Sitting is something we all do. So, let’s get down to it and take a look at my absolute favorite styles and types of chairs! 

One of the most popular things we all look for while decorating a new home or redecorating a current one is chairs. If we’re going to be bottom line about it, we all sit. We sit at a desk, we sit at the dinner table, we sit in the car...there’s no running from it. Recently, I’ve grown very fond of new and improved chair options. If I have to have barstools, an office chair, seating at the table, and all the other good ol’ means of keeping us off our feet, you better bet I’m going to put some thought into it. And that they’re going to be cool. And fit my style. And look phenomenal in my home. That’s all they have to do though. Too much to ask? Never!

I think the best thing for me to do at this point is to put my butt on the chair money where my mouth is and get to all of my favorite styling options for any type of home! Kind of like the phrase “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” in my book lives “if you like it, you’ll find a way to make it like your home.” Yep, just made that up, but it’s true nonetheless and when I die it should belong in a book filled with all the profound things I say every day. 

The value that sentiment holds is pretty huge. If you really want something in your house (or life), you’ll find a way to: 1) make it match, 2) afford it, and 3) appreciate it. To bring this whole thing full circle, throughout this entire post you’ll notice that my style varies. I’ve recently defined my style as transitional, a style that I love, but have yet to completely embrace. Thus, as you’ll see in a sec, I have a serious mix-and-match of picks!

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I think the best place to begin is with an upholstered chair like this one. It’s classic and polished, while also being contemporary and up-to-date. Accessorizing where you sit is never a bad idea! I can imagine this pretty much anywhere in a home, be it a living room, office, or bedroom. It’s simple, classy, and gorgeous. It’ll go with almost any decor style as well. Plus, it’s super cozy, which is what you want in a good sitting chair!

Upholstered Chair Living Room Furniture Monogrammed Throw Pillow Area Rug Seating Arrangement

Via Miss Mustard Seed

On a more modern front, the renowned Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. I think if you see a picture first, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Here it is in black and another in white. They’re just kind of awesome, and I love how comfortable they are! Just check them out!

Eames Lounge Chair Living Room Mid-Century Modern Home Seating Arrangement Fireplace Portraits Wood Logs Hide Accent Rug

Via My Domaine

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Accent Chairs Eames Lounge Chair in White Leather Gray Couch Garden Stool Big Potted Plant Planter Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Via My Domaine

Ok, so I love this mid-century modern chair. My Uncle has the black one and when I was a little younger and he had just purchased it (pre-kids), it was like his child. He loves that lounger. But, now that I think about it, and am allowed to actually sit in it, I too, have grown rather fond of it. Known for its durability and its strategic design, you can only imagine how cool it must be if this sucker has been around since 1956. I think the Eameses were destined for their namesake to stand the test of time, decade after decade. It’s not going anywhere folks!

Transitioning from chairs in the living room to chairs in the bedroom - lately, I’ve started to adopt feminine and floral styles in my bedroom and really throughout my whole house. I came across this statement chair that would rock a corner in a bedroom. For me, because I don’t have the space in my room, I would lodge it at my desk. It’s a pop of color that every part of a home needs. Because my bedding consists of a modern-esque gray quilt with a simple floral covered duvet, this accent chair would turn up the girly in a flash...even though I’m feeling pretty close to my limit in that department right now. I’m warming up to it though! Can you say progress?!

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Accent Chairs Floral Statement Chair Feminine Home Decor Upholstered Seating Living Room Contemporary

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Making our way to the kitchen, you’ll find extremely subtle dining room chairs around the table. Extremely subtle meaning making a huge statement! If you look close enough, you'll see I’m talking acrylic. A rustic kitchen table paired with something as modern as these for sitting is the perfect example of why the style bubble in my brain is so confused, yet so happy when it sees something like this mix-up. If you say something negative about this arrangement, I won’t believe my ears because I think it rocks!

Accent Chairs Acrylic Chair Statement Piece Home Decor Kitchen Table Floral Arrangement Dinner Table White Saucers and Bowls Green Apples

Via Ramshackle Glam

There is so much more to cover on indoor seating, but that leaves room for another post! Let’s take a walk outside. I’m a lover of lounging. I can’t say that I’ll cozy up to a nice, long book (college has ruined leisurely reading for me), but throw me a home decor catalog or a fashion mag and I’ll devote a good two hours to studying its contents. Preferably, I would like to sit back and enjoy those pages while sitting in one of these:

Accent Chairs Hanging Chair Hammock Lake House Dock Design Comfortable Patio Seating Area Couch Cushions Throw Pillows

Via My Domaine

Please excuse me while I go sit in a floating chair… I think I just talked myself into entering the market for one of these! They’re pretty much like hammocks, but better. I could create the most amazing backyard if someone would just give me a yard. Can I be a grown up now? Since hanging chairs are weighing heavily on my mind, I can’t say that I’m mature enough to dive fully into adult-life quite yet! Although, you don’t necessarily need a yard or a back porch to hang these puppies. You can put them indoors. Oh, that would make for a lovely reading area inside! But, let’s go back outside, shall we?

So many chairs, so little time to sit. These chairs make it worth the wait! #chairs #homedecor

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Since we’re hanging poolside (use your imagination), I’ll leave you with my last thought. It’s a barstool set for the patio bar. If you have a mini-kitch in the backyard or want one, this is a dust-friendly option. The best part about them is that you can easily get a wet rag and knock the dirt off of these bad boys. I think I would find cushions or have them made to fit the seat to add a bit of comfort and personal style to the (bar)table.

Barstool Backyard Patio Outdoor Living Spaces Outside Kitchen Barbeque BBQ Grilling Grill Summer Fun Summertime Steel

Via Style Estate

All over the house, there are chairs. There shouldn’t be too many, but they should be placed in the rooms that they are needed/wanted in. Purposed originally for resting our legs, I like to imagine using them for decor purposes as well. I don’t see anything wrong with liking the things you own! Home is only home if you make it feel that way (add that to the book, too). What pieces do you like/hate? If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to ask and share away. Thanks for reading guys!

**Featured image via Client Magazine