If you have an eclectic personality, you should look into a boho room. The hodgepodge of patterns and colors are perfect to add to your living room! 

Hello again, everyone! I know, this one isn’t a plant post! I’ve been on a kick with those lately, and you better believe I have more planned, but for now, I wanted to focus on some decor ideas that I found while creating all my lovely plant posts. I have always had an interest in bohemian style decor. I didn’t know what it was when I was a child, but I loved it. Especially in living rooms. The couches you see in bohemian design are just fantastic. When you think of bohemian home decor, you may think of bright, lavish furniture with mismatched designs, bold patterns and rugs, floor cushions, and lots of low lighting. Well, you aren’t really all that wrong. This style focuses on the eclectic coming together of multitudes of patterns, colors, prints, and textures.

So, if you’re a collector of crazy furniture, or like to mix bold patterns and colors, you may already be on the way to having boho decor! Today, I’d like to share with you some gorgeous examples of bohemian living room decor, and how you could pretty easily incorporate this style into your living room!

Boho Room Bohemian Decor Pastel Living Room with Mint Colored Walls and Bold Eclectic Pillows

Via Rilane

As I said earlier, the key to bohemian decor is the mixture of colors, textures, and patterns. I just LOVE what they did with this sage green couch. Look at all the fun pillows they added to it! Even without the mint colored walls and the awesome wallpaper in the back room, this living room would have that boho vibe just from the couch alone. Plus, the plant decor doesn’t hurt when it comes to bohemian style decorating. I know, I said this wasn’t a plant post, yet I am talking about plants again. Plants are cool, though.

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Boho Room Bohemian Decor Living Room with Pink Couch and Coordinating Mismatched Pillows

Via Decoist

This living room design is definitely bohemian! The exposed brick wall gives it a whole new atmosphere, too. This one would also be easy to replicate, save the exposed brick wall, unless you have the ability to add brick tiles to your walls. But, other than that, it’s pretty easy. The awesome bright pink velvet couch really makes a statement, and I love how they coordinated the pillows with the couch, without them being too matchy-matchy. Plus, the rug even ties in with the rest of the color scheme.

Boho Room Bohemian Decor Dark Bohemian Living Room with Painted Wall Mural and Green Velvet Couch

Via Rilane

This one is one of my favorites. I just LOVE that wall mural. If there was one thing I wish I could do in my apartment, it would be to have the ability to create an epic wall mural like this one. Plus, my current decor is in varying shades of blues, greens, teals, and purples. I think this whole set-up would be perfect in my living room, especially that low back couch. It’s velvet, plush, and has that almost chaise lounge look to it that makes me happy. And again, all the pillows coordinate with the decor, but don’t perfectly match it. Absolutely love that aspect of boho style.

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Boho Room Bohemian Decor Living Room with Mismatched Eclectic Chairs

Via Rilane

One cool thing I learned about bohemian living rooms is that even though the focal point of many of them is the eclectic nature of the couch, they don’t have to have couches. Take this living room for instance. The focal point is not a couch, but a set of mismatched chairs around a coffee table. I love how the chairs are different sizes and heights, because I have very short legs, so there are chairs there where my feet can reach the ground, and chairs for individuals with longer legs. No one has to be uncomfortable with the height of the chairs, as there are different sizes.

Boho Room Bohemian Decor Orange Red and Pink Living Room with Floral Decor and Cushioned Seating


This is a super cute, more modern way of looking at bohemian decor. There’s still that eclectic use of patterns, and colors, plus it has cushion seating, but it’s more modern. The colors are sharp, the patterns not quite as over the top, but it definitely still has that boho chic flair. The floral decor even goes with the colors of the cushions and pillows, which is a fantastic design element. I really like the mismatched lampshades. Still all in one color scheme though.

My favorite part is definitely the seating arrangement. Love cushioned seating like this. It reminds me of the window seat I had as a kid, which I used very often because it was the perfect reading nook. In this living room design, the whole living room could be a reading nook. I quite like that idea.

Boho Room Bohemian Decor Neutral Living Room Design with Eclectic and Colorful Pillows

Via Decoist

If you aren’t really into the large amount of bright colors and patterns, you can even add in bohemian design elements to your living room by just tweaking a few things. This living room decor is the perfect example of it. Without those pillows, it would look just like any other neutral living room. But, toss in those eclectic patterned, funky designed pillows, and voila! Instant bohemification of your living room! Is bohemification a word? Well, it is now. But seriously, this is the perfect way to incorporate that eclectic, boho feel without changing too much of your current decor.

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Boho Room Bohemian Decor Purple Toned Living Room with Faux Fur Accent Rugs


This is my favorite bohemian living room design out of all of them. The couch is awesome, and it even has mismatched cushions. The pillows are not only an eclectic mix of colors and patterns, but shapes as well. That window covering is absolutely gorgeous. I really want something like that in my living room. The floral decal on the wall? So sweet, and so beautiful. It really goes well with the rest of the space. But, my ultimate favorite part is the faux fur rugs on the floor. Talk about adding an eclectic texture to your home! I probably couldn’t have that with my two fur babies around, but the idea is just amazing to me. Plus, this place is purple, and if you look closely at that end table, there’s a bunch of knitting on it. See? This boho room is perfect for me.

There you have it, folks! Some gorgeous examples of the different types of bohemian decor you can add into your living room design! Which one of these living rooms was your favorite, and would you incorporate its design elements into your current living room? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Until next time, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Decoist