You already dream in your bedroom, so why not create the bedroom of your dreams? Get inspired with these bedroom design ideas! 

We spend so much time in our bedrooms, so why not pay more attention to the aesthetics? For this post, I plan to show you some of my favorite bedrooms, discuss them, and hopefully inspire you to create the bedroom of your dreams. 

For the past few weeks, I’ve been on this real re-design my bedroom kick. I think it’s mostly because my roommate moved in with all new everything (furniture, bed, bedding, etc.), and her room looks immaculate. When she first moved in, the room honestly looked like it had been staged for a viewing. Being the architecture student I am, I was pretty envious, and I felt like my room was dull in comparison. How could I, the design student, live in such a boring space? Besides my incredibly comfy bed, I had old, light-colored, laminate wood furniture and no real theme going on.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks refurbishing my furniture and picking out design elements for my room. Now that the furniture is finished (and looks perfect I might add!), I have moved on to looking for a new bedding set. For those wondering, I’ve decided to go with a country or rustic-chic look. I’ve painted all my furniture black and made the handles slightly off-white. My frames and accent pieces are all either black, different shades of turquoise, white or off-white. I have found some wall decor I like, but I am waiting until the rest of my room is finished to find the remainder.

We dream so much in our bedrooms already, so why not create the bedroom of our dreams?

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Everything looks great so far except my old bedding. I have spent so much time trying to find the perfect bedding online with absolutely no luck. This is why today, I would like to devote my post to gawking at bedroom design ideas so maybe I will get inspired to keep looking instead of giving up and settling for something less than perfect.

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Bedroom Design Ideas White Shabby Chic Country Cottage Style

Via the Tao of Dana

Can you imagine coming home to this bedroom every night? I would feel like I was in heaven every time I rested my head on my pillow. The bedding’s crumpled texture is the perfect addition to this cottage chic theme. I think it would feel like trying to fall asleep with a cloud, and honestly that just sounds amazing. I love the different accent pillows as well. My favorite is the little touch of yellow thrown in with all of the white. The yellow stripes give this bedroom the tiny pop of color it needs to ground it to the earth and keep it from floating away into the clouds.

Bedroom Design Ideas Sheer Floating Elegant Canopy Above White bed with Purple Pillows

Via Creamylife

I had to include this one mainly because I am obsessed with canopies. One day I WILL own a king size bed, and it WILL have a canopy. I dream big, I know. Honestly though, how elegant does this look? This is real bedroom bliss. It has the perfect amount of airy, floaty goodness that makes bedrooms like this feel like they aren’t real, and they are actually part of a fairy tale. I enjoy the purple, but personally I would go with beige or something more natural looking for this space. Though, be careful with having those candelabras that close to the canopy! Yikes!

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Bedroom Design Ideas White Bed with Teal Oversized Tufted Headboard Curtain Wall with Chandelier

Via Meg Biram

I guess by now you have already figured out that I have white bedding at home. I can’t help but be drawn to it. And I HAD to show this beautiful bedroom decor! I would love to wake up to this view every morning. And I’m not even a city girl! I can totally picture waking up every morning in this gorgeous bed, with the sun already streaming through the windows and lighting up the surrounding buildings. Man that sounds wonderful. I can’t deny the view is my favorite part of this room, but I also love the over-sized headboard that defines this space. The color is beautiful, subtle, and it doesn’t take away from the view, which is definitely the focal point of this space!

Bedroom Design Ideas Tall White Four Post Bed with Bedside Chaise Lounge Couch and Deep Brown Accent Walls


This bedroom here is also stunning! I told you I had a thing for white bedding! I love how tall and fluffy this bed looks. I kind of have a desire to do one of those running leaps onto the bed, as long as I don’t bounce off it and go through those French doors! But seriously, this bedroom is amazing. That chaise at the base of the bed would be the perfect spot to curl up and read a book before bed!

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Looking at these bedrooms makes me so happy that I decided to redo my own! Every little element adds character. Hopefully by now, you are feeling either inspired, or just plain happy I gave you some eye candy for the day!

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**Featured image via Zillow