Body painting is impressive enough, but self-painting? Now that’s challenging! Cecilia Paredes is a body painter who makes herself disappear into her background.

Hello, lovely readers! Can you just take a moment to look at that fantastic feature image? I cannot believe that it’s body paint! I’ve been on a bit of a body painting kick lately. I was bored one weekend, trying to find a show on Netflix to binge while I was crafting, and I found Skin Wars. Well, I remember when it first came out, and I was always interested in watching it, but I never got around to it. So, I started watching it. Holy cow, those people are talented! As someone who can pretty much only draw stick figures, anyone who can draw or paint at this level is almost godlike to me. Needless to say, today when I was searching for something to write about, I came across Cecilia Paredes, a wonderfully talented body painter who not only does one of the hardest types of body painting (body camouflage), but she also does it on herself. Yep, that’s her, all painted up by her own hands and blending into a background - absolutely fascinating. I love her work, and can’t wait to show you some of my favorites.

Body Painting Self Painted Cecilia Paredes Black and Pink Body Camouflage

Since watching the show, I have been in awe of just how difficult full body painting is. Painting on a curvy, three dimensional form is very hard! Matching it to a background, yeah that’s a whole other skill set. This is considered one of the hardest types of human body painting there is, next to multiple body images. Making a model disappear into his or her background takes a combination of painting skills, focus, and knowing to match the monitor, not what you actually see so when the photo is taken, the colors are exact. It boggles my mind that Cecilia Paredes does this so well, and on herself to boot.

Body Painting Self Painted Cecilia Paredes Black and White Vases Body Camouflage

Can I take a moment to just sigh as I admire the lines of the fabric in this piece? The draping and pooling is so pretty! I love how different this one is from the rest because the pooling of the fabric makes her lower half very visible, and yet as your eye moves towards her torso, she disappears into the background. As someone who loves textile art (with all the quilting, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery work I’ve blogged about, it’s a bit obvious), I just love this photo. It really shows how you can utilize textiles to create a gorgeous photo, and then she matched herself to the fabric. I just love it!

Body Painting Self Painted Cecilia Paredes Green Floral Table and Wall Body Camouflage

I love the pose on this one. It looks so simple and elegant, but I know this is not an easy one to paint because of the large peony on her arms. To match those must have been extremely difficult, and yet look at how great it looks! I also love how she chose not to paint her hair. She is visible, and yet disappears at the same time. So awesome! 

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I know this one doesn’t completely match up with the background like a lot of her photos do, but honestly I don’t even care about that because I am so in awe of just how beautiful this image looks. The way the serenity and almost sad style of the pose gives in to the big and bold pattern and colors of the peonies. Those flowers are also painted so intricately that they look like they were printed onto her skin. This is just a great example of beautiful body paint.

Body Painting Self Painted Cecilia Paredes Pixelated Mural Body Camouflage

I swear, Cecilia is too talented. A tiny tiled mural? Sure, why not paint myself in front of it, and paint each teeny tiny tile on myself. Not only will it be super difficult, it’s going to look completely epic when it’s done. And hello, just look at it! It’s totally awesome. I cannot believe she painted all those tiny tiles on herself, and that they go along with the rest of the tiles very well. I love how this one is so different than the other images she has done. The colors, the subject matter, and the tiled look is all so awesome and yet unlike everything else I have seen. It’s pretty cool body paint.

Body Painting Self Painted Cecilia Paredes Quirky Print Body Camouflage

This picture is just so quirky and fun. I like that she adds fabric and clothing to her body paintings. Most artists stick with just paint, which is awesome and completely fantastic, but I do love the lines that are added when fabric is combined with artistic body paint. The folds of the skirt really add some much needed sharp lines to the chaos and round shapes of the background. One thing I have learned from watching Skin Wars is that feet and heads are the hardest parts of the human body to camouflage. I like how in this photo she chose to sort of blend the pattern down to her feet, then painted her toes a bright shade of red. They blend into the photo, but don’t disappear like the rest of her legs. And I am totally happy with it because it looks amazing.

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Body Painting Self Painted Cecilia Paredes Floral Rug Body Camouflage

This is probably my favorite piece by Cecilia. It took me a few minutes to actually find her within the portrait, and that just blows my mind. A lot of her paintings match the designs and blend in, but I can pick her out. This one? It’s so perfectly blended and matches so well, it was very difficult for me to find her. This particular picture is what makes me absolutely love her and her work, and appreciate just how talented she is. Because remember, she painted this on herself!

There you have it, folks! A taste of body camouflage painting, and a look at the talented works of painter Cecilia Paredes. Do you have a favorite piece? What about another body painting artist that you like? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**All images c/o Cecilia Paredes