You’ll be ready to raise the roof after you read these four innovative tips on how to spruce up your ceiling designs! 

Once upon a time, there was a little girl (me) who found herself living in an old fixer-upper that was originally built around 1968. Well, if any of y’all know anything about homes that were built around that time then you’re probably familiar with good ol’ popcorn ceilings that contained asbestos. Despite the name, asbestos was not “best-est." These little fibers resulted in my family and I temporarily relocating so that we could get our ceilings scraped, which essentially resulted in us getting to live and breathe and continue doing all the things we like and don’t like. (Yay!)

SO, because I was so young when all of this happened I think that I suffered a little bit of trauma from it because every time I walked into an unfamiliar place, I would immediately look up to see if my life was on the line! (Dramatic, I know). My cautious ways seemed to pay off because that is when I developed my obsession with ceilings. Not the scary, asbestos-filled ones, but ceiling designs that were so rich in detail that even an empty room could make a statement

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Have you ever glanced up and had to convince yourself that what you saw was a ceiling and not heaven? If you answered “no” then I encourage you, as a friend, to say “bon voyage” to reality and take a trip to the Sistine Chapel and familiarize yourself with the mother of all ceilings. (And while you're there don’t forget to say thank you to Michelangelo for educating us all on the importance of being a ceiling fan!) If Rome is too far, I suppose an old fashioned Google search will do the trick! Seriously, this ceiling is gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Okay I’ll show you.

Ceiling Designs Sistine Chapel Michelangelo Ornate Painted Ceilings

Via Beyond Forgetting at Flickr

Take a moment to look at that. Isn’t it just heavenly. So much detail, so wonderful. I do highly recommend you add visiting the Sistine Chapel, in person, onto your bucket list because photos do not do it justice. This was definitely the start of something new and wonderful in the field of decorative ceilings!

Now what you’ve all been waiting for: tips, tricks, and pics of awesome ceiling designs!

Ceiling Designs Neutral Kitchen with Cabinets Pendant Light Embellished Rustic Wood Statement Sink

Via Design Indulgence

Take a look at the metal ceiling panels in this photo. I am so excited about this kitchen because it is so different. Texture, texture, texture! That’s all I really have to say about it. Well that and make sure to take special notice of the embellishments stamped on the metal ceiling tiles. They perfectly complement the rustic wood paneled walls that lie beneath.

I know, I know, you’re saying to yourself “I want a ceiling like that to fall asleep looking at," followed by some horribly discouraging comment like “but I can’t because I sleep on my stomach and can’t afford it because I have to eat to survive!" This is why you have me. Unless you build your home new or heavily remodel, completely redoing your ceilings isn't always an option. I'm here to deliver good news: you don’t have to tear it down to love it. These ceiling ideas are easy-on-the-eyes and can also be easy-on-your-wallet.

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Tip #1: Trim It

Painting the trim that goes along the top of your walls is one of the easiest and most alluring ways to keep your eyes up top. Subtle in style, yet it's a great design technique that will make a huge impact. This is one surefire way to add flair to any room.

Ceiling Designs White Bedroom with Chandelier Black Trim on Ceiling Black Window Valance Curtains Yellow Lamp Animal Print Ottoman

Via The Zhush

Tip #2: Paint It

If your home has pre-existing panels built into its ceilings, it may seem like you're off the hook. BUT, if you really want to create a crowd-pleaser, throw some paint on the beams to accent them. Definitely one of the easiest ceiling design ideas to accomplish, am I right? Adding a contrasting color to the beams will make them stand out more, while also adding warmth to the room, essentially resulting in a more homey vibe.

Ceiling Designs With Blue Couch Built-In Bookshelves Wood Floors

Via decoist

Take a page out of Michelangelo’s book. Find out how to become a ceiling fan!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tip #3: Stencil It

Stencils - with the help of this tool even the most ungifted DIY-er can make it look like they put a professional on the job when it came to creating their ceiling interior design. There are many, many routes to take as far as this approach goes, which is why it is perfect for those of you who like to take a walk on the wild (or maybe not so wild) side of ceiling decorations.

Ceiling Designs Crystal Chandelier Colorful Stencil Ceiling Medallion Floral Design

Via Imago Dei

This would require a rather large template, but once all is said and done this faux ceiling medallion is not something you see every day. Plus, those colors are just awesome, right? So fun! Stick a chandelier under it and you’ve got yourself the ingredients for a stunning room!

Ceiling Designs Lattice Stenciled Ceiling Beige Bathroom Ruffled Shower Curtain Black and White Wall Art


Next up on the stencil-genda is one that is a little more intricate. With that being said, let’s talk lattice. One stencil is used for this entire ceiling. Just one!!! But with one stencil comes great responsibility. What I mean is make sure you can use a ruler… My personal recommendation when embarking on this adventure would be to take on small spaces, especially if the pattern of the stencil you choose is one with a busier personality. Just take your time, and you’ll have a gorgeous modern ceiling design in no time!

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Ceiling Designs Stenciled Gold and Blue Coffered Ceiling Designs Square


Coffered ceilings are already a great addition to any home and if you find yourself with the good fortune of having reclaimed wooden planks thrown into the mix, you may not need to look any further. (I can’t be 100% sure, I think I heard somewhere that the originator of this particular concept specifically stated in their diary that it was meant for you!) The next step is to pick three colors: one for the wood planks, another for the backdrop of the design, and the last to fill your stencil. This unique design will add dimension and character to your space.

Tip #4: Imagine It

Alrighty folks, my last tip is probably the most important (i.e., intimidating) one of all: use your imagination! Yep, I went there. It can be as basic or complex as you want it. Think wallpaper, stamped ceiling tiles, extensive light fixtures, skylights, the options are endless! If I listed every idea I’ve ever wanted to throw up on my ceiling at one time or another, this blog would never be posted and you'd never get to read it... so I’m cutting it short and stopping here!

I hope you've been inspired by my somewhat strange interest in ceilings and that I've encouraged you to keep your chin up (so you can appreciate what’s above of course)! I would love to learn all of y’all’s tips and tricks, and see some pics! Don't forget to share with any and every one you think might enjoy this post. Thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Imago Dei