You’ve got your guy, now you need your girls! What better way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids than to give them the best gifts EVER! 

IT’S WEDDING SZN! That means that everyone around you is probably engaged, about to be engaged, or wants to be engaged. I have about three weddings I get to attend in the next year, and to some that might sound like a lot, but I am a huge fan of weddings. Not just because they’re fun and it’s a reason to get all gussied up, but because I think it’s freaking cool to watch people create a life together. It’s like they’re telling the person they’re about to marry “Ha! You still have to love me even when you don’t like me!” and I’m all about it!

Naturally, when a guy pops the Q, a bride wants her closest friends to be by her side on the big day. Being in a wedding is a huge honor because it means that someone values you enough to want you in their wedding pics, which is kind of a forever thing. There’s a metaphor in there, I’m not being fickle. I mean in a way that when a gal looks back on her wedding day, she wants you to be part of it...which means she basically has to propose to you.

I never realized how big a deal people make of asking someone to be their bridesmaid or (gasp) maid of honor, but peeps get into it. I keep seeing it done in the same way: a box filled with confetti, nail polish, a necklace, and note asking someone to be part of their big day. It’s a sweet thought and giving a gift makes asking friends special, but I’ve made the executive decision that it’s time to be a little more’s time to think outside of the confetti filled box!

I’m a true believer in the idea that you should never give a gift you wouldn’t want to receive in the first place. So, I have compiled a little list of things that I wouldn’t hate to be given, that get the “will you be my bridesmaid” point across! Don’t worry, your girlfriends can still Insta a picture of the item using your hashtag (bc...the important things in life).

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I can’t name one woman who doesn’t love candles! What’s better than a waxy treat that your friends can get some use out of? Bonus: you don’t even have to waste time trying to perfect your penmanship writing out your proposal!

Bridesmaids Will You Be My Bridesmaid Candle Wine Corks Vino Luxe Luxury Presents Gifts


This next one is fun because it’s very under the radar. It’s not an obvious bridesmaid gift, which I think your besties will love. After you tie the knot, this is something the bridesmaids can actually wear again, too! It’s sentimental, clever, and Kate Spade…what’s not to love?

Bridesmaids Will You Be My Bridesmaid Tie The Knot Rose Gold Bracelet Wedding Jewelry Big Day Event Planning

Via Kate Spade

Every time I’ve been given something that I know was custom made for me, I had a hard time not appreciating it more. That might sound silly, but when you know someone put the effort into making sure everything was spelled correctly and that it would be something you’d enjoy, it just means more. Especially if it’s a bottle of wine. Heck, who wouldn’t say yes to that?!

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Bridesmaids Will You Be My Bridesmaid Personalized Wine Bottle Bar White or Red Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Grigio Thank You Gifts

Via Studio B Labels

If you have a friend who lives far away, or even just around the corner, cards are one of my favorite buys. I’m one of those people who is obsessed with stationery and thank you cards, so don’t take my word for it...but getting something in the mail that’s not a bill or junk mail is a huge treat! Another plus side of asking this way is that the recipient can save it without having to actually store it! That means years from now when one of your friends is going through her things, she can come across it and smile 🙂

Bridesmaids Will You Be My Bridesmaid I Can’t Say I Do Without You Stationery Cards Calligraphy Water Colors

Via Love in a Envelope

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We’re down to the last one, which just so happens to be my favorite! The bridal party can hang their bridesmaid gowns on them and know exactly whose is whose. It’s both personal to each of them and to your big day which makes it extra special! It’s all about the tiny details—think about those wedding pics I was talking about earlier (not metaphorically speaking this time).

Bridesmaids Will You Be My Bridesmaid Hangers Closet Dresses Uniform Maid Of Honor Wooden Hanger Engraved Personalized

Via Delovely Details

Pick your pals, their presents, and prepare to get hitched with the best people by your side! Thoughtful gifts are really the most important and cherished. What are your gift ideas and which of these would you like to receive? Happy gifting!