Even with limited space, you can celebrate the return of autumn. With these easy fall decor ideas, you’ll be ready to enjoy a PSL with your girls in no time! 

Autumn is that time of year when the weather begins to cool off, the sun sets a little earlier, and the leaves start to change from shades of green to warm reds, oranges, and yellows. Back home, my mother and I would go all out, spending several days decorating the entire house with sunflowers, scarecrows, fall-colored leaves, and other fall decor. Fall was my favorite time of year to be home, especially with all of the beautiful decorations to greet me in every room.

When I moved into my apartment at college, I felt like I didn’t have enough space, and frankly, not enough time between classes and work, to decorate for the changing seasons. It made this time of year less desirable for me for a while. However, I learned that you can decorate for fall very easily (and quickly!) with a few simple pieces of fall decor that you can buy or make for a pretty low price!

How can you decorate your apartment for fall, and still make it you? I’m glad you asked! The cool thing is that you can go so many different directions when decorating for fall, from rustic styles and tones to bright and funky modern designs, to traditional fall or even bewitching Halloween ideas. There is no right or wrong way, just whatever fits your personality and your current decor. Now, with that in mind, here are some ideas to get your brain thinking on how you can spruce up your apartment this fall!

1: Beautiful Wreaths

Fall Decor Wreath with Sunflowers Yellow Gold Red and Green Leaves with Small Pumpkins

Via Bombay Outdoors

“Leaf” your summer mentality at the doorstep with an awesome fall-colored wreath! This is a great way to start your fall decorating, and an easy decoration to reuse year after year. You can either find a wreath in stores or online that you love, or you can make one yourself if you are more of a DIY person. You can have a simple wreath with just leaves and sunflowers, and maybe a tiny pumpkin or two, like the one above. You don’t have to stop there, though! You can be a little more extravagant and add a sign to welcome visitors to your place, or even add touches of burlap, organza, or tulle to fluff up your wreath and make it more you. If glitter is your thing, then make your wreath sparkle when the sun hits it. Have fun with it!

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2: Word Play

Fall Decor Metallic Gold Fall Letters with Leaf Cutouts, Doilies, and Book Pages on Distressed White Blocks

Via Me & My Big Ideas

Another awesome fall decoration to make yourself, if you wish, or find pre-made online or in stores, is to literally use the word “fall” when decorating for fall. If you have more space, you could use “autumn” or “happy fall” or any wording you can think of. You could take this idea and go traditional fall colors, or even more modern like the picture above with the distressed white blocks and metallic gold letters on layered doilies and book pages. The leaf cutouts definitely make this decoration say “Fall is here!” Find some pre-cut letters, or do it yourself, in whatever color strikes your fancy, and decoupage them onto wooden blocks. Or, if wooden blocks are not something you have or want, grab some inexpensive picture frames and colored paper, and presto! Quick and easy autumn decor!

Bonus tip: if you decide to go with picture frames, you can change them out throughout the year for easy holiday decor for any time of year!

3: House...I mean...Jar of Leaves

Fall Decor Leaves in Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar Vase in Distressed Wooden Box Surrounded by Pumpkins

Via Organize & Decorate Everything

This would make a beautiful centerpiece for a dining room table or coffee table, and it, like everything else listed today, can be either made by you or bought. If you don’t happen to live somewhere where beautiful leaves fall to the ground around you, you can easily purchase fake leaves that will give you the same look. Toss a few into a jar; add some burlap or tie some pretty ribbon around the jar and voila! You have made a gorgeous yet simple fall table decoration! You can either “leaf” it as is, or set it in a distressed wooden box, like above. Other ways to alter this to fit your style would be to paint the pumpkins and leaves to fit your color scheme. Go metallic gold and silver, or just pour on the glitter, or go crazy and do both. There's no wrong way to go!

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4: Tiny Pumpkins and Acorns and Corn, Oh My!

Fall Decor Mason Jar Candle Votives Partially Filled with Acorns Corn and Tiny Pumpkins

Via Live Laugh Rowe

How cute are these mason jar votive candles? I mean, look at those tiny little pumpkins. This decor is all fall, y’all, from those precious pumpkins to those adorable acorns. All of these items can be easily found or purchased to create this DIY fall decor. If these aren’t your style, swap out whatever you don’t like with colored dried beans, or even layer different colored beans together to create a completely different and striped look. The great thing about these votive candles is that they can be placed anywhere; on a shelf, a ledge, a table, or even hung on the wall. The possibilities are endless!

Bonus tip: Use scented candles, like cinnamon or pumpkin spice, to make your apartment smell like fall. If scented candles aren’t your thing, add a couple pieces of cinnamon sticks to unscented candles to naturally give your home that fall scent!

5: Pine-ing for Fall

Fall Decor Metallic Gold and Silver Dipped Pine Cones Table Setting Glass Bowl

Via Tatertots & Jello

Another item that is abundant in the autumn is pine cones. Seriously, check out those fantastic metallic gold and silver pine cones! These are great for any modern fall decor; however, you could paint them in any color you want. I think a great way to dip them for a more traditional fall decorating style would be to roll them in paint and get just the edges coated in a tiny bit of color, perhaps gold or maroon, leaving a lot of the natural shades of the pine cones and having that pop of color, or you could leave them au naturel. You could even coat them in glue and roll them in glitter and dazzle up your apartment for another modern and fun look. There are so many different ways to paint pine cones! Now, this could be an awesome project to do with your friends, roommates, or family. Have everyone bring some pine cones and you can decorate them together, and everyone can take them home to use in their own fall table decor.

Now that you have some ideas, see which ones would work for your apartment and decor. Brainstorm and figure out new ways to accomplish these styles and add them to your home. Fall is all about change so go out and have fun with these simple fall decor ideas! Be sure to share this post with your friends and comment with some of your favorite fall decor, or your take on any of the ideas you see here!

**Featured image via Porter's