Looking to add a little style to your bedroom? Whether you have 10,000 square feet or 500 square feet, these apartment-friendly headboards are sure to wow! 

I’m currently in the process of moving to a new apartment. I hate moving. I despise taking down all my decorations. Packing up all my stuff into boxes, just to unpack it a few weeks later. It’ is a really frustrating process for me. If I weren’t so afraid of breaking things, I’d just toss all my stuff into trash bags and call it a day! However, I can only imagine the chaos of trying to find my stuff in a slew of trash bags. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it...

So why am I moving? My roommates keep getting married! So instead of finding yet another roommate (who’s likely to get married in the next year… I’m not kidding, this keeps happening), it’s time to strike out on my own and give living by myself a try. I’m not going to lie; the idea of getting to decorate an entire apartment by myself is thrilling. No one else gets to have a say where any of my stuff goes. Because the whole place is mine! Unfortunately, the apartment itself does have some say in the process. For example, my current headboard is just not going to work in my new place. It’s quite long (it extends past my bed to behind my nightstand) and just won’t fit in the new space. There’s either a light switch or a window in the way no matter what wall I try! And a bed without headboard just seems wrong!

I adore my current headboard. It’s leftover from a school project and is covered in my favorite quotes from the Harry Potter series. It’s completely black and the letters are a high gloss vinyl. It’s a play on textures: gloss vs matte. It’s gorgeous, if I do say so myself. But I digress... It will not work in my new bedroom. However! I won’t let this get me down! Since there’s not a store titled “Headboard Store Full of Headboards Just the Right Size for Heather’s New Apartment,” I now get to spend hours on Pinterest researching my next great headboard. And guess what! That means you get to see all my research, too! Below are a few of the best headboards I found.

Headboards Pallet Wood Vertical DIY Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Bed

Via Rice Designs

I love a good DIY furniture project. Especially one that can be made from reclaimed materials like this one! Pallet wood headboards seem to be all the rage. They’re all so gorgeous! The boards are placed vertically in this one, but there are so many ways to use pallet wood in headboards! Horizontally, herringbone, or even angled like in the featured image. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity and DIY skills. I’m definitely a sucker for wooden headboards.

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I think what I love most about this headboard is actually the lights attached to it. Because the creators left enough space between the wall and the headboard, they were able to attach these lights. Take a look at Rice Designs to see how they did it!

Headboards Chalkboard Feminine White Bedroom Bed Wake Up On The Bright Side DIY

Via Decoist

You can do no wrong with a chalkboard. Anywhere. In a frame, on the wall, or even on the ceiling. Having a chalkboard over my head would be pretty awesome. I’d just have to remember to move my pillows before drawing something new! I don’t want to sleep in chalk dust! Or try out those really cool chalk pens… then I’d be less likely to rub off my drawing in the middle of the night!

Headboards Fabric Padded Hung Pattern Bedroom Bed DIY

Via Kindle Your Creativity

I’m trying to stay apartment-friendly in my search for a new headboard. To me, that means the headboards I’m searching for either connect to the bed or are lightweight enough to not destroy the walls. Because let’s be real, no one wants to lose part of their security deposit for a torn up wall. Not to mention that they have to be affordable headboards… I’m not made of money over here!

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The fabric headboard above might look like it would tear up the walls, but it won’t! If you’ve seen any padded headboard tutorials floating around the internet though, you might think I’m crazy. Most tutorials have you padding a large, heavy sheet of plywood and then wrapping it in fabric. But that’s why I love this idea! This headboard is just a small frame covered in padding and fabric. Don’t believe me? Check out the full tutorial at Kindle Your Creativity. The beauty of a padded headboard is that you can lean against something soft! Who wouldn’t want that?

Headboards Bedroom Bed Artwork Painting Colorful Abstract Black and White Monochrome DIY

Via Urban Road

Before my current headboard, I used a series of posters to anchor my bed. Yes, they were framed movie posters from all eight Harry Potter movies (see the trend yet?). That’s beside the point. The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t have to have a traditional headboard. Headboards typically just serve the purpose of visually anchoring the bed in your room. So, why not do that with some art? The artwork in the bedroom above makes the room. Without it, that room would be monochrome and relatively boring. But with the large-scale painting, it positively pops.

Headboards Bedroom Bed Books Stacked Books Piles of Books Boho Eclectic DIY

Via Homedit

Sometimes apartments don’t have a lot of space. So if you ran out of room for you bookshelf, turn your collection of books into a bookcase headboard! I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone who tosses and turns a lot in the night… you don’t want to be picking up your headboard every morning before work!

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Headboards Bedroom Bed Pegboard DIY Functional White Minimal Clean Design Storage

Via Sugar & Cloth

PEGBOARD!! Pegboard is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite home decor pieces. I’ve showed you before how to use pegboard in your craft room and I’ve been dreaming of using pegboard in an office space... but I’d never imagined using it for a headboard! There would almost be no need for a nightstand… because you have a storage headboard! Store your books, glasses, etc. on the board above you! How cool!

Headboards Bedroom Bed Boho Tapestry Drape Draped Fabric Boho Chic Eclectic DIY

Via Mr. Kate

This image has been in my head for quite a while. I love the coziness that the draped fabric creates. My biggest problem is I’ve never been able to find a tapestry or fabric I like enough to drape over my bed! Or at least not one I like and that goes with my comforter.

Even after all that research, I still can’t decide! What kind of headboard do you think I should try? Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to share with your friends!

**Featured image via Wooden Geometric