also told me that she would constantly rearrange her furniture when she became bored. “Much to the annoyance of my parents!

Though Angela has loved interior design most of her life, she really found her passion for it after she purchased her own home. “I thoroughly enjoyed the process of renovating it and seeking out items to fill and style each room and watching it come together and transform."

Angela Colley Interior Designer Soft Pastel Office Space with Suitcases and Wall Decor

When designing for clients, Angela tries to completely understand what her client is looking for, from style to budget and expectations. Then she creates a mood board for the client, (which I think is a fantastic idea and I love using them for my own personal projects) and then presents it to her client to make sure everything is what they imagined. 

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Once everything is agreed upon, Angela takes action. She starts to instruct decorators and tradesmen to source everything needed for the space from her “little black book of suppliers.” “Then it’s the exciting part,” she said. “Items arriving, accessories, and pulling the whole look together, my favorite bit! Seeing your vision turn into a reality for the homeowner is something I will never tire of being a part of.” I don’t blame her for being the most excited about that part. Whenever I create anything, the best part is seeing everything come together just how you imagined it in your head!

Angela Colley Interior Designer Black and White Striped Living Space with Pops of Yellow

Angela describes her personal design style as “luxe” with a leaning towards period homes. She is drawn towards the traditional, Victorian look because she owns a Victorian property herself. “It’s only within the last couple of years as I have been more involved in the industry I have seen my style change and grow,” she said. “I now enjoy mixing up the traditional with the contemporary.” She explained that she is a believer in the idea that every room needs to have that “wow factor” or “talking point” when you enter it, and mixing those two styles does that for her.

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I definitely agree with her there. Every room needs to have some sort of statement piece, something that grabs you as soon as you walk into the room. A pop of color or pattern, a cool piece of furniture or art, or an unusual fixture! Although she has designed a lot of properties, many of which you can see and enjoy looking at within this post, she has one particular location in mind that she would love to design. “I’m a big fan of Dubai and their lavish interiors, and would love to put my stamp on the interior of a property there,” she said. “A hotel, or perhaps a restaurant or bar!” Well, if any of you readers has one of those, you know exactly who to talk to!

Angela Colley Interior Designer Dining Area in Soft Pink with Accent Wallpaper and Bow Chandelier

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this latest installment of our newest project. Angela Colley has some awesome designs, right? Which of hers was your favorite? Is there anyone you think we should try to interview next? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post. Keep an eye out for the next installment of this super fun and inspiring project, and stay creative, my friends!

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