Forget the caterer! Bring these bite sized appetizer ideas to life for the next event on your calendar! 

Go big or go home? Sure, in most cases. In the case of appetizers, I’ll say this: go big then go home! The thing about snacks like these is that for dinner parties, brunches, or special occasions they are normally always at the top of the checklist. You plan, and plan, and plan and often seem to get so wrapped up in it all that you might forget that there is likely a bigger meal to follow. Leave your guests more room to enjoy the main course while they ooh and aah over the presentation of the hors d’oeuvres. Whoever said great things come in small packages was right on target and after you see a few of my favorite bite sized delights, you’ll never turn back!

Remember this, if it can be made big, it can also be made little! Besides, who doesn’t love mini things!!

I am not a big sweets person, but when it comes to cinnamon rolls—I’m sold. And when it comes to these baby sized baked items—double sold! Ideal for a baby shower or brunch, these are absolute crowd-pleasers! These mini cinnamon rolls are cute and adorable, and they're ready in less than 10 minutes. And did you notice how tiny and cute they are? Gah, they’re adorable. So tiny, and just the right amount of sweet to not overload your guests with too much sugar before the main course! Find the recipe here.

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Bite Sized Appetizers Mini Cinnamon Rolls Muffin Tray Brunch Breakfast Icing

Via Iowa Girl Eats

In the same mealtime category, we have miniature mugs of hot chocolate adorned with a sugar-coated doughnut. I don’t know about you, but I love the luxe look of these glass cups! Seriously, how adorable are they?! These are like tiny shots of hot chocolate with tiny donuts to chase. It’s kind of perfection. I’m sensing a tray or two of these babies to serve as holiday party treats! Perhaps, with a splash of Baileys, or even a simple peppermint mocha flavor to change things up. Pop on over to Martha Stewart Weddings for the recipe.

Bite Sized Appetizers Mini Hot Chocolate Donut Time Whipped Cream Linen Napkin Square Washable Sugar

Via Weddings by Lilly

In this day and age healthy food options seem to be everywhere. You can’t go wrong with healthy food, especially when the healthy food is in adorably small packages! I’m big into eating my veggies and salads; so naturally, I’m attaching a couple inspos of mini (semi) healthy appetizers for those of you out there like me!

Vegetable trays as an appetizer platter are always an option, but I think the presentation of individual veggie cups is much prettier than the gaps that surface when guests begin to chow down on their greens! Also, notice how the dip is at the bottom...that means double dipping without grossing people out! I absolutely love this idea. Plus, any leftovers will be safe, germ free, and easy to snag and eat later!

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Bite Sized Appetizers Mini Veggies Vegetable Celery Carrots Tomatoes Toothpick Shot Glass Dill Ranch

Via Weddings by Lilly

Recently, I have become really into wedge salads. If it’s on the menu, I’m ordering it. Unlike the head of lettuce a restaurant serves (hello, struggle), these provide the yumminess of the original, but without fighting through to get a single bite in my mouth! Easy to eat and delicious? Win, win! Plus, these bite sized salads are easy to handle, and even easier to make! Find the instructions on how to make this simple treat at Brit + Co.

Bite Sized Appetizers Mini Wedge Salad Bleu Cheese Tomato Toothpick Iceberg Lettuce Head Bacon Bits White Tray

Via Brit + Co

For something a little heavier and a lot less healthy, try out these mini loaded Hasselback potato bites and mini hotdogs! I’m thinking Super Bowl party treats? No football lover (or person who attends these parties just for the food and drinks, i.e. me) will say no to these fun, festive finger foods! Plus, if you’re partying in bulk, these are great finger foods for a party of 50 or more! ! I can’t decide which is my favorite: the tiny potatoes or the tiny hot dogs. They’re both bound to be a hit at your next sports party!

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If we’re getting really technical about the cocktail party appetizers thing, then this next clever treat takes the small size cake...or should I say, small size tequila shot? Patron, a hint of lime, and, naturally, a mini taco to get you through the night. Whoever came up with this mini taco is a genius. Who doesn’t love tacos? Why didn’t I think of this?

Bite Sized Appetizers Mini Tacos and Tequila Mexican Food Lime and Salt Shot Patron Green Straw

Via Brit + Co

And now, to put a stop to all this mini madness, I present to you my favorite dessert option: mini drumsticks and a variety of ice cream cones. They are the perfect size for a full belly and they taste delicious! The only sad thing about this is that it is less ice cream. But, you can always, and easily, eat several of these and I will not judge you whatsoever. Because hey, it’s ice cream! These tiny bite sized portions are adorable though, and will be a great way to end your bite sized party!

Bite Sized Appetizers Mini Ice Cream Cones Drumstick Peanuts Chocolate Cone Gold Acrylic Tray Dessert

Via Weddings by Lilly

Food for thought: these little bites don’t necessarily need to be appetizers! I went to a restaurant in Vegas that was purely tapas. We had about 16 different courses that came in super small portions and by the end of it, I was stuffed! No matter where you decide to pass these delights around, be it at a wedding, a dinner party, a brunch, or a bridal shower, everyone is bound to love the innovative concept that is small snacks for parties.

Put the fork down! These bite size delights will serve you and your guests right! #appetizers

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, November 7, 2016

I want to hear any appetizer ideas or experiences you might have had or plan to have using some of these treats! Let me know all about it by sharing and commenting below. I hope you enjoy!

**Special thanks to Weddings by Lilly and Brit + Co for inspiration and pictures. Featured image via Wedding Window