These photographs combining nature and pictures of animal silhouettes by Nikolai Tolstyh are gorgeous pieces of art! Check out how unique and inspiring they are! 

Howdy, friends! I hope all is well with everyone! Today I want to show y’all something that is just awesome. You might not think so initially, but just read along with me, and you’ll soon see what I mean! Photography is one of those things that I wish I had the skill to do. Like any other female my age, I’ve mastered the art of taking the perfect selfie, but I could never do anything like the animal silhouettes of Nikolai Tolstyh.

Tolstyh is the artist behind these gorgeous animal silhouette art photographs. He is a Russian photographer and artist known for combining cutouts of animal silhouettes with beautiful aspects of nature.

Animal Silhouettes Nikolai Tolstyh Yellow Flowers Field Beautiful Day Photography Artwork

Tolstyh doesn’t just take awesome photographs of animal silhouettes. He also does other nature photography, like the picture above. Isn’t this photo super incredible? I imagine taking a picture this breathtaking is pretty hard to do. I mean, you have to have the right kind of weather, time of day, etc. So much goes into this that we (the viewers) don’t see!

I imagine that when Tolstyh comes across something like this gorgeous field of yellow flowers, he puts his animal silhouette template against the flowers and moves the cutout around until he finds exactly what he’s looking for and creates an incredible piece of art. I mean, I’m not sure if this is how he does it, but that’s what I imagine!

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Check out some of my favorite animal silhouettes that Tolstyh has created!

Animal Silhouettes Nikolai Tolstyh Panther Silhouette Blue Purple Flowers

I may have mentioned before that I have an obsession for cats, so of course I couldn’t pass up this incredible piece. I really love how Tolstyh paired this panther silhouette with blue and purple flowers. Blue and purple promote tranquility, but most people really don’t think of panthers being tranquil. Though panthers are awesome hunters, they are members of the Felidae family, which just means that they are a part of the cat family, including the traditional house cat. We all know that cats are chill. They like to lounge in the sun and stretch their cute little bodies while they sleep. Panthers do that, too! It makes me happy that he highlighted the soft side of panther’s with this photograph.

The white border of the animal silhouette really helps to create these pieces of art. That may seem like a simple and “no-duh” type comment, but just think about it - he wouldn’t achieve the same results with a black piece of paper, would he? Nope. He wouldn’t.

Animal Silhouettes Nikolai Tolstyh Duck Silhouette Orange Leaf Tree Stump

I chose this next photograph for one main reason: Tolstyh used an orange autumn leaf to create the duck’s orange feet and beak! Isn’t that a genius idea?! The pairing of the large wood stump with the orange leaf to create this silhouette art is absolutely stunning. The first time I saw this piece of art, I simply took a quick glance at it, but it immediately registered in my brain as a duck because Tolstyh put that orange leaf there. Let’s be honest - I probably would’ve never thought to do that. Nikolai Tolstyh seriously has an eye for photography.

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Animal Silhouettes Nikolai Tolstyh Squirrel Silhouette Yellow Autumn Leaves

This photograph is just so beautiful. It left me speechless for a moment. I’ve never seen such huge yellow autumn leaves, and I love that Tolstyh paired them with a squirrel. Squirrels remind me of fall. Here in Texas, they’re all over my university’s campus as they search for the last remaining acorns to bury away for spring.

When Tolstyh takes these photographs, I know that he isn’t just combining a random animal with an aspect of nature; he seriously thinks about what he’s going to create. We can see that especially with the photograph above that incorporates themes of autumn.

Animal Silhouettes Nikolai Tolstyh Horse Silhouette Red, White, Pink Flowers

I chose this last picture because I was mesmerized by the red and pink flowers. Tolstyh perfectly positioned this horse silhouette to create a gorgeous photograph. When I think of horses, I think of wild and vibrant fields of flowers, and I think this photograph portrays that perfectly. Isn’t this photograph just magnificent? Actually, aren’t all of these photographs brilliant?

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If you want to see more of Nikolai Tolstyh’s incredible photographs, check out his Instagram here.

Nikolai Tolstyh is a stunning artist and photographer. Which of his photographs is your favorite? Mine has to be the panther silhouette! Make sure you comment and let me know, and also, share this blog post with your friends so that they can check out these awesome pieces of art, too!

**All images c/o Nikolai Tolstyh