We went over knitting and crocheting for charity, and you’re happily stitching away. But where can you send those charity donations? Here are my favorite charities!

Hello, wonderful readers! It’s been too long since I talked about charity knitting and crocheting. It pretty much runs my life when I’m not working on PhD stuff or here blogging for you guys. Previously, I wrote about how to knit and crochet for charity, and sort of glossed over places where you can donate your finished projects. But, let’s be honest. Saying there may be places you can donate your charity knits to and actually giving you ideas are two totally different things. Today, I’m going to share my favorite charities with you guys, as well as how and what to donate to them.

Charity Donations Project Linus Blankets Knitting Crocheting Quilting Craft Projects

Remember Linus from the Charlie Brown comic/cartoon, and how he always carried that little blanket of his? This project started out with that in mind. They take knitted, crocheted, or quilted blankets to give out to those in need. Many times they send these “security” blankets to children. You can find even more information about them here on their website. I have sent many quilts to them, but I have not sent anything knitted or crocheted. However, they do take them; so, if you like making blankets for charity, this is the place for you!

Charity Donations Jessie Rees Foundation Never Ever Give Up Crocheted Hats Knitted Hat Crafting Projects

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll probably know that I have a soft spot for children battling cancer. I work closely with one foundation (which I will talk about at the end of this post) and I tend to send stuff to as many foundations as I can. This one is a great one, and sends Joy Jars to kids all over the country. These jars are filled with toys, and crocheted/knitted hats. They have several sizes you can make and send. I found this foundation when there was a call for hats because they were completely out of charity hats. It broke my heart. Apparently I wasn’t the only one since they quickly filled their stocks back up! They take donations all year round, and you can get creative and have fun with cute patterns and designs. After all, they’re for kids!

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Charity Donations Warm Up America Crochet Blankets Hurricane Harvey Victims Crafting Projects

This was a new one I recently found after Hurricane Harvey hit the coast where I grew up. One of the crochet Facebook pages I follow (Crochet Crowd) posted that this particular charity takes 7”x9” rectangles, knitted or crocheted, and lap-sized afghans to send to areas in need. Right now, they’re collecting to send to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Texas may not get super cold, but we do get some pretty serious cold spikes, and there are always people like the elderly and children who get colder easier. I’m definitely going to be knitting up some rectangles to send out. I was looking for some way to give back to those affected by the hurricane, and this seems like a good way to start!

Charity Donations Special Olympics Texas Crochet Knit Scarves Crafting Projects

For the last two years, I have been making and sending scarves to the Winter Special Olympics Texas with my best friend and roommate, Heather. Honestly, they work up fast and are pretty mindless, so great for Netflix bingeing nights! Every year, there is a different color scheme, so you can use different yarns each year. Check with your state’s Special Olympics games and see if they need anything like this! 

If you’re in Texas like me, you can make the scarves all year and ship them to the main location in Austin. The Winter Special Olympics Texas event is in January, and they send out the colors for the next year every February, so you get a long time to make as many scarves as you like. All you have to do is follow the color and size requirements!

Charity Donations Sunshine International Blankets of Love SIBOL Knit Crochet Blankets Crafting Projects


I haven’t sent anything to them yet, but this one seems like a good charity if you want to make blankets that will be sent to those in nursing homes. Blankets are accepted from March to November, and are given to the elderly living in nursing homes so they know they are loved and not forgotten about. They take different types of blankets, from ones made from squares to granny square blankets, and even the one you made and stashed away when you were learning to knit or crochet. Don’t want to make a blanket? You can make butterflies as well and they pass them out to patients. Such a cute idea, and we should always think of the elderly as well as the young with our charity donations.

Charity Donations Brookes Blossoming Hope Crochet Hats Crocheting Crafting Projects

I saved my favorite for last. This is one of those local charities that is close to my heart. I’ve been working closely with Brooke’s Blossoms, a childhood cancer foundation, for almost 5 years. Mostly I crochet hats that get sent out with the little blossoms that are made. The kids love them, and the blossoms are on clips so they can switch them out. I still make hats for them, and honestly it’s pretty much just me and my roommate who make them. 

Jessica, the founder, would love to be able to send out more. All she asks is that the yarn is bright and fun, and not scratchy. So, only soft acrylics or cotton yarns for these hats. Any pattern works, and they need all sizes, from little hats for toddlers to teenagers. In my crochet post, I go over my favorite patterns I use for these hats and the yarns I love to use. You can always leave a comment if you need any additional info or have questions!

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And, as always, you can give hats, blankets, and other small items to local nursing homes and hospitals if you really want to keep it all local. Check out women’s and homeless shelters as well, especially if you live somewhere cold! Local NICUs will usually take tiny hats and octopuses for preemies. Contact them for their needs before sending.

That’s all the charities I have for you today! Do you have any non-profit organizations that you love to send your crafted items to? Let me know in the comments below, especially if they are in other states for my non-Texas folks! If you have any questions or comments about any of these charities, leave them below and I’ll be happy to answer them. Share this post with all your crafty peeps, and as always, stay crafty and creative, my friends!