Is this what they mean when they say someone “lives like an animal?” If so, I approve. Barndominiums are homes worth having! 

Howdy, folks! How y’all doin’ today?! That was me trying to get into the theme of this post. You’d think that being straight outta Texas I’d have the vernacular down by now. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! But as for now, I know one thing that’s for sure—I am a great investigator so the second I happened upon barndominium house plans I was struck and had to know more.

A barndominium is just what you would expect it to be—a barn turned into a condominium. The concept is a seriously cool take on renovation in that it is completely changing the purpose of what the structure was originally intended for. Take a second and think about what you associate with the word barn. I can imagine that pictures of a red building on a farm filled with animals and hay comes to mind. If anything along those lines began popping into your head, you’re on the right track! Essentially, a barn is an animal’s home and a condominium, which as I’m sure you’re all aware, houses people. Some creative person out there noticed that the exterior of a barn has an awesome design and saw the potential in making it into something functional for a person to live in, and VOILA! Barndominiums were born.

If any of y’all watch Fixer Upper, you might be familiar with this remodel done by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The first shot, as I’m sure you’ve assumed, is the before shot. From the outside looking in, it’s an eyesore and from the inside looking out...still an eyesore. I’m sure the couple saw this place and gave each other a look that translated to “we’ve got our work cut out for us.” Well, that they did!

Barndominiums The Barndominium Magnolia Homes HGTV Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna Renovation Barn House Home Design Exterior

Via Fixer Upper

After much planning and preparation, the final product of this project stuns!! It’s not even recognizable. The old barn was stripped of all of its grime and given a chic update fit for humans to live in! It’s only right that a barndominium stays true to its old state of design in some form or another, hence those black-paned barn doors that I personally love!

Barndominiums The Barndominium Chic Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Homes Exterior Design White House

Via Fixer Upper

The dining room you see below is located in the barnhouse you see above. I’m obsessing over the details in this Magnolia home, so I just had to show you some of the highlights from the barndominium floor plan! You can check out the full transformation here.

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Anyway, when I first began researching this newish design concept, I started to see each structure’s old barn-like ways. Thinking back to this Texas barn home’s glory days when it was looking a lot more animal-y, I can’t help but close my eyes and see horse stalls where the black doors now stand. Do you see what I’m talking about?

Barndominiums The Barndominium Fixer Upper Magnolia Wrought Iron Letters Dining Room Table Home Decor Horse Stalls Barn Painted Black Doors

Via Fixer Upper

Barndominium designs take many forms. None of them look just alike, which is something I really admire about this approach to a home. Styles vary from taking on a western theme to rustic to modern to you name it—endless options over here! The Fixer Upper barndominium discussed above is split off into many different rooms and areas, but this next one does the opposite and instead has an open concept floor plan. 

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Home to country singer Ronnie Dunn, this ranch house is taking advantage of every inch of height it has to offer! Tall ceilings are a deal maker for me, especially in instances where the layout of the house is exposed like this one. Dunn has done things right in leaving bits and pieces of the interior alone and merely improving upon barn-specific components like the barn doors (on the very right past the fireplace) and window shutters. He’s not horsin’ around!

Barndominiums Ronnie Dunn Home Decor Living Room Barn Original Design Tall Ceilings Antlers Wall Art Window Garage Door

Via Country Living

Speaking of sticking to originality when building a barndominium, check out the bathroom. It’s almost too barn-esque in that I would probably feel like I was invading a certain cow’s space, but there is something about this look that I like. I love me a mix of old and new, which is showered all over this space! For old, we have the shower stall (they took that one to a literal extreme) and for new, the oversized mirror above the sink area.

Barndominiums Ronnie Dunn Bathroom Shower Stall Barn Original New Design Home Decor Oversized Mirror Vanity Bowl Sinks Blue Rug

Via Country Living

Another plus of converting a barn into a house is the added benefit of accessibility to the great outdoors. If you’re outdoorsy in that you simply aren’t at all, this is the best compromise I can come up with. I mean, once you open up that garage door, you can basically sit on the couch while still managing to be one with nature. Being in two places at once is as close as you’ll ever get to any kind of magic so you may as well take advantage of all the perks of being a barn owner!

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Barndominiums Open Barn Garage Window Panels Horses Home On The Range Living Room Open-Concept Interior Design Decor

Via Suburban Men

Before I say goodbye, I thought I would share this view with you. If you’re an avid entertainer and love throwing parties, you might find this layout appealing. So now, not only can you be inside and engage with people who are outside, you can also be upstairs while still being able to talk to a friend in the kitchen. If you think it gets better than practically being omnipresent while hosting friends and family—think again! Besides, this barn home plan is just altogether cool.

Barndominiums Open-Concept Dream Home Modern Minimal Design Two Story House Wood Beams Architecture Barn Farm Design

Via Brit + Co

I could talk about custom barndominiums and design ideas all week, but I shan’t keep you any longer! If you’re itching for more barndominium pictures or barn home floor plans, check out the Fixer Upper renovation I mentioned in the beginning. Love!

Before you go, I would love to hear your thoughts on moo-ving into a barn (I live for puns, don’t hate)! Would you or wouldn’t you and what would you change/keep? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share me with all of your friends, too!

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