Delve into the world of casual cosplay with me! I’ll show you how to dress like some of my favorite female superheroes (and their secret identities)!

For anyone who knows me, the entire subject of this blog is going to seem strange. I am not a fashion person. At all. During the summer you can find me in a pair of jean shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops. During the winter, I’ll be in a pair of jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers. About fifty percent of the time, there’s a baseball cap involved. Now that’s not saying I don’t own nice clothes… I do, it’s just they only come out for special occasions. Plus, I’m in grad school, so I haven’t hit the working world yet where for some reason you have to dress nicely to sit behind a computer all day.

But alas, here I am about to share a blog with you about fashion. But here’s the kicker… this isn’t just any old fashion. This is superhero fashion. Yes, there’s the understanding dawning on all of you. This makes much more sense, right? But still, even I am a bit surprised that this is where my blogging journey has led me. Even a few weeks ago I would never have imagined writing about fashion. However, one of my best friends has really gotten into cosplay (or “costume play,” where fans wear, and sometimes make, costumes of their favorite characters). I’m not usually one for costumes (read: never one for costumes), but my friend's passion for cosplay characters has gotten me a little curious. I’d love to look like my favorite heroes (or villains) without having to dawn any spandex.

As it turns out, that’s actually a thing. It’s not that far of a jump from wearing a fandom t-shirt to “casual cosplay.” Casual cosplay is the idea that your cosplay costumes aren’t as flamboyant or noticeable as normal cosplay outfits. Not flamboyant? Not noticeable? Sounds good to me!

Don’t go running away yet. I’m not going to delve too deep into the world of cosplay. I’m just going to show you some fun ways to look a little more like your favorite characters without looking like you’re walking around in a Halloween costume.

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Before I get too much farther, I feel like I should give you a bit of a disclaimer. I watch a lot of TV shows, and the DC lineup of television shows are currently among my favorites to watch. This is just your fair warning that these examples will come from the shows, not the comics.

Casual Cosplay Kara Danvers Supergirl CW CBS Fashion Outfit Melissa Benoist Look Live Cardigan TV Show Comic Superhero Superheroine Navy White Green DC Comics
Casual Cosplay Kara Danvers Supergirl CW CBS Fashion Outfit Melissa Benoist Look Live Cardigan TV Show Comic Superhero Superheroine Navy White Maroon Plum Brown DC Comics

Via Looklive

Kara Danvers aka Supergirl has been the catalyst for this whole idea for me. I love the show Supergirl for so many reasons. First of all, it’s about a hero that’s a woman. In my opinion, there are not enough of those. Second of all, I feel like Kara Danvers is my spirit animal. She’s my age and just trying to break into the business world. She’s still trying to figure herself out and where she fits in the world. She’s a little awkward, a little weird, but completely fantastic.

Kara has some interesting fashion sense. Her outfits are a little quirky, but that’s all a part of her charm. In the show, Cat Grant has called Kara’s wardrobe “cheap” (among other things), but I like to think of it as cute. In almost every episode, Kara is wearing some sort of cardigan, whether it be a pullover or a button up. I chose pictures of her in blue, because to be perfectly honest, if you’re going to dress as Supergirl, you should have some blue! The beauty of her wardrobe is that it’s normal clothes! Surely you have some staples in your closet that you could use to dress as Kara. With a cardigan, some straight legged trousers, and a button up shirt, you can easily match Kara’s style for a super cheap cosplay.

There are several cosplay websites out there that tell you the exact item a character is wearing during a certain episode. If you are more interested in copying Kara’s exact outfits, head on over to Looklive and pick out your favorite outfit!

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Casual Cosplay Kara Danvers Supergirl CW CBS Fashion Outfit Melissa Benoist TVGuide TV Show Comic Superhero Superheroine Red White Blue

Via TVGuide

Now, if you’re more interested in looking like Supergirl than Kara Danvers, that’s a little different! You definitely don’t have to go full cosplay to pull off the Supergirl look. No doubt you have to have the red shoes. Now, in my opinion, these don’t have to be boots! Red converse could work just as well. And personally, I’m not going to limit you to a red skirt. I think Supergirl could rock a pair of red shorts (and plus, who really wants to fly around in a skirt?). The top is where you can have a little bit more leeway. You could go with the classic Superman t-shirt, or go a bit more subtle with a blue long sleeve shirt. If you want to take your outfit one step farther, top it off with a red jacket (a red leather jacket would be fantastic).

Casual Cosplay DC Comics CW CBS Fashion Outfit TV Show Comic Green Doctor Dr Caitlin Snow Dress Green ShopYourTV Danielle Panabaker Dr Martin Stein The Flash

Via ShopYourTV

While Dr. Caitlin Snow may not be your typical hero, she is still a part of Team Flash. A very integral part, at that. Arguably, she’s the brains behind the operation. Yes, Dr. Wells and Cisco are both very smart, but there are far too many times when Caitlin puts them in their place.

I cannot get over how well-dressed Caitlin is. She always seems to be in a stylish dress with the occasional blazer or sweater. For example, in the picture above, Dr. Snow is wearing a simple, solid colored dress with a black blazer. What makes this outfit so very Caitlin is the details in the dress. While from a distance all her outfits may seem simple, it’s the details that really show off her style. After all, a well-respected (TV) scientist can’t just wear any old outfit to work! You can order this dress on French Connection for about $150. If that’s a bit too steep for your budget, just try following the same rules Dr. Snow does: classic, clean lines. For a slightly smaller budget than Dr. Snow has, I’d suggest something like this dress from JCPenney with a nice black blazer. Not only do you get a fun TV cosplay out of it, you get a really nice dress to add to your wardrobe.

Casual Cosplay Marvel Comics Netflix Fashion Outfit TV Show Comic Jessica Jones Marvels Kristen Ritter Private Eye Investigator Leather Jacket Superhero Superheroine Former Superhero

Via The Mary Sue

Don’t worry. I’m not sticking to just the women of the DC television universe. If you're a woman and like superheroes, I am sure you’ve seen at least a little bit of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It is Marvel’s first female-led superhero project. The show is far darker than any of the others I’ve written about so far, but I loved season one. But back to the point... we’re not here to discuss the shows; we’re here to learn about dressing like the characters!

Jessica Jones loves her black outfits. Frankly, all you need to look like Jessica is a black leather jacket, dark top, jeans, and a neutral toned infinity scarf. Oh! And don’t forget the black work boots. That’s not saying her style is boring. No no no. I actually quite adore her choice of clothing. Everything Jessica wears is stylish, but also extremely functional. Also, I’m a sucker for a good messenger bag.

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Casual Cosplay Marvel Comics Fashion Outfit Comic Movie The Avengers Avenger Black Widow Natasha Romanoff Captain America Winter Soldier Brown Leather Jacket Dark Jeans Superhero Superheroine Scarlett Johansson

Via StyleFrizz

What female superhero post would be complete without a mention of Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow?

Pretty rarely is Natasha shown just being Natasha. (And let’s be real, I don’t need to tell you how to dress like Black Widow… she’s in a black skin-tight jumpsuit. You can’t exactly casually walk around town in anything even remotely close to that.) However, in Captain America: Winter Soldier, we do get a bit of a look into how Natasha dresses. Or… how she dresses undercover. Personally, my favorite outfit she wears in that movie is the one shown above. Her dark fitted jeans and brown leather jacket are casual enough to blend in with the crowd, but definitely still have a hardcore vibe. After all, it wouldn’t be very Natasha to look overly girly.

The actual jacket Natasha is wearing is a bit pricey (it is after all from Madewell). However, you can mimic her look with any brown leather jacket. If you don’t have ginger hair, someone might not even realize you’re in Natasha Romanoff cosplay attire. Be sure to keep anyone around who realizes what you’re doing - they’re a keeper for sure.

Casual Cosplay DC Comics Fashion Outfit Comic Batgirl Barbara Gordon Redesign Superhero Superheroine Black Purple Yellow Batman

Via Gizmodo

While researching for this post, I discovered that Batgirl has gotten a wardrobe makeover in the comics! I absolutely adore this. If you’re even remotely interested in superheroes, do yourself a favor and read a little bit about Batgirl’s new costume. Want her style, but in street clothes? Check out this set on Polyvore.

Can we all agree that it was weird that I just wrote an entire blog post about fashion? Take a good look, because it might not happen again! I love checking out my friend’s latest cosplay ideas, but I am in no way a cosplayer. That being said, I hope you enjoyed my cosplay ideas! Do you cosplay? Let me know if you’ve ever tried casual cosplay! I’d love to see how your outfits turned out. As always, please share and comment below!