Not everyone wants a man cave! If you still want some baseball decor, but not so over-the-top, you’re in the right place! 

If you’ve been following my writing, you’ve probably read my bio. If so, I’m going to guess that you might be wondering how a baseball fanatic has not yet written a baseball post. Well, I don’t have a great answer for you. Baseball is so near and dear to my heart that it’s honestly a bit daunting to write about. It’s not a subject I approach lightly!

Let’s get one thing clear: baseball is not just for men. Baseball decor is also not limited to a man cave or a little boy’s room (and frankly the idea of a “man cave” really irritates me, but that’s a topic for another day). The same goes for all sports decor. Anyone can have some baseball touches in their home. I know I do!

I’ve moved into a new apartment and it really has me thinking about how exactly I want to showcase all my baseball paraphernalia. While my nerd garden posts (parts 1, 2, and 3) have been examples on how you can overtly show off your love of your favorite characters in your garden, I thought I might take a bit of a different approach to help you add some baseball flair to your home.

I love baseball, but I don’t always feel the need to scream it at people. So neither should my home decor. That means no stadium seats. (Don’t get me wrong, I desperately wanted some old seats reclaimed from the Astrodome. I loved going to baseball games there.) No rugs shaped like a baseball diamond. No headboards made from baseball bats. Nor any team logos in neon lights. I’m talking real grown-up spaces with baseball-inspired touches. You can be an adult and love baseball… without looking like a twelve-year-old (unless you want to!).

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Now, this doesn’t mean store all your baseballs away. No, no, no. You still get to have some baseball decorations! Your collection of baseballs will still be out on display! We’re just going to go about displaying them a little bit differently.

Baseball Decor Interior Design Mason Jar Baseballs Collection Balls Display Converse Baseball Bat Photos Gallery Wall Old Baseballs Antique Ball Jar Glass C

Via KidSpace Stuff

The image above shows a really great way to show off some of your old baseballs: baseballs in a jar! The large mason jar above works really well, but you could use an apothecary jar, vase, or anything else made of glass to display your collection. Tada! Instant vintage baseball decor. I think this adds a bit of a sophisticated touch, don’t you? And, after all, we’re going for a bit more of an adult look.

Baseball Decor Interior Design Baseballs Display Old Baseballs Ball Balls Bookends DIY Books Book of Mormon

Via Colors + Craft

Your baseballs don’t have to be limited to a glass jar either! If you have a few you don’t mind gluing to a piece of metal, then this is the perfect DIY baseball decor project for you! Glue a baseball to a thin piece of metal and you’ve got a perfect bookend for your shelf!

Baseball Decor Interior Design Baseballs Display Old Baseballs Ball Balls Mason Jars Painted Jars Wide Mouth Ball Baseball Stitches Twine Bow Utensil Holder Napkin Holder Etsy Vase Antique DIY

Via PrettySimplyStudio

Mason jars are always a good thing to have around. However, these mason jars are even better than your run of the mill ones! They can hold napkins and utensils (as pictured), cut flowers, or even your remotes! Pick these up on Etsy or DIY your own.

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Baseball Decor Interior Design Baseballs Display Old Baseballs Ball Balls Home Plate Coasters Etsy Natural Stone Travertine Baseball Stitches

Via DandWstonecrafts

Any living area needs a good set of coasters. You don’t want to ruin your furniture with white rings, do you?! These natural stone coasters are a great way to bring another baseball touch into your space. A good set of coasters is the mark of grown-up spaces. Oh? No one else thinks that? Well… you try making a room feel sophisticated with paper coasters. If you succeed, please let me know. (Am I the only one who’s failed at that?)

I about lost my mind when I first saw this couch. It is the epitome of what I dream of for a sophisticated baseball room. It’s very subtly a baseball couch. The frame of the couch is leather and the color of a typical baseball glove, while the cushions and pillows are a soft white like a baseball! Oh, and did I mention the stitching? LOOK AT THAT STITCHING. I just. I can’t. I have no words for how amazing this couch is. This is the couch of baseball heaven.

Baseball Decor Interior Design Baseballs Display Old Baseballs Ball Balls Leather Glove Desk Chair Pottery Barn PBTeen Computer Chair Teen Swivel Catcher’s Mitt

Via PBteen

I’ll admit it… I have been eyeing this baseball chair for years. And let’s be honest, when I first saw it, I was as crazy for it as I am that couch. It’s the embodiment of the kind of baseball furniture I’m looking for. When I see this chair, I envision a catcher’s mitt and mask. The leather seat and the metal framing are perfect for any baseball office space. And it looks super comfy, too!

Baseball Decor Interior Design Baseballs Display Old Baseballs Ball Balls Baseball Stitch Light Lighting Ceiling Light Pendant Light Wood

Via iD Lights

We’ve been through our baseball room accessories and furniture... now on to lighting! This pendant light may not have just the right stitching, but it certainly has the flair of a baseball! Honestly, you could probably even DIY your own version with a light kit, some wood, and red macramé cord! Or just use some of macramé cord to turn an old lamp shade into a baseball lamp! Just let your imagination run wild!

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Baseball Decor Interior Design Baseballs Display Old Ball Balls Lighting Ceiling Light Pendant Light Glove Leather Stitch


These leather covered pendant lights are a touch more sophisticated than the previous lighting option. I love the stitch detail! After all, it’s the details that make the room!

Baseball Decor Interior Design Living Room Leather Couch Navy Orange Ottomans Window Bench Bookshelf Chandelier

Via Centsational Girl

Now for the fun part. Putting it all together. Yes, the previous ideas I’ve listed are all individual items. Never fear! I have a way for you to combine them into one cohesive room.

But first I have to back up a step. Even if you don’t claim to have a “favorite team,” there’s probably a team whose colors you appreciate. For the sake of this post, we’re going to work off the Houston Astros colors. Their main colors are navy and orange, which surprisingly work very well together in interior design. Look at the image above! I don’t think anyone would argue that it’s not a gorgeous room! Paint your walls a nice navy color and add in some orange accents (ottomans, pillows, etc.). Subtly your room is now Astros colors. This, of course, can be applied to most teams. Just don’t go too crazy… you might end up with a color palette that’s a bit wacky.

Now, to put it all together. Refer back to the image above. There’s already a leather couch there. Leather. As in the leather of a baseball glove. It looks fantastic, but can you imagine the couch with the baseball stitching in that room? Even better! Switch out the chandelier for one of the ones mentioned in this post (your pick) and now your lighting is in the game. If you have a desk in the living area (maybe just out of range of this photo), that’s a perfect spot for our glove desk chair. Use some of the baseball bookends you DIYed on the bookshelf. Place your painted mason jars and coasters on a side table, add your large jar of baseballs to the coffee table, and you’re good to go! This room is suddenly very subtly (and fantastically) baseball themed. Do you have the mental image in your head? Because I do. And I’m completely loving it.

Please tell me someone else out there is as excited by these baseball decor ideas as I am! I’m busting at the seams to give them a try. I hope you enjoyed my baseball room ideas! Please share your baseball (or other sports) themed rooms with me. I’d love to see them! And don’t forget to share with all your baseball loving friends!!

**Featured image via RedefineA2ndTime