Friends, if you love getting your daily cup of joe and have a major passion for art, you’ve got to check out this stunning coffee artwork by artist, Maria Aristidou. 

It’s confession time. I fell in love with this artwork by Maria Aristidou because I love how whimsical these pieces are and the fact that they are painted with coffee! Yes, that magical liquid energy, as I like to call it, has been beautifully utilized to make lovely pieces of artwork. Not gonna lie, I’m definitely in need of some good ol’ “black gold” right now. A cup of coffee would really hit the spot, but that’s beside the point. Let’s check out some rad art, shall we?

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Coffee Artwork English Bulldog by Maria Aristidou UK Artist Great Britain Flag Coffee Mug Paint Brushes and Flowers

Via @ma_aris

This adorable pup is too cute for words and oh-so British! Aristidou worked with watercolors before she ventured out and started making coffee art. In fact, her first coffee art was an accident actually. Now that coffee art is her passion, Aristidou says that she uses 5 different coffee blends and watercolor painting paper to create her phenomenal pieces of art.

Coffee Art Girl with Pearl Earring Fine Art Portrait by Maria Aristidou Paintbrushes Coffee Cup

Via @ma_aris

From time to time, Aristidou recreates famous art pieces such as this one here of Girl with the Pearl Earring. Personally, I love her recreations. I think the coffee version of this classic artwork gives a unique flavor to the original piece. Plus, I bet it smells wonderful!

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Coffee Art Yoda Portrait Maria Aristidou Star Wars The Force Fan Artwork

Via @ma_aris

Also, let’s take a moment to check out this fun Star Wars inspired coffee art. Who doesn’t love Yoda? He’s kind, full of wisdom, and always seeking to help. Definitely an inspiration to all those on the good side. I just have to say that the amount of detail that Aristidou put into this piece is amazing. The depth of color and the detail are fantastic!

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Coffee Art Mona Lisa Modern Representation Maria Aristidou Classical Paintings Artwork

Via @ma_aris

Friends, I saved the best for last! Check out this gorgeous Mona Lisa coffee remake. Isn’t it just lovely? I actually wouldn’t mind giving this gift to a coffee lover! I feel like they would appreciate this piece. Can’t you just imagine this gorgeous artwork inside of a coffee shop? Seriously! Someone needs to connect Aristidou with a local coffee shop ASAP because I think her artwork would sell like hot cakes!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today. If you liked this post, please let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t hesitate to share this post with all the coffee lovers you know out there. Thanks for reading!

**All images c/o Maria Aristidou