Looking for a trend to trifle with? How about bringing copper back? Add copper home decor to your list of favorites! 

I suppose it was last summer when my romance with copper home decor began. I had never thought of copper as more than the color of a penny until it became a part of my real life romance. That probably came across a little strange sounding so I better back up a little so as not to confuse y’all. To clarify, I'm not dating a penny. However, the boy I'm dating does like penny loafers.

Last summer, my boyfriend was visiting family in San Diego and as a way to try to include each other in the happenings of our days apart we sent each other play-by-plays of what we were doing. So, to make a long story short, one day my phone buzzed and as I opened the text, a picture popped up of some drink that I didn’t know existed, but that I wanted to have immediately on that hot summer day! Said drink goes by the name of Moscow Mule and with it came a signature touch: a copper mug. It was enticing from the inside out and all I knew was that I loved the cup that held its contents. This is what it looks like:

Copper Home Decor Moscow Mule Mug Gold Handle Mint Garnish Lime Wedge Summer Drinks

Via Wedding Chicks

Ever since then, not only have I been a Moscow Mule enthusiast, but I've also become obsessed with copper home accessories. Every birthday, Christmas, or “just because” gift I buy my boyfriend has some semblance of this element in it. It has kind of become our thing, which is probably another reason I love it so much!

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Copper Home Decor Circle and Hexagon Clocks Oxidization Half Turquoise Blue Green Watch Time

Via Soho Sonnet

You may have noticed that this copper home decor trend is kind of a big deal. It's starting to pop up everywhere and I could not be happier. Fitting many styles, this metal thrill can be paired with any taste, texture, or (in this case) time! The coolest part about these clocks is that one half exhibits my favorite thing, while the other half was accomplished through oxidation. Oxidation is a process that occurs in copper basically just as it rusts or is used often, and results in the turning of copper’s rose gold hue into a blue-green color. Bottom line is that it looks really cool! Think about the Statue of Liberty! But, back to this awesome copper wall decor. If you’re going to have a cool clock, these copper ones are pretty neat!

Most copper decorative items are ones of the household sort. More specifically, a common direction I’ve noticed this trend moving in is into the kitchen. You’ve already seen how to drink from it, but have you seen how to eat with it? Check out these great examples of copper kitchen decor!

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Copper Home Decor Silverware Modern Eating Utensils Place Setting Fork Knife Spoon

Via Weddingomania

I can assure you that after seeing these, eating has just not been the same! There’s something about the silverware I have at my house that is so completely not these ones and it makes me question even using a fork at all. Needless to say, I want these! If any of y’all want to hop on the copper-wagon you can find copper kitchen utensils at BHG, Amara, and a host of other places!

I have a friend who went antique-ing with her grandma not too long ago and she found the coolest copper fondue pot. Being the huge germophobe that I am, I had my suspicions about old, used kitchen items, but I kept telling myself it was nothing a lot of soap and scalding hot water couldn’t solve and that got me through it! Anywho, the copper that made this good ol’ pot definitely looked aged, but that made me realize how versatile this material is. From the mug, to the clocks, to the eating utensils, to the pots and pans I’m about to show you (which are extremely similar to said fondue pot), copper accents are everywhere. Let's all bask in the rays of copper’s glory!

Copper Home Decor Antiqued Stacked Pots And Pans For Kitchen Cookware Dinnertime

Via Paris Hotel Boutique

I’m all about mixing the old with the new and these pots are the way to go. I just love a good copper pots and pans set! Can you see how different all of these items have been from each other while still all being fashioned from the same material?! I get so excited just thinking about it and hopefully you do too! I just love copper kitchen utensils!

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Copper Home Decor Williams Sonoma Copper Coated KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Via Williams-Sonoma

I needed to take a second to really fawn over this glorious mixer! We’re already talking about my obsession with copper, and this stand mixer is just to die for. This is one of those kitchen appliances I would leave out all the time just to show off how wonderfully copper it is. Doesn’t it just look fantastic against the dark kitchen walls and dishes?

The last couple of pictures I have shown you are all meant to be used for functional purposes, and make great copper kitchen accents (maybe minus the clock). This next copper item couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen so it left and moved by the bathtub.

Copper Home Decor Eclectic Candle Tom Dixon London White Wick Scented Smells Good Gray Coaster

Via Tom Dixon

Before I go on, I have to say that I have a very sensitive nose... I can literally smell everything. It is both a blessing and a curse and ultimately just something I’ve had to learn to live with, no matter how great it isn’t. Okay fine, it isn’t all that bad... except for on trash day, which thankfully only happens once a week. Okay enough complaining, the purpose of my trash rant is that I found a solution!! (One that is very appealing to the eye, might I add.) CANDLES. Who would have thought wax had so many uses aside from hair removal and envelope seals?

Tom Dixon designed this scented, smell eliminating candle that belongs in a copper shell. Engraved on the smooth surface is the word “eclectic” which essentially means “all-embracing,” which essentially means that we should all embrace the fact that nothing is better than this copper, smell-good candle. We all need one!

Speaking of copper accessories we all need: more fashionable means of organization. Let’s take these copper boxes for instance!

Copper Home Decor Boxes for Organization Three Rectangles On Table Storage

Via The Jungalow

If you’re a knickknack-er these are the ideal way to store all of the junk you want to hide away. Or if you have a hobby with lots of little bits and pieces and are looking for a way to hold ‘em all together, these are so much prettier than craft carts! Not only are they copper, a.k.a. the most important part about them, they’re also really rad. We all need these, too. Two in every size if I had my choice. (I couldn't find anything exactly like these online, but I did find this DIY!)

Other than learning that I like my boyfriend and can smell everything on God’s green Earth, hopefully you also found out that I really, really like copper home accents. There are so many ways to deviate from the everyday gold and silver accents we have all gotten so used to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really into mixing and matching my metals so having all of the above doesn’t bother me, but adding a little copper here and there makes for a cool twist on everyday items.

Let me know how you feel about copper and how you use or plan to use copper in your own home by commenting below! As always, don’t forget to share and thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Dwellings by Devore