Friends will flock, family will stay. Put this guest bedroom inspiration to use and your home will be the place everyone wants to vacay! 

Having guests in town has always been one of my favorite things. I always get excited when chances to be the greatest hostess ever present themselves, and giving friends and family a place to stay while they vacay is the perfect opportunity to do so. Of course, it would be a lot easier to throw a blanket on the couch and say “here ya go!”, but it’s not nearly as rewarding for you or the company you’re keeping! Besides, if I would much rather sleep in a faux-hotel-room-meets-guest-bedroom kind of situation than on an old, lumpy couch, I'm guessing my guests feel the same way. Here I will give you some of the best tips to make that spare room of yours feel like a luxurious five-star hotel.

There are five major areas we are going to cover and because I like alliteration they all just so happen to start with “B”.

Un: Bed

The bed is probably the most general section we’ll cover because most guest bedrooms... well, they have one. Or so I’m told. For all intents and purposes let’s assume that there is a bed filling the greater part of the room. Said bed needs to be fluffy and comfy. If you relocated your old mattress into the spare room because you were developing back problems, I have a simple solution for you to make that spare bed comfy, and it's cheaper than throwing down hundreds of dollars on something that is not used every night: invest in a puffy mattress pad. They do wonders for a hard surface and are often more comfortable than an expensive mattress! Plus, it’ll make your guest room feel that much more fancy and special to your guests!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration Pillows Crisp White Sheets Pillows Gray and White Headboard Fluffy Pillows Side Table Lamps White Curtains

Via Decor Love

Get. Good. Sheets. And launder them! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. No one wants to feel like they're sleeping in someone else’s grunge. You want your guests to be able to smell the faint scent of laundry detergent when they lay their heads down at night. Speaking of laying their heads down—throw some good pillows on there too. Lots of them! Not only does this help with giving the bedding a completed look, it is comforting to lay on a cloud of pillows after a long day of travel.  Guest beds feel that much nicer when they’re covered in nice, fluffy pillows!

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In regards to the interior design aspect of this particular “B," guest room bedding can really add personality to the bedroom. This includes shams and statement pillows. Find something that is simple, yet still complements your taste. Remember, this is the largest item in the room and serves as the focal point in your guest bedroom decor. When you show your guests where to put their luggage, the bed is the first thing they’ll see. First impressions are everything, and good bedroom designs are key to making your guests happy!

Deux: Bath

Ahh yes, the bathroom… the smallest, yet most important room in your guest bedroom design arsenal. It's where we get ready, shower, use the facilities, etc. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I am going to share with you that will make your guests feel like they entered a spa rather than a plain ole bathroom.

First things first, buy a couple of sets of white towels. I know you’re probably thinking “ugh white?!” and my answer to that is “yay white!” They're super easy to wash, just throw in some bleach if they start to look dingy and your towels will get to lookin’ brand new! Aside from that, they provide a clean aesthetic, which can make or break the loo. Another pro-tip: if you use white towels in your bathroom, it won’t matter what color you chose for your guest room decor. Because white goes with everything!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration White Towels Clean Bathroom Square Backsplash Tiles Countertop Fresh Towels

Via Remodelista

Something I saw recently that I also find useful are darker towels that say “makeup” on them. This is an eco-friendly alternative to makeup wipes that will preserve your white towels. Plus, they’re cute! And how great an idea is this, because I know that when I’m at someone else’s place, I don’t want to accidentally ruin their towels when removing my makeup, or by drying my face when I get out of the shower. These towels won’t have that problem; your guests have a nice fresh towel for their faces, and don’t have to worry about your clean white towels!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration Black Makeup Towels Bathroom Wood Tray Embroidered Towel

Via The Everyday Home

For some odd reason whenever I travel I tend to forget to take the things in life that I use every day: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, lotion... the list goes on and on. My forgetfulness could be in part due to the fact that when I fly, everything has to be under 3.8 oz. and most of my day-to-day items are much larger than that. Regardless, it's always such a relief to know that when I forget my toothbrush, there is a brand new one waiting just for me. The idea of a glass jar provides easy access and leaves these little treasures in plain view for out-of-towners, letting them know that you were thinking of their needs and that they can go ahead and use whatever they want! This is one of my favorite guest room ideas, because it’s like the host anticipated my needs and it makes me feel like I’m really special!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration Clear Glass Jar Mini Travel Toiletries for Guest Bathroom Counter Shampoo Conditioner Lotion

Via Liz Marie Blog

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Trois: Beverages

I am a middle of the night water drinker. There’s nothing worse than waking up as parched as a cactus in the desert. To solve this problem, I always, always keep water by my bed. It’s close and I don’t have to wander to the kitchen to get it, ultimately optimizing the amount of sleep I get.

Of course, we all offer company something to drink upon arrival and we tell them to help themselves, but sometimes people feel uncomfortable opening every cabinet looking for a glass or searching in the fridge for a soda. We all want visitors to live out the “mi casa es su casa” mantra but to up the comfort level, provide an area in the guest room that is stocked with water bottles, glasses, an ice bucket, snacks, and maybe even a bottle of wine or liquor. Use a tray or bar cart of some kind to store their favorites. If done correctly, this adds a little extra flair to your guest room design!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration Acrylic Tray Drink Water Glasses Cups Copper Ice Bucket Cold Refreshing Hungry Thirsty Snacks

Via KhristianAHowell

Quatre: Belongings

The second that suitcase comes unzipped anything can happen. Depending on the person you have staying with you, he or she may keep everything nicely packed away or throw clothes at the ceiling fan. For as long as their stay, it is your guests' room and aside from painting the walls without telling you or trashing the place, it is theirs to do with as they please. An easy way to maximize space is by getting rid of clutter and bulky pieces of furniture to create a larger area for your guests’ belongings. I like to clear out at least one side of the closet and fill it with 8-10 empty hangers for the wrinkle-ables and a trash bag or something of that nature for dirty laundry. I just think it is more home-y for visitors. If you can find one, get a luggage rack like the one below. Believe it or not, they’re space savers and can even fit in a closet, so they're perfect guest room furniture!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration Luggage Stand Suitcase Holder Hotel Closet Clothes Rack Hangers

Via Crate and Barrel

Cinq: Beyond

Last but not least, featured in the “beyond” section of our “B” club are the finishing touches or bells and whistles that really serve as the welcoming committee for your guests. You can make this as personal as you would like. Lay a “welcome” card or basket on the bed with a little note inside! I cannot stress how refreshing it is to have a thoughtful, handwritten note made just for you... on actual paper not typed or read from a phone or computer.

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Now, to address the ever-present elephant in the room, it’s what has now become the most necessary of evils and has taken over lives everywhere. I’m talking about technology, social media, and the internet! As frustrated as I get when I’m trying to have a conversation with someone and they are staring blankly at the mini screen in front of them, I have come to the realization that this is just what society has turned into and I have to deal with it. Heck, I even do it sometimes. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?! Yeah, let’s go with that. 

The point of this rant is simply that the chances of having someone over and them not asking to borrow your phone charger are pretty much slim to none. So that you aren’t without a charger, I suggest creating a charging station in the guest bedroom. I’m not saying go to the airport and steal one of those big, bulky, black things with like 80 plugs on it and stick it in your house. That would be really extreme and weird. However, something like the image below would flow a lot nicer with the feel of your home and I’m 99% positive would be useful for any visitor with a cell phone. Just make sure you include popular ports such as those for iPhones and Androids!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration iPhone Charger Android iPad Outlet Plug Recharge DIY Charging Station Desk

Via Lil' Luna

If one of my friends or family members are at my house and don’t ask for a charger, then they are absolutely going to ask me for the WiFi password. Duh!!! No one wants to use all their data!! Framing the code and displaying it on the wall with other frames or decorations around it is an inviting and tasteful way for visitors to get connected. Hey, maybe they’ll even Instagram it!

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This is one of those super cute spare bedroom ideas that made me think, “Oh my gosh why didn’t I think of this before?” Because let’s face it, everyone always wants the WiFi password. So, in lieu of them asking, being too embarrassed to ask, or having to repeat the spelling of your crazy secure password, you can make one of these! If you’re gonna showcase your password for guests, might as well make it look cute!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration Striped Wall Gallery Frames Wifi Password Typography Chalk Paint Gold Frames Antlers Blue White Orange Welcome

Via Tatertots & Jello

Last of all: plants or flowers. These living guest bed ideas don’t have to be expensive or extravagant, since simple is better in this case. Anything that originated in a garden makes people feel thought of and, well, it just looks pretty. There are many plants out there that are perfect for indoors, and they’re really hardy too! Or, you can purchase a small cut flower arrangement if you like. With either idea, you can find the perfect plant or flower to make your spare room ideas come to life!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration Flower Arrangement White Flower Greenery Plants Floral Water Glass Vase White Comforter Cloud Simple

Via The Everyday Home

Hopefully, the five “B’s” I’ve shared with y’all will inspire the planning of many, many visits to your home! It’s fun to transform what was just a spare bedroom into an in-house B&B! I want to hear your hosting tips. Please share and comment below to let me know how your guests’ visit went and what you tried differently.

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