Love food with a kick? Try one of these delicious Cajun recipes that will warm you up, make your tummy happy, and bring you right to the heart of Cajun Country!

Howdy, friends! This blog post was inspired by a couple of things. First, about a month ago, I was out with one of my great friends when we ran into a group of people from Lafayette, Louisiana that were in town for work. They had the coolest accent, and we had a really long conversation about Cajun recipes! I actually have a recording on my phone where they were telling us how to make Jambalaya. The next inspiration for this blog actually came from a cooking blog from George Graham, Acadiana Table, that I came across while doing my daily blog reads. In fact, the majority of the recipes listed are from his blog. I was so inspired by his recipes that I bought his Cajun cookbook.

As a Texan, I eat my fair share of Cajun food and experiment with Cajun cooking. That being said, I don’t know how much of it is authentic. I’ve only driven through Louisiana a couple times on my way to Florida, so I’ve never really had the opportunity to eat lots of Cajun dishes. However, I love food that has a nice kick to it. I’ve browsed through many Cajun recipes, and picked the ones that looked unique and yummy! Let’s get cooking!

Cajun Recipes with Potato Chip Crusted Fried Catfish and Creole Spiked Sriracha Mayo

Via Acadiana Table

This is the Cajun cuisine that inspired it all. It’s called Potato Chip-Crusted Catfish Nuggets with Creole-Spiked Sriracha Mayo. Fried catfish is one of those things in life that - when it is cooked perfectly - just melts in your mouth. I love eating fish, and catfish is one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to try this rendition on traditional cornmeal-battered fried catfish. As the author of this Cajun meal said, “elevate this whiskered bottom-feeder to the top of the food chain.” Fry up your catfish on Fryday - get it, Fryday? Friday? :-), and serve it with this awesome sauce to give it a kick!

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Cajun Recipes with Crawfish Etouffee Vegetables and Shrimp

Via Acadiana Table

This next recipe is the famous Crawfish Etouffee that we all know and love. I love this crawfish recipe because it is truly made with the originality that crawfish etouffee should be made with. It highlights the unique texture and amazing flavor of Louisiana crawfish. There is no soup or tomato paste in this recipe! It calls for fresh vegetables, crawfish stock (which George Graham actually makes himself), and of course, Louisiana crawfish. Check this recipe out!

Cajun Recipes with Fried Quail Sauce Green Onions

Via Acadiana Table

Instead of fried chicken, I wanted something different, which is why I chose this recipe. It’s called Skillet-Fried Quail with Honey Heat. This recipe is a little different if you aren’t used to trying/eating uncommon foods, but I love trying new foods! Skillet frying allows the bird to stay in direct contact with the heating source (the pan), and in turn causes your quail to not only taste better than if it were deep fried, but it’s also healthier than deep frying. If you’re like me and are up for experimenting with new recipes, fry this bird up!

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Cajun Recipes with Seafood Gumbo Chicken Shrimp Sausage Spoon

Via Immaculate Bites

When I was a kid, my dad used to cook up a huge batch of seafood gumbo during the winter months. It was one of my favorite things to eat. My favorite part was eating the meat off the crab claws. However, I haven’t had gumbo in years, and I miss it. That’s why I chose this Chicken Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo! This gumbo recipe is different than the one my dad used to make, but that’s okay. It still looks super amazing, and I know that I can always customize it how I want with the many different flavors of Cajun seasoning. Make this Cajun gumbo recipe when the weather is cool so you’ll stay nice and warm!

Cajun Recipes with Fluffy Blueberry Cream Pie Fork Pies Pan

Via Acadiana Table

Of course, I couldn’t forget the best part - dessert! This Blueberry Cream Pie looks so fluffy and extremely delicious. This blueberry cream pie is actually really easy to make, and once finished, it almost tastes like a cheesecake with cream pie consistency. Serve this cream pie for a special occasion or just whenever you have a craving! The photo already has me mentally planning when I can go to the store and pick up the ingredients to bake this pie!

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Here’s the link to the amazing cooking blog by George Graham that gave me inspiration to write a blog about Cajun food: Acadiana Table!

If you love your food with a kick, check out one of the Cajun cooking recipes that I listed above! They’re all made with southern charm and care, so go ahead and try one and see why we love our Cajun food! Share this delicious post with your friends and comment to let me know which recipe looks the most delicious to you!

**Featured image via Acadiana Table