From our home state, Cami Wright is an interior designer from Austin, Texas, and you definitely need to check out her gorgeous designs!

Hello, lovely readers! Today, we’re going to talk about the wonderful work of Cami Wright, an Austin based interior designer who came full circle and ended up back in her hometown. She travels all over the country doing interior design, and her designs are killer. They’re chic, perfect, and she always manages to find the best decor for the space she is designing. I had the opportunity to interview Cami and she is just the sweetest person ever. I can see why clients love working with her to design their dream homes. And, she has three offices across the country so she’s easy to get in touch with! Let’s check out her great work, and hear from Cami herself!

Cami Wright Interiors Interior Design Westlake Hills Living Room Bookshelves Fireplace Wall Mirror Area Rug

Cami credits her love of interior design all the way back to when she was a kid. She told me she vaguely remembers asking Santa for furniture for her bedroom when she was in second grade – she’s definitely a born designer! In 1993, she went to Vail, Colorado on a skiing trip with her college friends. She had just finished up a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Texas Tech University’s School of Architecture and saw an ad for a designer in Vail. “They gave out ski passes! I had my design degree and wanted to ski, so it was a perfect fit,” she said. And that was the beginning of her long career in design.

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Cami started out in Vail, Colorado working with Slifer Designs, and in 2000 she and two partners founded Worth Interiors. Worth Interiors had offices in Vail, Aspen, and Palm Beach, Florida. After working there for a few years, Cami started her own firm, Wright Interiors in 2003 in Aspen. She opened an office in Los Angeles in 2005, then in 2013 came back to her home state of Texas to open another office in Austin. She now splits her time between Austin, Aspen, and Los Angeles.

Cami Wright Interiors Interior Design Westlake Hills ATX Living Room Couches Horse Wall Art Stairs Hardwood Floors

When creating designs for her clients, is it important to Cami that her design reflects what the client wants. “I design for the client, their life and their taste,” she said. “I believe that is why my clients choose to work with me. They get an original design that is personal to them and will not look like any home.” To do that, Cami has to get to know her clients pretty well. “I ask my clients a lot of questions!” She said in our interview. “I like to start with a color scheme. It may come from the outdoor surroundings, from fashion, or a piece of art.” This way, she is always able to start her designs perfectly, and is able to match it to the client’s needs. “I have some secret questions that always give me a hint as to what style direction they need,” she added. So, if Cami is designing your house, you know you’re going to get a design that reflects your life, your likes, and your personality.

Cami Wright Interiors Interior Design Westlake Hills ATX Outdoor Patio Table and Chairs Couches Rugs

After the questions, Cami starts her designs. First, she does an overall schematic for the entire home, including digital presentations with inspiration shots and three different color schemes for the client to choose from. “Each room will have a selection of fabrics, furnishings, lighting, and accessories,” Cami stated. “This really helps everyone stay on track and have a final vision of the home.” The clients can pick from the color schemes, and everything else as well, and they work along with Cami to create the home of their dreams. As you can see from the photos in this post, she does a great job! All of the photos you see are from one home in Westlake Hills, Austin, Texas.

Cami Wright Interiors Interior Design Westlake Hills ATX Bedroom Hardwood Floors Bedside Lamps Area Rug Curtains

Over her career, Cami has seen many design changes. The biggest one, in her opinion, has been the changes related to technology within a home. “I am ripping out the old tube TV built-ins in so many homes!” She stated. Thinking about how technology changes and how recently it has been changing at an alarming rate, she’s hesitant to even include built-in TVs anymore. “I really don’t think we will have televisions in the near future. It will probably be just movable monitors.” How cool would that be? That would make some interesting changes in home decor and interior design. I would love to see that myself!

Cami Wright Interiors Interior Design Westlake Hills ATX Dining Room Large Windows Kitchen Chandeliers

Even though Cami designs for her clients tastes only, she does have a favorite design style. Throughout her design career and work in Los Angeles, Aspen, and Texas, she has found a design style that speaks to her personally. “I decorated my latest home in a luxurious but modern hacienda style,” she said referring to the Westlake Hills home featured throughout this post. “I think it’s my favorite and represents me more than anything else."

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And the style is quite fantastic! I love it myself, and really think the elements all look wonderful together. This is the style that Cami says appeals to her more than anything. However, there is one design style she has always wanted to try, but hasn’t had the opportunity to do so yet. “I am dying to design a modern Texas Ranch. I have it all in my head and it is a new style that has not been created before,” she said. I totally want to see it. I grew up on a Texas ranch, so seeing a modern spin on the design would be unique and fun! I hope you get to design it soon Cami!

And that’s a wrap! What did you think of Cami Wright? I love the house she did in Westlake Hills. You can see more of Cami's designs on her website, Wright Interiors, and follow her on Twitter @Wrightinteriors! Don’t forget to comment and share this post, and as always, stay creative, my friends!

**All images c/o Wright Interiors, photographer Andrea Calo 

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