Create the perfect aura in your bedroom by using color theory to paint the walls, and find the best colors to help you get the best night’s sleep ever!

Color Theory is fantastic. It’s a great way to figure out what colors go with each other, and how those colors evoke certain emotions or feelings within a person. For example, red. What comes to your mind when you think of the color red? My guess would be passion and roses, so your heart feels light with love and romance. Or, you might think of red as anger, danger, and fire. Those are the two sides of the color red, and those feelings you get determine how you use that color in your life. With anger, danger, and fire in mind, you wouldn’t want to paint your bedroom red, right? Not a very relaxing color choice, so probably not.

Paint the Walls Color Theory Reference Sheet Designers Interior Design How to Use Color in Your Home Decor

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In this series of posts, I’m going to go over some color theory with you to help you add color to your home to create the atmosphere you are looking for in a particular room. Today, we’re going to start with the bedroom. We all want our bedroom to be a tranquil, calm place so we are able to get a good night’s sleep before tackling the next day. Did you know that by simply changing the color of your walls, you can help yourself sleep better? Cool, huh? Who knew painting walls certain colors could help you sleep? Well, it totally can! There are several colors you can add to your bedroom walls to evoke a sense of calm before you hit the sack, helping you get those much needed ZZZs.

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Paint the Walls Tranquil Blue Walled Bedroom Mirror Furry Chandelier Wall Art Mirrored Desk Standing Mirror

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Blue is a common shade that comes to mind for bedrooms. Why you may ask? Blue is a shade that many Americans like to call their favorite, but most people don’t question why it’s their favorite. In color theory, blue is the color of stability, tranquility, and masculinity. Certain shades of blue bring out different characteristics of the color. For instance, a light, pale blue is the color of tranquility and serenity, which is why it is perfect for the room where you sleep!

Shades of light blue, more towards the gray side rather than turquoise, are easy on the eyes, and are very relaxing colors. Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year is actually a blue that is perfect for bedroom wall colors, not to mention it’s called Serenity! Pair this blue with other colors like silvers, or even deep colors like darker blues and greens to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Paint the Walls Deep Blue Painted Bedroom with Gray Flower Decor Wall Gallery Floating Shelves Office Desk Indoor Plants


Light blues are wonderful for bedroom paint ideas, but who would have thought that darker shades would be good as well? Okay, those of us who know color theory would. But deep shades of blue, like this one here, also evoke those feelings of tranquility and relaxation. The key is the shade itself. If you look at both the light and dark blues, they are easy on the eyes. They are not bright, bold shades. They are muted, calm shades of blue. That’s what makes them perfect bedroom paint colors. Pair this color with shades of brown, or silver to keep that relaxing aura in the room. I love these floral wall paint designs in silvers and grays. They just add a whole new level of calm to the room, am I right?

Use #ColorTheory to add painted walls to your #bedroom and create the perfect atmosphere of relaxation!

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Paint the Walls Deep Purple and Lavender Painted Bedroom Purple Bedsheets Indoor Plants Wall Decor Chandelier Matching Bedside Lamps


Purple is normally known for being tied with royalty, wealth, and power. Back in the day, the commonwealth could not afford the dyes to make purple anything, and it was strictly a color for royalty. Not anymore though, as you can find shades of purple everywhere! The best shades for your bedroom are deep, dark shades, like this eggplant color. Again, it is soothing on the eyes, and helps the brain to relax and unwind after a long day. Have you seen the 2017 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year yet? Shadow is perfect for bedrooms!

Pair deep shades of purple with lighter shades like pale silvers and lavenders. Lavender, like the gray lavender in the bedroom above, creates the same feelings as pale blues, just in a more feminine way. Stick with shades of purple paint colors on the very dark side, or on the gray lavender side. Bright shades evoke feelings of power, ambition, and wealth, which albeit are awesome for other rooms in a house, but are not good for bedroom color ideas.

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Paint the Walls Deep Green Walled Bedroom with Dark Purple Bedding Chandelier Bay Window


Green is the color of nature and life, healing and safety. In its deeper shades, like this dark hunter green, it brings to mind those feelings, especially the feeling of safety. When we instinctually feel safe, we will sleep better. It’s just how our brain works. An instinct brought about from when we first walked the earth, and the brain hasn’t kicked that habit. Dark shades of greens are also soothing, which is another reason why they are perfect for bedroom walls. Pair this color with deep blues or purples, and you’ll be asleep in no time!

Paint the Walls Silver Walled Bedroom with Silver Accents Matching Bedside Lamps Ottoman Decorative Headboard

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Grays are not known for being good for bedrooms in the color theory world, as grays bring about creativity, causing the brain to think of new ideas, and that’s not exactly what we want in the bedroom. Silvers are the calmer version of gray. Pale, light silvery colors are best, like these in this bedroom, as their aura gives off a sense of calm, tranquility, and relaxation. You feel it, right? Ah, so relaxing. 

Notice, though, that these walls are not metallic, but there is some sheen to the pillows and the ottomans at the end of the bed. So painting your walls silver does not mean it has to look like aluminum foil, but have a matte silver finish instead. Pair this with any of the other shades mentioned. Whites and creams would also give this room a simple, polished look, and still be perfect for sleep!

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There you have it! Some gorgeous shades to add painted walls to your bedroom to create an atmosphere of tranquility for a good night’s rest! Share this post with your friends and family, and don’t forget to comment about your favorite color here, and what you have as your focal color for your bedroom! Stay creative my friends, and look out for my next post in this series!

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