Arm knitting is a great way to add in some beautiful and fluffy textiles to your home. Let’s check out how to arm knit and what you can make!

Hello, everyone! I hope you have all been well! The other day I was looking at some of my yarn, thinking of things to make with the skeins, and an old idea popped into my head. Of course, how could I forget that I was going to arm knit some throws and other items for my place? Well, I did forget, and that’s what brings me here! Since I had to look up and remember how to arm knit, I thought I would share it with you guys. Arm knitting is pretty cool and you can make some awesome items! Well, I can’t just leave you hanging. Let’s take a look at how to arm knit and see what kind of great items you can make once you learn!

Arm Knitting Andrea Brena Multiple Strand Blankets Knit Textiles DIY Yarn

Via DeNada

To make these cool knitted items, all you need are your arms and some bulky weight arm knitting yarn. You can either buy some super fluffy stuff like this here or you can even use multiple strands of bulky yarn like shown in the image above. By the way, that’s Andrea Brena. He’s kind of awesome and makes tons of hand and arm knitted or crocheted items. They’re beautiful! There are many ways to make the decor you want. Once you figure out which way you want to go, go get that yarn!

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This video here is a great knitting tutorial on how to start arm knitting step-by-step, what types of yarn to use, and how to make a chunky arm knit blanket! Very cool stuff. If you’re with me and want to learn, check the video out. You won’t regret it! Be warned; when you start making these items, they’ll take a while (and use both of your arms) so make sure you don’t have anywhere important to be for about 45 minutes or so!

Arm Knitting Blue and Purple Throw Blanket Book Flowers Knit Textiles DIY

This is a great and easy little arm knit blanket that you can make using the tutorial above. This one uses multiple strands of yarn to create the look, like Andrea Brena does. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it and they make up so fast this way! This would be a great arm knit throw for the couch, a comfy chair, or even draped over the edge of the bed. Or, hey you could even make something similar to the featured image to create an arm knit rug

The really cool thing about making these items yourself is that you can make them to fit your decor style! If you want the sleeker look, like the big knit blanket in the featured image, you’ll need to get the thicker roving yarn for arm knitting instead of regular yarn. Otherwise, you can get the yarn for the multiple strand ones at any craft and hobby store. Don’t forget your coupons!

Arm Knitting Lace Openwork Pillow Covers Throw Pillow Knit Textiles Yarn DIY

Of course, you can make more than blankets! There are tons of arm knitting projects you can do. I love the openwork of these adorable and simple pillow covers! So simple to make and they are just beautiful. I bet these would look really great made with colored yarn over a black or white pillow too, or even black and white, not just tone on tone. These would be perfect for any home decor style, depending on the colors you choose. These colors are great for Scandinavian and rustic homes, while what I described would be great for more eclectic homes. You can even make solid arm knit pillows, too, and they look super sleek and awesome!

Arm Knitting Chunky Knit Baskets Planter Covers for Plants and Trees Textiles DIY

To think that you could even arm knit a big chunky knit basket to go around potted plants is something I didn’t know I needed in my life. But man, I need this in my home ASAP! How cool is this? I can picture it now, me arm knitting all these cute buckets to put my plants in and make them look all warm and cozy. Don’t have any plants? Well, they’re awesome baskets anyway, and would be great for storing toys, yarn, school books, and anything else you use baskets for in your home. These would be perfect for adding a warm wintery, yet homey atmosphere to my home when the weather gets cold, and still be great in warmer months because hey, knitted items are cool.

Arm Knitting Floor Pouf in Living Room Knit without Needles Textiles DIY

This knit floor pouf is pretty cool too! I have a bunch of crocheted ones I made a long time ago, but I really think I like the look of this one better. I may have to upgrade to these arm knitted ones. Again, super easy to make, and adds a great cozy vibe to your home. That’s the great thing about knitted textiles. They’re perfect for transforming any home into something warm and cozy! Who doesn’t love a cool knitted item in their space, especially if it was made by them! This could also make a great housewarming gift for friends and family, since everyone needs a good floor pouf or seat in their living room. At least, I think everyone does. Add in a huge knit blanket and you’re golden!

Arm Knitting Fluffy Bunny Pillow DIY Giant Arm Knit Bunny Textiles Kids Rooms

This last item I had to add because look at how cute it is! It’s a giant, fluffy, arm knit bunny! It’s like a pillow and a bunny all wrapped up in one and I just can’t right now. This is too cute. As much as I want to have like 10 of these in my home, one of my dachshunds has this mood he gets in where all stuffed toys and animals must die, and he de-stuffs everything. So sadly, I cannot knit a bunny like this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make one for you. And if you do, please share pictures with me. I want to see all the fluffy knit bunnies!

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There you have it, folks! A run down on arm knitting, how to make arm knitted projects, and how to add them to your home decor. What do you think? Are you interested in trying? Let me know in the comments below, especially if you have arm knitted something. Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Arm Knitting by VS