Don’t let your ceiling miss out on all the fun! We’ve got some awe-inspiring ceiling design ideas just for you! 

There’s no interior design trend I love more than accent ceilings. Too often, ceilings are overlooked when designing a room. There’s no rule that says you have to have boring ceiling design! They’re a surface to be designed just like any other! Now, I’m not saying hang posters of your favorite band on your ceiling like a teenager would (let’s be real, that’s drawing attention to your ceiling for the wrong reasons), but giving your ceiling a little TLC can go a long way! Just give me a couple minutes and you’ll see the light. Ceiling design is the way to go!

The featured image above shows my absolute favorite way to spice up your ceiling. Pallet wood. There’s absolutely nothing better in my book than pallet wood paired with gray paint - and that room’s got it! With the addition of that unique ceiling fan, I don’t even care what the rest of the room looks like. I’d spend all day looking up!

Ceiling Design Panels Paneling Wood White Paint and Wood Chandelier Front Door Grey Wood Floor Entryway Entrance Foyer Gray


This room is already a beaut, and the ceiling design is just the icing on the cake. White, gray, and wood tones. This room can do no wrong in my book. This look is slightly more sophisticated than the previous and it’s another great way to add wood to your ceiling. If you already have recessed panels in your ceiling, add in some scrap flooring to copy this look! If you don’t already have panels, DIY some! Check out this awesome tutorial on how to install your own beams and wood paneling.

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Ceiling Design Wood Beams Faux Wood Beams White Living Room Chandelier

Via The Heathered Nest

If completely paneled ceilings aren’t your thing, check out these gorgeous wood beams! They beautifully accent this high ceiling. I know what you’re thinking, but adding these to your home isn’t as hard as you think! The beams pictured above were not included in the house. And get this: they’re fake. Yep, you read that correctly! FAKE! Head on over to The Heathered Nest to see the whole tutorial. You won’t be disappointed!

Ceiling Design Green Blue Teal White Kid’s Room Children’s Room Child White Panels Paneling Beams Exposed Beams Painted Ceiling Bedroom Window Beds Toy Box

Via Mommo

I’m not usually a white walls kind of gal, but this is a way I can accept it! Teal painted ceiling! I cannot get over how beautiful it is! I love that they extended the color down a few inches onto the walls. By painting the paneling, exposed beams, and tops of the walls, it all melts into one gorgeous plane of teal. Can you tell I love it?

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Ceiling Design Sheet Metal Laundry Room Rust Corrugated Metal Baskets Washer Dryer Ironing Board Iron Shelf


Accent ceilings don’t have to be reserved for your living spaces! Check out this sheet metal ceiling in a laundry room. How fantastic does that look?! By livening up your laundry room, it makes washing clothes just a little bit more enjoyable. Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to decorate your laundry room!

If you have a small laundry room, this wouldn’t even be that big of a project! Get a sheet of metal cut to size at the hardware store, drill holes for your light fixtures, and attach to the ceiling! Tada! Dazzling laundry room in a day!

Ceiling Design Wallpaper Wallpapered Ceiling Pink Orange Blue Red Green White Geometric Geometry Shapes Vibrant Gold Chandelier Bedroom Dresser Rug Shag Rug Chair

Via Simplified Bee

I’m not a girly girl. I greatly dislike the color pink. And most shades of orange. So it really freaked me out when I stumbled upon this room and didn’t hate it. And then I looked at the ceiling and a light bulb went off: Oh! The ceiling is why I like this room! I mean, look at it! It’s breathtaking! And it’s… (wait for it)... wallpaper. Yes, you read that correctly. Wallpaper. Ceiling wallpaper. Who knew they made wallpaper that impressive?! Get the right wallpaper and you can make your room as stunning as this one.

Ceiling Design Chalkboard Paint Painted Ceiling Black White Black and White Chalk Living Room Shutters Clock Darts

Via Yatzer

Not going to lie, I chuckled a little when I first saw this photo. Chalkboard paint on the ceiling?! But I can’t deny how fabulous this looks. Unless you’re a giraffe-person, you probably won’t get every day use out of this chalkboard. But how fun would it be to get all your friends to draw you pictures on your ceiling?! Ceiling art! All you need is a flat ceiling and some chalkboard paint. This look could be yours in no time!

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Ceiling Design Painted Ceiling Vibrant Teal Green Blue White Bedroom Master Bed Wainscoting Metal Bedframe

Via Eclectically Vintage

Last but not least is the painted ceiling. I love that the ceiling color extends down to meet the high wainscoting. And that color. If you’re going to paint your ceiling, you might as well choose a vibrant shade! You can go as simple or as crazy as you want with paint. You can paint your ceiling a solid color, like the image above, or you can stencil it! If you’re really brave, you can even paint a muralPaint is such an easy way to update your decor.

These cool ceiling ideas are getting my design brain buzzing. What’s your favorite idea? Do you have any accents ceilings in your home? I would love to see them! Please share and comment below!

**Featured image via Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees