Take a page from our book when it comes to using books as decoration. There’s something that’s sure to satisfy the book lover in you! 

Do you consider yourself an avid reader and lover of all things book-related? Are you the happiest version of yourself when you’re surrounded by your own personal library? Books as decoration is the solution for any book lover out there! There are so many creative and inspiring ways decorative books can be incorporated into your living space when you’re not reading them. From book-themed headboards, secret compartments, and even a lamp made of books, you’d be surprised at the possibilities book decor has to offer!

Beauty from Within: Book Page Decorations

Books as Decoration Book Decor Pages Home Decor Library Headboard Bedroom DIY Project

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Anybody who has completed an incredible book knows that the pages found inside a book can be just as beautiful as the cover on the outside. There are many ways you can incorporate actual pages from any book into your own interior design. For example, this headboard was constructed of books opened to specific pages. What passages would you choose to grace your headboard? A collection of love poems perhaps? Maybe the screenplays to your favorite movies?

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Decor Library Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone Wall Mural DIY


This Harry Potter fan solemnly swears she was up to no good (or was she?) when she painted the first page of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" onto her wall. The mural is any die hard H.P. fan's dream come true and is a beautiful ode to a lovely series of book. You can read more about her process and inspiration here! DIY-ers be warned: this project took the painter nearly 60 hours to complete. If you were to paint a page decor mural based on any page from any book, which page would you choose?

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Bringing Books to the Table: Book Themed Table Decorations

Books as Decoration Book Decor Library Lamp Home Office Light Bulb DIY Table Decorations


This book-themed table lamp would be the perfect addition to any home office or library decor. If you choose to create a version of this lamp yourself, you can easily customize the book selection so that the titles will fit the theme of your room. For example, if you’re looking for a lamp to fit your nursery, why not create a lamp with the stories of Mother Goose or your child’s favorite fairy tales? Or if your desire is a book lamp for your home office, why not utilize some outdated encyclopedias? Perhaps some rustic cookbooks could be combined for your kitchen!

Books as Decoration Book Decor Hidden iPhone DIY Project Bedroom Nightstand Themed Table Decorations

Via Styletic

This little phone hack is simply ingenious. When I first saw this photo, all I could think was what a brilliant idea hiding your phone in a book is! I am going home right now just so that I can try this one out myself. You can easily customize this book holder with your favorite book, or, if you don’t want to dismantle one of your favorites, you can take an existing book with the corresponding dimensions to fit your phone and cover it with your favorite wrapping paper. How sneaky!

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Library DIY Project Table Decorations

Via Stylecaster

This little hidden treasure box acts as the perfect incognito jewelry holder. In fact, you could store your favorite accessories from jewelry to any collection of your choice! I personally have a collection of stones from all over the world that I could keep safely hidden in the pages of a book. If you want to keep your hidden treasure book a secret, quietly stow this book away in your existing library. No one will think to look for hidden items within the pages of a book- just be sure not to forget the title!

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Off the Wall: Book Wall Art

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Library Coat Rack Hooks DIY Project Wall Art

Via DIY Ready

These book-inspired coat hangers are the perfect addition to any scholarly living space. The variety of books covers and eclectic hanging hooks present an opportunity to add personality to this coat rack! If you look closely, you might take notice of the wallpaper behind this lovely rack as well. The walls of this room were lined with the decorative pages of a periodical to add a hint of literary texture.

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Library DIY Project Wall Art Clock


These book-themed clocks would be an ideal focal piece for any wall. Have fun with these timepieces by incorporating decorative vintage books and book titles that entail time travel such as H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine. I love when subtle references are added to home decor in this way - they’re almost like hidden Easter eggs waiting to be found! In this instance, the more decorative a book cover, the better.

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Library DIY Project Brick Wall Art


Now here’s an alternative take on masonry! These books were used as literal bricks for this wall. This style of wall construction would be the perfect addition to not only a contemporary home but a coffee shop or boutique bookstore as well. In this case, the use of decorative old books as building materials gives any space an alternative antique-y feel that’s very boho chic! This look is definitely not for the traditionalist at heart but is a fun and innovative take on traditional bricklaying.

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Books as Decoration Book Decor Shelves Home Library DIY Project Wall Art Picture Frame Candle Holder

Via Woohome

And how about these shelves made of actual books! Books with elaborate or decorative book covers such as old-style leather bound books with gold inlays are a great option for this look. If you want something with a bit more *POP,* opt for books with bright colors or hand-paint them yourself to fit your room’s color palette. Perhaps you can judge a book by its cover after all?

Book Themed Coffee Table Decor

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Library DIY Project Coffee Table Repurposed Wood

Via Woohome

Talk about a leg to stand on - this makeshift coffee table held together with book supports is absolutely innovative! I love the look of worn books paired with repurposed wood and metallic accents like those silver candle holders. This is a superb opportunity to repurpose that old door you’ve had lying around or those vintage glass window panes. A similar approach to furniture leg support can be applied to bed frames and even nightstands as well.

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Library DIY Project Nightstand Table

Via Woohome

Speaking of nightstands, this book themed bedroom nightstand painted white is a subtle addition to any book lover’s boudoir! The great thing about a stack of books painted a single color is that it provides a hint of subtlety to a space without attracting too much attention. Painted books are the picture perfect option for any book lover who wants to incorporate their passion for pages into their bedroom without going overboard.

Book Themed Garden Decor

Books as Decoration Book Decor Garden DIY Project Bookends Painted Outdoors

Via Style Save Us

These bricks painted to look like books are the perfect garden decoy! I needed a double take before I realized these patio pieces aren’t actual books. How smart! This adorable garden decor is an easy DIY for any bookworm to pull off. These bricks can be stacked and used as an accessory by themselves, can be utilized to hold up your favorite potted plants, or can even be used as a decorative doorstop for your garden shed. The great thing about these dupes is that they can double as bookends on your bookshelves’ as well!

Books as Decoration Book Decor Home Garden DIY Project Outdoors Succulents Herbs

Via Stylecaster

Looking for something a little more delicate in the book decoration department? These books were gutted so that precious parcels of greenery could be placed inside. These booked-out plant holders would be the perfect planters for any garden herbs. The same idea can be applied to succulents of your choosing as well. Luckily for us, there is a tutorial to pull off this look courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Talk about having a well-read garden!

Perhaps you’re wondering where to find old books for decorating? Maybe you don’t have books lying around that you are willing to sacrifice to the home decor gods just yet - and that’s okay! Books such as outdated encyclopedias and medical references can be found at many places such as garage sales or even your local Goodwill. If you want to redecorate old books, or pose them as a different book to fit a certain theme, stencils and paints are your best friends. Simply create a paper book cover that matches the dimensions of your book, re-cover the book with this protective slip and let your imagination run wild. In what ways would you incorporate books into your home decor? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this post with your fellow bibliophiles! Until next time!

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