Are you searching for just the right clock decor for your home? Don’t want something too crazy? Check out these clocks that give a twist to the classic look! 

My senior year of high school, I took AP Art. Which meant that by the end of the year, I was supposed to have a portfolio of artwork that had some kind of common theme. The artwork could be drawings, paintings, or even mixed media (and did not have to be done in all the same style), but we were required to include some kind of similar thread throughout. My theme was time pieces. In my portfolio I had alarm clocks, wall clocks, a cuckoo clock, hourglasses, digital clocks, and even clock hands. The point of this story is that I spent a lot of time researching, drawing, and looking at clocks.

Since then, I have loved clocks. All kinds of clocks. Big or small. Retro or modern. They don’t even have to tell time! Clocks are so much more than just telling time… they’re art.

However, normal clocks can get boring. Who wants to have something that’s so average, so blah that you don’t even care to look at it? There’s nothing inherently wrong with a traditional clock, but giving a clock just a little something that makes it unique can make a world of difference.

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A very simple way to give the classic clock an update is to make it oversized. The image above (from one of my favorite people, Joanna Gaines) shows just how stunning oversized clock decor can be. Oversized clocks, with their stature and graphic nature, make a huge statement in a room. At the very least, no one will have to ask you what time it is!

Clock Decor Grandfather Clocks Time Modern Wood Tick Tock Wooden Timepiece Charlotte Ackemar

Via Gessato

Maybe you don’t have enough wall space for an oversized clock or it just isn’t your style. Maybe you love the idea of a grandfather clock, but the typical style doesn’t go with your decor. Then this clock is the one for you! Check out this unique take on a grandfather clock by Charlotte Ackemar. With its clean lines and minimal structure, this design takes a much more modern route than your average grandfather clock.

Clock Decor Steampunk Clock Flip Action Retro Industrial Time Desk Desktop Table Table-Top Tabletop Black


Personally, this clock is on my wish list. Who said flip-action clocks were dead? I love the classic action of the numbers flipping to reveal the current time. But this clock doesn’t look like you stole it from your grandma’s attic! This steampunk table clock will infuse some retro and industrial flair into your home.

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Clock Decor Hanging Scale Clock Retro Vintage Rustic Time Wall Metal

Via Knick of Time

Is it a clock? Is it a scale? Is it both? No, actually this is just a vintage clock that happens to look like a hanging scale. The clock itself is really just a normal clock, but the way it’s hung makes it unique. If you did steal this one from grandma’s attic, I couldn’t really blame you there. Such a good find! Add this hanging clock to your rustic decor, and it’ll give you just the right amount of authenticity to make your guests wonder if it was original to your home.

Clock Decor End Table DIY White Pedestal Base Rustic Time Side Table Wood Metal

Via Yet Another Diy Blog

Clock as a table? Yes, clock as a table. A clock doesn’t have to be limited to just your wall! It can serve as a functional piece of furniture as well! Let’s face it, a home can never have too many flat surfaces. The best part? This clock end table is a DIY project, which means you can customize it to match your home decor perfectly! Truthfully, the best part is actually that the clock is functional. Yes, you read that correctly. The clock is functional.

One day, I will make myself one of these. If you want to make one too, check out how this table clock was made here.

STOP THE CLOCK! Do nothing else before you check out these classic clocks with a twist.

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, July 24, 2016
Clock Decor Word Clock Modern Light Words Time Wall Digital Type Typographic
Clock Decor Word Clock Modern Light Words Time Wall Digital Type Typographic

Via Doug's Word Clocks

Check out this modern typographic clock. I love how it has a very untraditional way of telling time. The words light up to let you know what time it is. You’ll never have the exact time, but after all, who actually says 4:17 pm?

Clock Decor Planter Cactus Succulent Wall DIY Upcycle

Via Bolig Pluss

This would definitely be considered a twist on a classic wall clock. It may not tell time, but look at it! It’s gorgeous! (I told you beautiful clocks aren’t all about telling time.) Yes, this planter was made from an old clock. So… it still counts. Once a clock, always a clock? Right?

Theoretically, this clock still tells time. The plants growing in it show time passing. That’s still time! I know... I’m stretching it!

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Clock Decor Sundial Ring Time Sun Silver Accessories

Via Think Geek

Bonus alert!! A sundial ring! I know what you’re going to say, “But Heather!! This isn’t a clock! And it doesn’t go in my home!” It’s a SUNDIAL! Which, in my opinion, still counts as a clock because it tells time. And if you’re wearing it at home, then… well… it is in your home! You just won’t be able to tell time with it while you’re inside. Don’t look at me like that. I know it’s not a decor piece. That’s why it’s a bonus.

Clocks are beautiful pieces of art. One day I hope to have a clock wall in my house - full of all kinds of time pieces! What kind of clocks do you like in your decor? Do they even have to tell time? Let me know in the comments and be sure to share!

**Featured image via POPSUGAR