Decorating a small balcony can seem challenging, but have no worries! Check out this apartment balcony decor that’ll fit perfectly in small spaces. 

Today is full of wishful thinking, friends...

I live in an apartment that’s on the first floor. Well, you know how most apartments have a balcony that has at least some essence of privacy - i.e. a fence? Mine doesn’t. It’s sad, really. I can’t put anything on my patio without the risk of someone stealing it, which has already happened. A few weeks ago, someone stole my aloe vera plant from my porch - plant pot, saucer, and all!

Because of that episode, I just have to live vicariously through these photos. When I move in the future, I hope to have an apartment balcony (a home, maybe?) that has some sort of privacy, whether it be a fence, railing, or whatever. Until then, I have the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with some different ways that I can decorate my future patio!

I’m 99% positive that no matter where I move, I will have a small balcony/outdoor patio. And we all know that tiny spaces are harder to decorate because you have less room for storage (and things in general). So, after searching Pinterest high and low, I’ve come up with some cool small apartment balcony decor items that’ll fit nicely in that tiny place! For the sake of patio design inspo, I’ve included pictures of some of my favorite balconies and other patio decor items that are fabulous for a small balcony!

Apartment Balcony Decor Small Patio Hanging Plants Pots Privacy Vertical Gardens

Via The Horticult

As you can probably tell, I have a small obsession with balcony privacy ideas ever since my plant got stolen. Even though these hanging plants won’t help much in that department, they are super cute, save space, and someone is less likely to intrude on your porch if there is an obstacle in the way! I really love these hanging plants because you can mix it up and save lots of space! This is also a cool way to showcase your blooming flowers! Check out the DIY from The Horticult to see how to create this hanging plant garden.

Apartment Balcony Decor Small Patio Blue Ikea Cart Succulent Garden Vertical Gardens

Via Succulents and Sunshine

This next decor item for a small patio is actually an IKEA hack. This is a DIY succulent garden planted in an IKEA cart. This would be a super fun project because you get to paint the cart whatever color you want! I really like this patio decorating idea because I am a lover of succulents. My aloe vera actually had a succulent in its pot, but the aloe was taking over, so I doubt it lasted long. This cart lets you buy a bunch of little cute succulents, so mix it up! Have fun with this small patio idea.

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Apartment Balcony Decor Small Patio DIY Container Water Garden Planter

Via Whats Ur Home Story

This next balcony design idea is actually super cool. This is a DIY container water garden. This idea lets you grow water plants, such as water lilies and lotuses. If you’re worried about mosquitos, don’t be. You can buy cheap little mosquitos dunks that are natural and safe for both people and fish. This is a super fun idea because you can really customize your water garden. You can even buy little fish and put them in it! How cool is that! You do have to change the water about every two weeks, and don’t forget to feed your fish. If you’re okay with that though, this would be a cute balcony decoration piece!

Apartment Balcony Decor Small Patio Grass Pets DIY Projects

Via Super Dog Charlie Pants and Me

This next balcony design decor idea will take up a little more space, but there’s a reason I’m including it. I have a cat that loves to eat grass. If he could, he’d go outside and eat all the little pieces of grass that grow between concrete tiles. When we go outside, I have to put him on a leash because I’m scared to lose him in my huge apartment complex (which almost happened, by the way!). Also, many people have big dogs (eek!), and I don’t want anything to happen to my sweet cat. By growing grass on my balcony, I can eliminate the need for the leash and minimize my fear. I can just open my door and let Jojo run out. He can eat his grass, and then he can come back in, and we can both be happy. Well, that’s what I hope would happen.

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This is also a great idea if you have a small dog! You can just open your door and they can go potty in this little spot of grass. If you’re interested in this outdoor patio design idea, check out the DIY from Super Dog Charlie Pants and Me!

Apartment Balcony Decor Small Patio Blue Balcony Plants Rug

Via Cozy Little House

This is one of the balconies that I’m stealing design inspo from. I really like the blue color scheme; blue is calming and relaxing, and that’s what I imagine a balcony should be like. I can’t wait for the days when I can sit on my porch and enjoy a cool breeze in the late afternoon. I like the addition of the little table and blue rug here and the overall organization of this apartment balcony decor. Having the plants on one side allows you to have more space to place small balcony furniture.

Apartment Balcony Decor Small Patio Brown Balcony Plants Candles

Via Maison Decor Mag

This last image features a balcony decorated simply with a brown and green theme. This image gives me so many balcony decorating ideas. I like how this designer hung pictures on the wall (I would’ve never thought to do that!) and kept this space tidy and neat by choosing small pieces of decor. This reminds me of a tiny living room, and that curtain is the perfect touch for added privacy!

Did you see a balcony idea that you can’t wait to try? Comment and let me know! Share this post with your roommates and family so that y’all can decide how you want to decorate your small balcony/porch/outdoor living area!

**Featured image via Style Motivation