Whether you’ve got a bun in the oven or your bundle of joy has already arrived, here are some delightfully awesome nursery ideas for baby girls and boys! 

Growing up is one of the biggest adventures life has to offer! Recently, my Facebook page has been overwhelmed with relationship updates, wedding photos, and baby announcements. It never really dawned on me that I’m in that chapter of life in which people are not only starting their lives as young individuals, but are also beginning to join their lives with a special significant other. (I, on the other hand, am just trying to get through college and not be completely overwhelmed! Just kidding… but, seriously.)

As the classic school rhyme goes, “First comes love! Then comes marriage! Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” Today, I was inspired to find gorgeous nursery room ideas because a bushel of my friends are pregnant or are planning to have children soon. So to all you soon-to-be parents or parents whose families are still growing, this post is for you. Here are my top ten nursery decorating ideas for your little bundles of joy!

Ladies first, of course. Here are some beautiful baby girl nurseries that are fit for your precious princess.

Glamorous & Monochromatic

Nursery Ideas Neutral Colors Nursery with Beaded Chandelier White Crib with Canopy Elephant Flowers

Via Houzz

I just have to say that if I was having a baby girl, this is the nursery that I would use as the inspiration for her room. What do I love about this room? For starters, the combination of creams and pale whites makes the nursery room feel very warm and cozy. Although the colors used are beautiful, keep in mind that monochromatic color schemes can be tricky because when not done properly, they can leave a room looking very bland and boring. The reason why it works for this nursery design is because the designer beautifully incorporated different textures and subtle prints that provide visual appeal.

Not Your Typical Pink

Nursery Ideas Olive Nursery with Stuffed Animal Giraffe White Cribs Pink Flowers Crystal Chandelier

Via Houzz

Although it’s easy to fall into the norm of painting a pink baby girl nursery, it’s nice to break from the mold and try out new, unexpected color schemes. In this nursery, note that there are accents of pink integrated throughout the room; however, pink is not the main color. This bedroom design is a very refreshing contrast to the typical princess pink nursery! I love that the combination of light cream, sage green, and blush is very feminine, but not overwhelmingly girly. It’s becoming a trend to go with more gender neutral colors like greens and yellows, but the added touches of pink definitely make this feminine!

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Your Traditional Pink

Nursery Ideas Pink Nursery Brown Crib Polka Dot Ottoman Pink Accent Chair Gallery Wall Bay Windows

Via Houzz

For all you readers who are looking for traditional pink nursery ideas for your little princess, here is a great option. If you’re set on pink, I’d suggest opting for a shade that is deeper than the typical princess pink, like the rich coral pink you see on the walls here. Although a light pink may seem suitable, as a parent you need to keep in mind that your precious little one is going to eventually grow up and most likely grow out of that baby pink you painted on the walls.

Although this nursery design uses pink as the primary color, it doesn’t make you feel like you are in a pink cave because of the dark cherry woods throughout. The dark wood tones help to ground the bedroom and provide a contrast that gives your eyes a rest from all the pink. So if you are dead-set on an all pink room for your baby girl, remember to occasionally break up the pink with simple base colors or darker neutrals.

It's All About the Gray

Nursery Ideas Pink and Gray Nursery with Chandelier Mobile White Crib Pink Rug Pink Elephant

Via Houzz

If you’re looking for cute nursery ideas that are traditional with a modern flair, this nursery room is for you! What’s nice about this space is that the light blush pink contrasts beautifully with the dark gray on the walls. However, what really makes this bedroom design stand out is the textiles incorporated throughout. When looking at this image, the first thing that catches my eyes is the pink Parisian-styled curtains. Take note, this nursery does not have a lot of textures or other large, bold prints that would clash or draw attention away from the beautiful striped curtains.

Tribal & Eclectic

Nursery Ideas Nursery with White Crib Animal Hide Rug Tree Bookshelves Bird Mobile Chevron Striped Ottoman

Via Houzz

When I saw this modern nursery, the first thing that came to mind was Anthropologie met Ikea and they had a child together—this lovely nursery. What I love about this nursery design is that it incorporates a lot of unique and interesting pieces. The bookshelf, for example, is very original and not a typical piece that you would find in traditional nursery designs (or anywhere!). The diverse furniture and accessories provide a lot of visual interest that make this room really eclectic and exciting. I really love the different textiles and textures in this little nursery. It’s pretty cute, don’t you agree?

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Ok, I think we’ve had our fair share of nursery for girl ideas! Let’s look at some cute boy nursery ideas that are perfect for your handsome little tike.

Bold & Contemporary

Nursery Ideas Contemporary Nursery with White Crib and Chair Chevron Striped Ottoman Light Green Walls Pendant Light Burnt Sienna Area Rug

Via Houzz

This is a great baby nursery idea that showcases an interesting and complementary color scheme. I like that this nursery is different and breaks from the mold. The green and orange color scheme used is highly adaptable, perfect for when your little treasure begins to get older and more mature. It would be so easy to add in navy to make this room a little more grounded and be perfect for an older child!

Oh baby! We’re loving these adorable nursery ideas for both baby girls & boys. #nurserydecor

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Fit For a Sailor

Nursery Ideas Nautical Themed Nursery for Boys Wood Walls Bay Window Bench Sailboats Navy Blue Pillows

Via Houzz

Nursery themes can be tacky when overdone, but this bedroom design pulls off the themed look in an elegant but appropriately masculine manner. My favorite components of this baby boy nursery are the natural wood accent wall and the beautiful built-in shelving. (Side note: If you’re interested in nursery wall ideas, incorporating a wood accent wall in your nursery, or any room in your house, is always an option. Check out Thrifty Decor Chick’s DIY!) I also love how this one can be easily transformed into a room for an older child. I love rooms that can do that with little effort! Again, navy is a wonderful color for that!

Modern & Industrial

Nursery Ideas Gray Nursery with Area Rug White Crib Wood Accent Wall Industrial Style Design

Via Houzz

This modern nursery proves that nurseries aren’t all fluff and frills! This oh-so masculine baby boy room features a dark neutral color scheme that is beautifully grounded by the rustic wood accent wall (I see a trend here!). This is a spacious, modern look that can easily be transitioned to a more mature bedroom once your little guy grows up! Do I need to mention again how this can be turned into a ‘big boy’ room for your little one? Because this one is absolutely perfect for that!

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Playful Colors

Nursery Ideas Wood Accent Wall White Crib Striped Rug Wood Rocking Horse Accent Chair Monogram D

Via J & J Design Group

And again, here is yet another wooden accent wall! What’s different about this accent wall is that it features chestnut colors that beautifully play off the bright orange and cobalt blue. The stripes used throughout artfully mimic the vertical lines of the accent wall and keep the room visually interesting! I honestly just love these bright, fun colors. I love bright orange and lime together. And I love how they added in some indigo/navy blues to help ground those bright colors (see I told you that color is awesome!).

Bold Prints

Nursery Ideas Colorful Nursery Gray Crib Area Rug Textiles Geometric Prints Gallery Wall Bookshelves

Via Houzz

No wooden accent wall? Look again! This beautiful nursery has an accent wall that seamlessly blends in with the existing wall color. The reason behind it is to prevent the various prints and bold colors from clashing with the accent wall. I love the way the images and typographic prints are organized on the wall alongside the “Read To Me” section. Not only do these images and text make the room fun and interesting, but they provide bright colors that make it more cheery and bright.

There you go, friends! That’s the end of our nursery design ideas escapade. Remember that color, textiles, and texture play a big role in any room you design. As you design your soon-to-be (or already present) bundle of joy’s nursery, keep these concepts in mind and try to incorporate them in playful and unique ways. Now that you’ve been inspired by these modern nursery ideas, you have a reason to go shopping for more stuff for your baby! You’re welcome!

Got your fill of baby nurseries today? Are you in love with any of these cool nursery ideas? If so, let us know in the comments below. Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends and family members with babies on the way. Thanks for reading, friends!

**Featured image via Decoist