Step up your garden game with these modern birdhouses and feeders that are for the birds! 

Are you an amateur bird watcher with a flair for the modern? Do you enjoy the pitter-patter of bird feet and the melodic twittering of wild fowl in your backyard? These modern birdhouses and feeders are just what you need! From bird homes that double as sculptural art pieces to mini-mega modern bird condos, these birdhouses are destined to delight any contemporary garden space.

Beautifully Modern Ceramic Birdhouses and Feeders

Birdhouses Ceramic Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Eggshell Blue Lenneke Wispelwey

Via Contemporist

This lovely ceramic eggshell blue birdhouse was designed by artist Lenneke Wispelwey. She says her inspiration for this piece came from her love for the birds that would grace her garden and greet her in the morning. This adorable aviary in particular is the result of a design contest for which she was prompted to create something eco-friendly. This birdhouse took first place and Wispelwey interpreted the contest’s results as a sign to always create what makes you happy. This specific house for birds was aptly titled “Who Needs a Wooden House Anyway” by the artist herself. More thoughtful works by this ceramist that are similar to this lovely birdhouse design are available for viewing here.

Birdhouses Ceramic Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Bird Amy Adams

Via Sunshine+Design

These modern bird feeders will add a colorful and contemporary flair to your avant-garde garden! The red feeder is an alluring ceramic addition to your garden foliage. The central ceramic bubble can contain up to eight cups of bird seed and is built to last through all seasons. Not only is this cherry red feeder durable, but it’s post-modern candy for the eyes too!

The white feeder is a ceramic bird feeder creation of designer Amy Adams. It consists of a glazed ceramic home, leather cord, and is dishwasher safe (say what?!). Combined, these two feeders work together to create an aura of understated postmodernism.

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Birdhouses Ceramic Feeder Postmodern Mid-Century Contemporary Bird Frederik Roijé


Artist Frederik Roijé took a whimsical approach to bird living when he created these lighthearted glazed ceramic birdhouses. They were built with the intention of channeling the classic “little white chapel” and the results are simply divine! Little love birds are sure to feel right at home in these “holy homes” that tote a gold-plated perch and cleanly contoured construction. These cheeky birdhouses are perfect for the garden owner with a flippant flair for flora and fauna.

Wonderfully Wooden Birdhouses and Feeders

Birdhouses Wooden Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Teak Walnut Wood

Via CPOPP Workshop

This modern birdhouse stand is an ideal complement to any contemporary backyard. The stand offers a unique take on the traditional birdhouse, allowing for movement and relocation at any time. The house is devoid of any sharp angles in accordance with the designer’s streamlined vision. The perched “egg” portion was fashioned from solid walnut and teak wood, and the legs are made of steel. This piece is available in seven custom colors and can also double as a piece of art for your modern living room!

Birdhouses Wooden Retro Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Birdbath

Via Aha

This birdhouse offers an addition these other homes don’t—an infinity pool! (Just kidding!) Though the design of the built-in bird bath does mimic the celebrity high life when coupled with its open floor plan and natural wood walls. For a second there, I almost forgot I was talking about a garden birdhouse and not a million-dollar mansion! These birds are sure living at the height of luxury in this modern dwelling.

Birdhouses Wooden Retro Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Redwood Canary Yellow

Via Design Addict

This modern wooden tri-toned bird home totes a complementary pastel color palette that would suit only the most modern of yards! Made of locally reclaimed redwood, this canary yellow and eggshell blue "Wrap Birdhouse" offers contemporary housing for our feathered friends. The mid-century inspiration for this piece provides a stylish homing option that isn’t meant to blend in with the bushes. The pops of color paired with the asymmetrical elements are sure to do your garden justice with their clear homage to the iconic 1950s and 60s postmodern style.

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Birdhouses Wooden Retro Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Galaxy 500

Via KoolBIrd

If you’re wanting a touch of the past, opt for this throwback 1950s-esque birdhouse! The retro "Galaxy 500" channels the classic 1950s woody vibe with its curved clean edges made of maple, golden heart, and padauk wood. The half-moon shape silhouette of this decorative birdhouse is mid-century to the max and is sure to be the adornment of any en vogue treescape.

Modern Metal Bird Feeders and Homes

Birdhouses Metal Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Bird Jet Black Danish Morten Kristoffersen

Via Wildbeaks

This metallic, jet black bird feeding station offers a startling contrast to the wooden and ceramic textured feeders we’ve seen thus far. The sleek design is the definition of cutting-edge and is completely unexpected. This unconventional bird feeder would bring any modern bird lover to their knees with its memorable silhouette! Contemporary by design, this one-of-a-kind birdhouse is brought to us courtesy of Danish designer Morten Kristoffersen.

Birdhouses Metal Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Bird

Via TerraTrellis

Why limit yourself to just one modern birdhouse? Consider coupling two or even three bird homes to create your very own bird neighborhood! These "bird bungalows" portray a sculptural habitat that's equal parts usable and beautiful. When grouped, these bird homes offer an opportunity for birds of a feather to flock together in your backyard garden oasis. For these fledglings, style can be found just outside their front door.

Birdhouses Metal Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Bird Bauhaus

Via Design Milk

The sleek silhouette of this silver bird abode by Opossum Design is bringing bird feeding to the modern age. With its sharp edges and completely open layout, birds of all shapes and sizes will be attracted to this feeder! The minimalist look coupled with the sharp tin walls form a Bauhaus-inspired bird’s dream.

Gleaming Glass and Plastic Birdhouses and Feeders

Birdhouses Plastic Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Bird Cube Minimalist

Via Dwell

This minimalist bird cube is a simpler take on otherwise complex birdhouse designs. No muss, no fuss when it comes to this bare-bones critter home! The clean and understated design offers a stark contrast to the colorful birds that may happen upon it. This bird home is constructed of 100% recycled plastic from milk jugs, making it extra eco-friendly.

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Birdhouses Glass Feeder Birdseed Postmodern Yard Garden Mid-Century Contemporary Bird Minimalist Danish Design

Via Connox

These dazzling hand-blown glass bird feed orbs offer a crystal clear view into the life of your backyard buddies. With their see-through design, these round bird feeders were constructed to portray a floating-like effect. Because of their transparent characteristics, they will blend seamlessly into your yard’s foliage and will leave your natural fauna undisturbed. These modern feeders are delivered as a set of twoBirds will be flocking to these gorgeous feeders in no time!

As we’ve seen, modern birdhouses and feeders are the quintessential addition to any modern backyard. From low-maintenance minimalism to extravagant avant-garde, these birdhouses will dazzle even the most seasoned bird watcher.

Which of these works of art do you see gracing your modern garden? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your flock! Until next time!

**Featured image via Made In Design