Looking for laundry room design inspiration? I have tons of ideas to help you get inspired to create the perfect laundry space! 

I recently moved into a home that has the most beautiful (and biggest) laundry room I’ve ever seen. It is painted a perfect sunny yellow and has wooden floors with white trim. I’m totally vibing with the yellow, maybe it will make laundry time a happier time. I’m pretty sure this laundry room is about as large as my last bedroom. I can walk in, spread my arms out, and spin around (please don’t ask if I really did that...okay, I did and you know it).

Anyway, this gorgeous space has inspired me to drool over perfect laundry room design pictures so I can gather some inspiration to apply to my house! I thought I’d take you along for the ride. We might as well get excited about this together, right?! I hope my husband shares the same affinity for our new laundry room as I do, chances are he will be installing lots of shelves and organization units in there for me in the weeks and months to come. My heart is already swooning with delight!

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The Closet Laundry Room

Let’s be real, I’ve never had a laundry room as large as my current one so I understand what it’s like to have to wash laundry in a closet or a room that should be a closet. Closet laundry spaces are ideal for small homes/apartments in order to save on precious square footage. Here are some inspiring small laundry room ideas for those of you with space limitations or those who simply enjoy having your laundry appliances tucked away!

Laundry Room Design Laundry Room Closet With Painted Walls and Organized Shelves

Via More Than a Pair of Chutes

I’m in love with this blue-green laundry closet. Can you believe it used to have brown paneling? Oh, what a couple of coats of paint can do to change a space! Obviously, shelf and cabinet storage are keys to any successful laundry room decor because you need a place to store your magic stain removing products. Consider painting your laundry room in your favorite color to make it a more enjoyable nook. Plus, bright fun colors can totally help make a space feel larger, so you should definitely look into it if your space is really small. But choose your color wisely, as darker colors will make the laundry room feel smaller.

Laundry Room Design Laundry Room Closet with Silver Chrome Backsplash

Via Zillow

I’m not much for futuristic looks, but this chrome backsplash does create a great design! I love the glass doors on the cabinets and the solid white wood. Everything looks so great and sparkling clean. I’m a little confused by the cotton balls and Q-tips, maybe this is nestled in a bathroom closet (which would be so convenient, and definitely one of those great laundry closet ideas you should look into!)? No matter the location, everything blends together perfectly in this laundry room design!

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Laundry Room Design Large Master Bedroom Laundry Room in Closet

Via decoist

Take a look at this laundry room actually inside a master bedroom closet! My brain can’t compute how convenient and wonderful this must be. I don’t think I’ve ever been so envious of someone’s shelves. I love the way the clothes, shoes, and linens all have a place in this spacious closet. The storage boxes are nice as well. This designer was brilliant! I mean… you could literally take your clothes out of the dryer, fold, and place them into their correct drawers… this is a time-saving milestone people! This has got to be one of the best laundry room ideas ever!

The Doggie Bath Laundry Room

Laundry Room Design Gray Tile Dog Shower in Laundry Room with Dog Bed

Via decoist

Okay, moving onto insanely brilliant laundry rooms, think about the possibilities of these doggie designs! I absolutely love the dog shower and little bed in this laundry room. I’m sure this is wonderful for people who live in areas with long winters. As the proud owner of an Anatolian Shepherd, I commend the engineer of the inside doggie bath. Whoever it was, they got it. One of my least favorite things is having to bathe the dog inside because it DESTROYS the bathroom, but this… this is ingenious. Bathe the dog inside, shut the door, and allow time and an open window to take away the wet dog smell. If my house weren’t a rental this would be at the top of my honey-do list! No more cold winter baths outside with the hose!

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Laundry Room Design Dog Shower in Laundry Room with Blue Tile and Wood Floor

Via decoist

Again, I love the design and idea of incorporating these pet baths into the laundry room. Move the wet towels directly to the washer! It’s an easy clean for all parties involved. I think on an even more practical note, having an area designed to keep your pets clean will help you keep your house clean. Clean pets equal a cleaner house and pet showers equal less frustration while bathing your pet. Another great design element to note is the built-in counter over the washer and dryer. Great use of space for sure!

The Laundry Room

Sometimes you don’t have a doggie bath, large master closet, or an impossibly small closet laundry room… you just have a laundry room. If that’s you, our laundry rooms should be friends! Check out these beautifully designed interiors! (Warning: It’s highly probable that you will instantly be inspired!)

Laundry Room Design Colorful Laundry Room Makeover With Wallpaper and Tile Walls

Via Hooked on Houses

I absolutely love this wallpaper, especially the wonderful print. This design is for pure enjoyment and totally improved the look of this space. My favorite thing just might be the different shades of blue; they’re perfect! Combined with the awesome laundry countertop, and the storage rack with little buckets, this laundry room is very practical. I mean, you have the space to deal with loose change and other pocket treasures, storage for soaps and other cleaning items, and counter space to fold everything. Genius! Absolutely wonderful laundry storage solutions!

Laundry Room Design Colorful Wallpaper Design in Laundry Room

Via Sarah Sarna

The laundry bags on the extra-large hooks in this space are really fun laundry room accessories. The wallpaper is an absolute hit to me! I think it’s the perfect balance of crazy, fun, and bright colors without making the space feel too small or dark. I’m a big fan. Whoever put this up was smart, and left a lot of the walls white to make sure the print wasn’t overwhelming. That makes the room still feel large, even though there is a bright, bold, crazy print. The only thing I’m wondering is how they got a bag in the same print as the wallpaper? Super cute laundry room storage!

Laundry Room Design White Cabinets in Large Laundry Room

Via Martha Stewart

Shelf envy just has to be a real thing because I’m turning into a green-eyed monster over this space! What else could I possibly be experiencing? I’m a fan of this design—love the bold washer and dryer paired with a really light and beautifully classic southern look. I don’t think there should be a single laundry room without a utility sink! They're so perfect for everything icky that you don’t want near your kitchen. This is a truly beautiful space and I’m obsessed with the storage possibilities.

Washing and folding is enjoyable if you get to launder in a swoon-worthy space!

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The Multitasking Laundry Room

Laundry Room Design Multitask Laundry Room with Bench and Storage


Why shouldn’t the mud room have a washer and dryer in it? Perfect for a rainy day when everything in the world seems to be a mud-covered mess. I love the convenience of this design. It’s just wonderful. Lugging sweaty sports clothes for the kids? Don’t drag them through the house; just throw them in the washer when you walk through the door. Get caught in a storm and your clothes are soaked and caked in mud? Into the wash they go! Seems like a great fit for an active family and busy mom! I’m a huge fan!

Laundry Room Design Multitasking Laundry Room with Desk

Via decoist

This last space is the perfect design for a crafty mom who needs to get things done. I love the office space, the sink, the stacked washer and dryer, and basket shelving. In my mind, this would be a very productive room. I’m envisioning a craft night. It can be so easy to forget to switch the clothes over when you get caught up in other business, but this eliminates that possibility since you’re only a few steps away. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I actually like the hum the washer and dryer makes. It’s a rather nice white noise to have in the background while you’re working on whatever needs to get done. Great idea if you ask me!

I hope you’ve picked up a couple of good laundry ideas from these pictures. I know I have. I’m looking forward to creating the perfect shelving in my laundry room. Having enough storage space is a luxury I’ve yet to experience as an adult, and I can’t wait to soak it all up!

What are your favorite laundry room design ideas, do you have any tips or tricks to share? Please share this with your friends who understand the importance of a beautiful and functional laundry room!

**Featured image via Chinoiserie Chic