Black and white monochromatic design adds immediate sophistication to any living space. I guess it’s true what they say—opposites do attract! 

Something magical happens when the forces of black and white unite. The two are a divine combination that is frequently used by interior designers. Monochromatic color design goes above and beyond when it comes to adding class, simple elegance, and contrast to interiors. The elegance that comes with any monochromatic design is boundless and its appeal is easily understood. I suppose the thing I find so interesting about these types of designs is that they take two colors that are viewed as opposites by the general public and combine them to form masterpieces. Chic ones at that!

Many cultures have adopted the concepts of black and white, or darkness and light, and drawn abstract meanings from them such as the idea of yin and yang. Black is usually seen as mysterious and dangerous, representing the unknown. However, from a design point of view, it is seen as sleek, multidimensional, and classic. White is usually seen as being pure and untainted. What I love about a bright white anything is that it stands out—especially if the decor or surrounding walls are darker! 

Personally, I have always found perceptions of colors to be odd. A color or a shade is neither good nor bad, but our own reflective and collective identities and experiences declare them to be so. For example, yellow is thought to be a happy color, but what intrinsically makes yellow happy? But back to the topic at hand, I have always enjoyed monochromatic designs because to me they are a reflection of the world we live in. Black and white are patterned together because their collective existence means something to designers and their audiences.

Adapting the idea that different color schemes can be good or bad, monochromatic designs teach us that there cannot be light without darkness, good without bad, happiness without sadness because these opposites depend on one another for their very existence. How can you know the riches of being happy, if you have never experienced sadness?

I scrambled through the internet looking for images of a monochromatic interior that might serve us up some inspo! I couldn’t pick just one, so I have several to show off today. Needless to say, what I found took my breath away. (Just like that Top Gun song!!)

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Monochromatic Design Black and White Kitchen Dining Space Stairs Pendant Light Gallery Wall

Via desire to inspire

Let’s start with this monochromatic staircase. It is absolutely gorgeous; classic, yet also futuristic. I can literally picture myself in this home. The openness of the space combined with the black and white coloring is simply mesmerizing. The black accent wall adds character and depth to the space, giving it a distinctive personality. Ever considered an accent wall? I'm beginning to like the idea!

Monochromatic Design Black with White Accents Bedroom Pendant Light Wallpaper and Table Lamps


There are a lot of different options for adding monochromatic design into your home. The patterned comforter in this black and white bedroom is a great addition. Another option is to use wallpaper to add a little flair. I’m loving this bedroom!

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Monochromatic Design Black and White Living Area with Fur Throw and Wall Gallery

Via Pinkorg

The designer(s) of this monochromatic living room included a black lamp to add that extra spark. If you are considering going down the classic B&W interior route, you should consider different lighting options. Lamps are an inexpensive way to add to your home’s decor and definitely help to define monochromatic design.

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Monochromatic Design White with Black Accents Living Space with Fur Rug and Over-Sized Wall Art

Via The Classy Issue

Monochromatically speaking, the art in a space is a significant part of the overall design as well. I’m a big fan of this black and white print hanging above the sofa. And what about that fur rug? It brings an earthy feel to the entire area. You can produce the same effect in your home by utilizing faux furs and hanging black and white images of yourself and your family.

Monochromatic designs look classy and sophisticated and can work in any space, large or small. So what do you think about monochromatic designs? Share, then comment with your favorite thing about a monochromatic living space! We can’t wait to hear from you!

**Featured image via Like a Magpie