For all those young, wild, and free at heart, have I got the post for you! Romantic bohemian fashion is perfect for all you free spirits out there. 

Hello, friends! Great news! I’ve been sick these past few weeks and I’m happy to say that I’m finally starting to feel better. After piles of school work, late nights, and lack of sleep due to coughing fits, I’m happy to feel much better and more rested. I hope you guys are doing well, too!

Anyways… Let’s talk about fashion. Bohemian fashion to be exact! Lately, my taste in clothes has been changing. Generally, when “dressing up,” I always try to go for something really classy and traditional. Reaching for my favorite pearl necklace is a habit of mine. Recently, my pearl necklace broke (so SAD!) and I’ve noticed that since I haven’t been wearing my favorite necklace, I’ve been wearing a lot more bohemian type outfits.

For that reason, I wanted to write a post about bohemian fashion for y’all. I mean, why not share with you guys what I’ve been really into lately? When I think of bohemian clothing, I think of loose peasant dresses, lace, floral prints, and sun dresses. As far as boho chic accessories, I think of tribal prints influenced by Native American style - feathers, flower headbands, bangles, bracelets, and all sorts of other accessories.

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Okay, enough imagining (for now)! Let me show you some examples of what I’m talking about, starting with dresses!

Bohemian Fashion White Boho Chic Mini with Silver Accessories Lace Summer Dress Style Must-Haves

Via Dressed Up

I could seriously go on and on about how much I love simple bohemian dresses like this one. There’s just something so romantic about a white peasant dress. I love white too because of how pure and innocent the color is. Isn’t this boho dress just lovely? Gosh, I could talk about it all day! I want it in my closet ASAP!

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Bohemian Fashion Boho Chic Dress Eclectic Style Necklace and Floppy Hat OOTD

Via Rachael Crowe at Unsplash

Here’s another great chic bohemian look that I think anyone could rock! This look is easy, breezy (CoverGirl) and it’s absolutely perfect for those sunny 70 (or 100, depending on where you live) degree days!

Bohemian Fashion Pink Tunic White Pants Straw Hat Eclectic Style Bracelets and Accessories

Via Inspire Bohemia

This look in particular is a great example of bohemian style with the fun tribal print, assorted bangles, and gorgeous sun hat. I’d imagine seeing this outfit in an Anthropologie ad. I picture myself wearing this look whenever I’m lounging at a lake house party, which I hope to be doing very soon!

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Bohemian Fashion Blue Head Wrap Wooden Necklace with Crochet Top Natural Makeup Style


This blue headband, crocheted top, and wooden bead necklace is SO bohemian. What I love most about this look is how perfect it is for summer! I could even imagine someone wearing this outfit to Coachella or some other outdoor music event.

Well friends, that’s all I’ve got for you today! This blog post was short and sweet but I hope you liked it. If you love boho style, let me know in the comments below. Which one of the looks that I shared was your favorite? Also, speaking of sharing… Don’t hesitate to share this post with your family and friends! I’m sure they’d love to read it too. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

**Featured image via Brooke Cagle at Unsplash