Coastal home decor has a mix of rustic beach flair and a whole lot of luxurious touches. It’s where contemporary and beach styles meet! 

Hello, friends! Yet another day of writing and I’m definitely excited! I’m fully recharged and my creative juices are flowing. In the process of planning my wedding, inspiration has been flowing through my brain. Everything from coastal home decor to DIYs, I’m exploding with ideas. Fortunately for you guys, I’m going to share them all with you!

Lately, I’ve been really loving farmhouse style, probably from watching tons and tons of HGTV’s Fixer Upper! Needless to say, I’m currently obsessed with the coziness of farmhouse home decor. I’ve already decided that in my future home, the decor will lean towards an elegant farmhouse style. I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourself, “That’s great, Alexa! But what does that have to do with coastal home decor?” 

Well, as the visionary and planner that I am, I’ve been imagining every detail of what I’d like in my future home. I’ve been thinking a lot about the guest room and I want it to be a little different than the rest of the house. I’ve come to this conclusion: I’d really love my guest room to have plenty of natural light, lots of neutral colors with various blue and metallic accents, and I want it to feel like a mini paradise for my guests! So with those thoughts in mind, I stumbled upon nautical decor and thought to myself how perfect this decor style would be for my guest room.

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Let’s get to the nuts and bolts, and talk about elements that are common to glam coastal decor. Glam coastal home decor is a step up from your traditional beach interior design. Imagine seeing seashells, but with a more luxurious twist. Think mother of pearl frames and lavish chandeliers mixed with striped textiles, Beech wood, and other seaside-inspired themes. Let’s check out a few examples, shall we?

Coastal Home Decor Dining Room with Chandeliers Window Seats Striped Area Rug Design by Sarah Richardson

Via House of Turquoise

Let’s take a gander at this lovely dining area. Now, just based on the look of this dining area, you definitely get a vibe of beach home decor because of those rustic white wicker chairs. Now as nice as this dining room is, it isn’t quite glam coastal home decor. The ‘glam’ aspect of beach decor is all in the accessories.

Coastal Home Decor Antique Farm House Square Capiz Shell Chandelier Interior Design Accessories

Via Antique Farm House

Mother of pearl is coastal living decor’s best friend. Oh, and raw coral too. If you’re trying to accessorize a coastal glam room, always go for luxurious, top-of-the-line materials. Clean, contemporary wooden frames that have a light driftwood tone are always a nice touch as well. Add in metallics to your beach house decor and va va va voom, you got yourself a winning coastal glam room.

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Coastal Home Decor Beach Glam Dining Area Coral Seashells Hardwood Floors and Bay Windows

Via Homedit

Take this dining room for example. Strip this room of the coral, shells, track lighting, beach-y frames, and various other home decor accessories and you lose the entire feel of nautical home decor. Without those accessories, this room would be more of a traditional, contemporary style interior design.

Where glam style meets classic beach home decor, you get coastal glam design! Check out how to add this great decor style to your home.

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Saturday, June 25, 2016
Coastal Home Decor Colorful Reading Nook Moroccan Style Curtains Bay Window Seating

Via House of Turquoise

Imagine taking this lovely blue reading nook and adding tons of beach theme decor accessories like that mother of pearl chandelier that I showed you earlier. Or even add decorative shelving accessorized with coral. How lovely would that be? Seriously, the numerous ways you can dress up this reading nook to fit with coastal glam home decor are endless!

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Coastal Home Decor Glam Kitchen Blue Shell Chandeliers Wicker Furniture Blue Couches White Kitchen with Colorful Backsplash

Via House of Turquoise

I love love LOVE this open concept kitchen, dining, and living room space. Not only is it totally functional for entertaining, but I think it’s the epitome of glam coastal home decor. Where do I begin with this room? Let’s talk about those nautical colors and textiles. Those blues definitely give a beach-y vibe. The chandeliers give such an air of luxury and take this space to a whole new level. And I can’t leave out those rustic wicker chairs, which add the perfect beach-inspired touch. Add plenty of lighting and keep the room light and bright and voila—you have yourself a gorgeous, glam coastal interior!

Well friend, that’s all we have for today! What’s fun about glam coastal home decor is how it has both a rustic beach-y vibe and a luxurious feel. You truly get the best of both worlds! I hope you liked this blog post. Don’t hesitate to comment and share. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured image via Golden White Decor