Struggling to make your apartment home decor look as fab as you envisioned even with lease restrictions? Here are some design tips that your landlord will approve. 

Hey, friends! Stuck in a rut because your apartment has fifty bajillion (and one) rules about what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorating? Trust me, I feel your pain. Last summer I moved into a new apartment and was faced with all the same issues. “Don’t paint the walls!” Or, “No holes!” The list of “Don’t do that!” or “You can’t decorate that way!” is endless! Not to worry, with a little inspiration and creative intuition, I’ve come up with a list of solutions to these decor nuisances!

For starters, let’s address the skin of the apartment. (And by skin, I mean the walls!) Every apartment complex, whether it be old or new, always comes with those classic white walls. As awesome as white walls can be, sometimes white walls just don’t fit with the design vision we have for our apartments. Why not paint the walls then? Here’s the dilemma we face with that friends. Not all of us apartment (or dorm) dwellers are at liberty to paint the walls. Or, even if the landlord tells you that you can paint the walls, you have to paint them white again once you move out (which is way too much of hassle). Here are some apartment decorating ideas that will make your white walls work with your interior design vision!

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Paint Your Furniture

Apartment Home Decor Light Blue Refurbished Painted Desk with Matching Chair White Mirror Upholstered Headboard

Via Fabulous by Design

Just because your landlord said you can’t paint your walls doesn’t mean you can’t paint your furniture! This is a great project that the DIY fanatic will love. This apartment decorating tip doesn’t have to be pricey either. Just hit up your local thrift shop, second hand store, flea market, or garage sale and look for a piece of furniture with a great set of bones. From there, the possibilities for painting that piece of furniture are endless! If you’re not the “do-it-yourself” type, feel free to search online for painted furniture. There are tons of great options available both in stores and online.

Invest in Home Accessories

Apartment Home Decor Pink and Gray Pillows Throws & Baskets Area Rug Strappy Heels

Via Pink Little Notebook

While we’re on the topic of shopping, why not buy some colorful accessories for your apartment? These can be in the form of pillows, throws, baskets, or other accessories you can put on a shelf. Cute apartment accessories can add a lot of character and color in a space. Plus, you can usually find or make them for pretty cheap, making it cost efficient for you to decorate how you want. Score!

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If your apartment seems lackluster, consider amping up your living space with a wide variety of home decor accessories. This is a great opportunity to play with fun textures, colors, and prints! Accessories can really highlight whatever color scheme you’ve chosen, whether it be pale pink with gray or deep maroon with bright teal and white accents. This is an apartment decor no-brainer really, but it’s important to acknowledge its importance because it is a fundamental step in creating the perfect living space.

Apartment Home Decor Blue Books with Mint Green Fresh Succulents

Via Craftberry Bush

Do you already have a plethora of pillows and throws? (Me too.) No worries! There are plenty of other options that you can use to further decorate your small living quarters. Why not incorporate small decorations like fresh succulents on your bookshelf? Succulents are a great way to add greenery to a space. Another plus about this houseplant is that it is super affordable. I mean we’re all super busy running our fabulous lives, right? Who has time to water plants? No one. That’s why succulents are awesome. You don’t have to water them as frequently since they pull moisture from the air! Smart little plants!

Landlord said no to #painting the walls in your #apartment? Here's how to circumvent!

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Friends, fun apartment accessories are a great place to showcase your personality and interests. Have you gone on an unforgettable trip to some foreign country? (And maybe if you haven’t, now you have a reason to plan your next trip! It’s for the sake of home decor, of course!) Showcase the beautiful pieces you’ve collected from your travels! Are you into funky, bright graphic art? Accessorize your apartment with art pieces you love!

Consider Wall Art

Apartment Home Decor Pale Blue 3D Wall Art with Succulent Indoor Plants Wood Side Table with Books

Via Apartment Therapy

Check out this DIY (super easy, non-damaging, and uber awesome) 3-dimensional wall art. I love it because it’s different and unique. It’s something that you might see in Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. It’s definitely not a traditional home decor piece. Plus, you can hang it up with non-wall-damaging Command strips, which come off super easy and leave your walls spotless!

For my apartment, I would do something like this in my living room or hallway because it’s unique, I love art, and it would fit with my home’s eclectic style. See what I’m doing there? Choosing accessories that suit me. It’s a no-brainer, but sometimes we all need inspiration to get our inner interior designer going.

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Create a Wall Gallery

Apartment Home Decor Gold Framed Wall Gallery with Art and Tufted Couch Boston Terrier Body Form

Via Brit + Co

Another great idea for decorating small apartments is to utilize the vertical space and decorate upwards! What am I talking about? How about incorporating floating shelves to hold more accessories (or in my case nicely boxed junk)? Or, here’s another genius idea! What about setting up a wall gallery in your apartment? Show off all the art, awards, or random frames you have in an elegant way! Try to incorporate unique things in your gallery like typographic quotes or fun basswood wall hangings. You can find plenty of fun stuff at the store, flea market, or online (think Etsy)!

Side note: When you have a second, check out this quaint little store that does custom orders of calligraphy and typographic quotes/lettering.

I know some of you are absolutely deterred by this idea because it involves putting holes in the walls. I have a little secret for you guys… I have a wall gallery in my apartment but I used thumb tacks to prop up the frames and images. The holes created by the thumb tacks are small enough to be filled in with toothpaste once I move out. (I kind of bent the whole, “No holes in the walls!” rule a wee bit.)

Apartment Home Decor Washi Tape Wall Gallery Wooden Desk

Via Brit + Co

For the reader who is still too scared to put holes in the wall (even if they could be filled with toothpaste later) and would be guilt stricken if they committed such a misdemeanor, I have a solution for you! Consider using colorful washi tape to set up your wall gallery. No holes. No misdemeanor committed. No guilty conscience. All you have now is a wonderful, easy apartment DIY that will make you (and your landlord) smile. If you don’t want washi tape, you should totally use Command strips or hooks. They’re amazing!

Try Temporary Wallpaper & Wall Decals

Apartment Home Decor Gray DIY Washi Tape Wall Panels with Clear Acrylic Chair and Dove Drawing Art Piece

Via Apartment Therapy

I know as much as you love the idea of incorporating color in your apartment through pillows, painted furniture, and wall art, some of you guys are still secretly loathing those blank white walls. I can hear your minds screaming, “I can’t stand the white walls! They MUST be painted!” Before you do something you’ll regret, let me stop you and tell you about this wonderful invention called: temporary wallpaper.

Yes, you read that right. Wallpaper that is temporary. No glue, adhesive, tacks, paint, or anything that could possibly damage your walls. Just a sheet of temporary wallpaper that will instantly take your plain white walls from drab to fab. Intrigued? Check out Tempaper’s stock of temporary wallpaper.

And for those of you not interested in wallpaper, let me reintroduce you to my friend, Washi Tape. He’s a nice fellow and he would gladly help you make uber chic wall panels on your walls. Or you could use him to make different square designs or graphic shapes. Washi tape is your friend when it comes to decorating a small apartment. You can never overuse him! (Some may argue that you could, but I prefer to stay loyal.)

There you go, friends. I think you’ve acquired enough knowledge and wisdom to entirely transform your apartment home decor. You’ll be surprised to see how small things like accessories, changing the color of your furniture, or wall art can transform your living space. So, before you go, take a deep breath, contemplate what you’d like your apartment to look like, and go on and tackle the feat! You can do it! I totally believe in you!

Thanks for reading. You’re an interior design rock star; really, you are! If you enjoyed this post and plan on re-vamping your apartment’s look, let us know! And if you think this post will make your landlord happy, you should share it with them (and everyone else you love who lives in an apartment)!

**Special thanks to A Beautiful Mess and Hometalk for providing me with information, inspiration, and ideas! Featured image via POPSUGAR