Ornaments aren’t just for the tree! Why limit yourself to one way to decorate? Try some of these alternative Christmas ornament decorations instead! 

Can you love Christmas ornaments too much? Well, if it’s possible, I definitely do. I’m not kidding. All year round I make and sell Christmas ornaments online and in person. I don’t really know how it happened, but I’ve become a bit obsessed with Christmas ornament decorations. So much so that I feel like they shouldn’t be exclusive to just Christmas! Yes, I have ornaments I’ve made on display every day of the year. They’re not just on a tree!

Regardless of all that, once the holidays roll around, I really break out all my ornaments. And let’s be honest… I live in an apartment, so I can’t have too big a tree. That being said, just because an ornament doesn’t make it on the tree doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a part of my Christmas decorations! Actually, one of the things I love the most about Christmas ornaments is their versatility. Trust me when I say they can look just as beautiful off a tree as on. Plus, in some cases, you actually get to see more of the ornaments!

Enough about me and my love for Christmas ornaments. I’m writing all this to show you alternative ways to decorate with ornaments. On to the holiday decorating ideas!

Christmas Ornament Decorations Wooden Tree Display Blue Tree Stand Triangle DIY Wood

Via Dans Le Lakehouse

A tree that’s not a tree! Yes, you can make a wooden ornament tree to display your favorite ornaments. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t seriously considered doing this. I just haven’t taken the time to do so yet!

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Christmas Ornament Decorations Ideas Vase Tree Branch Decor Holidays DIY Evergreen Ornaments

Via Good Housekeeping

Theoretically, this could also be considered a tree that’s not a tree. These are in fact tree branches… they’re just no longer attached to a tree! I love that this takes the original idea of a Christmas tree and decorations, but gives the whole thing a little twist. Simple, but creative!

Really, ornaments will look good in just about any container you put them in. Any object that will hold ornaments, while still making them visible is perfect. These two images show various forms of glass (hurricane vases, bowls, jars), but even something as simple as a ceramic bowl could do the trick. My family has placed our antique Christmas ornaments in a bowl on our dining room table in the past. That way there’s no fear of children or animals knocking them off the tree! However, even simple Christmas ornaments will look nice in a container. After all, there’s nothing ridiculously ornate about the ornaments pictured, but they look absolutely lovely in that glassware.

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And when I say just about any container, I mean it! Don’t these ornaments just look great? I’d love to have a lantern full of ornaments by my front door or a birdcage full in my living room! There’s just something wonderful about these ideas.

Christmas Ornament Decorations Holidays Ornaments Decor Dining Room Tray Centerpiece Mercury Glass Gold Blue White Silver

Via Amanda Carol Interiors

I hate to beat a single idea into you, but I really do mean just about any container. This tray could be set out all year round, but with the simple addition of some small ornaments, it’s suddenly a quite festive Christmas table decoration!

Growing up, my grandma and I decorated most of the house together. I specifically remember one year when she wanted to hang ornaments from the chandelier… I thought she was crazy. Well Grandma, I’m sorry for doubting you! Hanging ornaments from a chandelier is such a great idea!

Christmas window decorations! I don’t know why, but I’d never thought of decorating my windows before! Honestly, I will probably use this idea this year. Hanging ornaments in a window is just such a great idea. I want my apartment to look as festive as possible, so I might as well take advantage of all my leftover ornaments from projects! What’s the point in having ornaments if you don’t put them to use… right? I love the addition of the Christmas garland in the image on the right.

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It wouldn’t be a holiday post without at least one mention of a wreath! Both of these wreaths are very easy to DIY and great additions to your decor! Obviously, the one on the left is a little bit more nontraditional than the right. However, they’re both great outdoor holiday decorations in their own right!

The ornament wreath on the left is really very simple. Find a frame, paint it your desired color, put some ornaments on string, tie a bow, and you’re done! Super simple DIY wreath.

The image on the right looks a bit more complicated, but I promise it’s not. There are lots of great DIY Christmas ornament wreath tutorials on the internet. However, they’re all built from the same basic principle: you attach/glue ornaments onto some kind of base. The best tutorials I’ve seen use pool noodles, Styrofoam circles, or a wire clothes hanger.

I feel like I need to stop before I get too far down the rabbit hole. I love Christmas ornaments… and there’s just so many great ways to decorate for Christmas with them! You can even put individual ornaments out on display on your bookshelves or coffee table. The possibilities are endless! Have you ever decorated with ornaments in a place other than your Christmas tree? It doesn’t even have to be Christmas decor! No matter the reason or season, I’d love to hear your fun ideas! Don’t forget to comment and share!