Create a perfect aura in your house by using color theory to paint the walls in your living room the best colors for the type of atmosphere you want! 

Welcome to Part 2 of my color theory series! This time, I’m going to focus on one of the most used rooms in your house: the living room. There are, of course, many ways to decorate a living room, but there are some colors that are better suited for the atmosphere of a living room. The living room is where people congregate and gather to hang out, chat about their lives, and sometimes eat (if you’re me). So, if we’re going to paint our living room walls, we want the color to encourage those types of behaviors. We want friendly, inviting, and stimulating colors. Okay, you may think I’m a bit crazy with some of these paint color ideas I’m about to throw at you, but these colors best reflect the energy we want in a living room. So, brace yourselves, and let’s talk color theory.

Color Theory Paint the Walls in the Living Room Earth Tones Fireplace Wall Art Indoor Plants Neutral Color Couches Accent Wall Floor Lamp

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Earth tones like those in this living room evoke feelings of togetherness, which stems from the colors being tied with nature in our minds. Shades of brown with pops of rust accentuate this aura of togetherness. This makes these shades perfect living room paint ideas. Adding in rust colored accents will add an additional feeling of stimulation, as shades of orange tend to do, but in a more relaxing, friendly way. The decor in the above photo will give visitors a sense of belonging, togetherness, and help stimulate conversation. Like I said, perfect for a living room!

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Color Theory Paint the Walls Bold Orange Walled Living Room with Blue Accents Wall Mirror Striped Accent Chair Wall Art Blue Couches


This is where I think I might lose you on the whole color theory thing. I mean, orange? For living room paint colors? Sounds silly. But, orange is actually the color of friendship and friendliness, so it makes sense to have it in a living room. I absolutely love the one pictured here, with the blue accents. So fresh, and inspiring to me. And I don't even like the color orange! The room just feels welcoming, right? Especially with that luscious blue couch! These colors are a perfect pairing for a living room, as they promote friendliness and relaxation. So bring your friends over to hang out in this awesome orange living room!

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Color Theory Deep Red Walled Living Room Gallery Wall Silver Couches Large Area Rug Indoor Plants Matching Ottomans Throw Pillows Glass Coffee Table

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Red is the color of passion, fire, and raw energy. It is a very stimulating color, which makes it wonderful for a living room. If you are someone who likes to host parties, then red is the shade you should paint your walls. People will love coming into your home and spending time in a room with such a vibrant color, and it will help get people gossiping and chatting up a storm! Plus, red is a color that also promotes good blood pressure, and encourages you to eat more. So if you're like me, and love to eat, then shades of red are the paint colors you should go for!

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Color Theory Paint the Walls Bold Green Walled Living Room with Plants Console Table Floor Lamps Floating Shelves


Green is a fascinating color. It can mean so many things. Bold, brighter greens tend to promote energizing, yet relaxing feelings, which is great for a living room paint color. These shades of green will allow you to relax and enjoy a night in, without making you want to completely veg out on the couch. I love the design on this green wall. It brings in that whole “green is nature” concept of the color green, not to mention all of the plants that are in the room as well. Nature tends to relax the mind. Nature is a place of serenity and life, and bringing greens and plants into your living room helps bring about those same feelings. Plus, plants are good for you. Check out my post on some great plants to add to your home!

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Color Theory Paint the Walls Bright Yellow Walled Living Room with Soft Toned Furniture Rose Accent Chair White Table Lamp Coffee Table Flowers Gallery Wall

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I promise, I haven't lost my mind. Yellow is actually a great color for a living room. It's the color of optimism and happiness, and promotes such feelings. Happy guests are fun guests, am I right? However, yellow can get a little overwhelming and overbearing with its happiness. As long as it isn’t overdone, maybe just one wall, and you have lots of other colors with it, like all this white, navy, and rose furniture, you’ll be fine. Also, stick to a bolder shade, more of a primary or lemony shade, as pale yellows can look kind of gross on walls. I distinctly remember when they repainted the walls in my high school and it was this pale, sickly yellow color. That yellow was not a happy yellow. Stick with happy, bold shades if you’re going to paint your walls yellow.

There you have it! Part two of my series on how you can use color theory to add painted walls to various rooms in your home to create the perfect atmosphere. Share this post with your friends and family, and comment and tell me what colors you would paint your living room walls. Stay creative, my friends, and keep an eye out for the next post in this series!

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