Embracing your cat lady lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go overboard! Stay ‘pawsitive’ and check out these simple ways of owning up to your inner cat lady!

I got my first cat before I started college. He is a sweet Siamese cat and is always happy to see me when I come home. When I walk through that door and yell his name, he comes running to me and lets out a huge meow (it is so precious). However, I noticed that when I was gone, he was destructive and lonely. So, I got him a friend. And that should’ve been it, but it wasn’t. I got another cat and a hamster a year later. I was 19 years old and the proud owner of three cats and a hamster. My mom told me I had a problem, but in all honesty, I was just embracing the cat lady lifestyle (and loving it)!

Of course people would call me a cat lady. I mean at 19, one cat is fine and normal, but three?! Please note that I love my cats very much, and they are given lots of love and care, but I see why people would think I’m crazy. At first, I was a little offended by the cat lady remarks, but then I decided to own up to it, because you know what, that’s exactly who I am.

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I’m not one of those cat ladies that walks around decked out in cat fur and a pink fluffy robe (we all know the stereotype). Instead, I own up to being a cat lady in a more subtle way. If you, too, are a cat lady but are struggling to accept it because of the stereotypical cat lady image, I’m here to show you ways to just own up to it, flaunt it, and show it off without going overboard. But remember -- embrace it, girl, you are a cat lady!

1. Embrace it with the start of your day!

Like any cat lady, your morning begins because of your cats. Not because your alarm went off, no no. The moment they hear your alarm, they come running onto your bed and meow and paw you in your face saying, “hey, mommy, wake up and please feed me a yummy can of cat food.” So, go feed your cats first (this is exactly how my day begins), and then pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee in your favorite cat lover mug. Watch your cats gobble down their breakfast as you sip. If you have more time in the morning, make yourself a cat-themed breakfast, like the pancakes in the image above. Remember, owning up to being a cat lady starts the moment you wake up because the first thing you see is a cat face. You know you still love them, you cat lover!

2. Embrace it with your fashion!

We’ve all seen clothes with cats on them. Some of them are cute, some aren’t. Being a crazy cat lady doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes that have a huge picture of a cat on them (but if you would like to, that is purrfectly okay). Embrace being a cat lady with subtle pieces of cat inspired clothing. Wear accessories that match your outfit. Being a cat lady is all about being clean and classy, just like your cats.

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3. Embrace it with your home decor!

When I say embrace it with your home decor, I don’t mean buy a huge cat tree or cat house and have kitty cat toys littered all over your home. I’m talking about practical yet chic cat decor items that are useful for you. Now, home decor is probably the easiest to go overboard with, but that’s okay because it is your home. Doing a quick Google search will show you how many different cat-themed home decor items exist that are perfect for cat lovers. It can be slightly overwhelming, but if you take the time and sort through it, you’ll find some super nifty cat-themed items for every room in your house. For example, in my apartment, I have a tape dispenser in the shape of a cat sitting on my desk. Find items that fit into the decorating style that you’ve already implemented in your home. There are so many cool cat items out there for us feline lovers!

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4. Just embrace it (and your cats)!

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From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, you’re always thinking of your cats. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes wonder if your cat is okay, what s/he is doing, if s/he ate lunch, etc. You know how you wonder about your other family members? Well, it is okay to worry about your cats because they are your family, too! So, like you are embracing your cat lady lifestyle, go embrace your cats right meow. Show them you love them and wouldn’t want your life any other way because you are now a proud cat lady.

Get your thinking cat on and ponder how you want to embrace your cat lady lifestyle. Remember, cattitude is everything when owning up to your inner cat lady, but remember you can do it in a simple and sophisticated way (sorry for all the cat puns - it was meow or never). Share this post with your fellow cat ladies and be sure to comment on how you are now flaunting the lifestyle. Gato go, friends!

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