Have a birthday party to go to and need a gift? Want to send something to your BFF? No worries - there are color themed gifts out there for all occasions!

A couple years ago, I sent my best friend a little Box of Sunshine. What is a little Box of Sunshine, you ask? Well, let me tell you! It is a color themed basket gift filled with yellow things and a catchy pun related to the color yellow. That’s it! It’s super simple to create this gift basket, but it’s such a creative and fun idea. Plus, you get to give the little things that the gift receiver uses on the daily.

I got to thinking about the other colors of the rainbow and wondered if people had made other “Boxes of Sunshine” with red, orange, green, blue, purple… And guess what? People have! The beauty of these kinds of gifts is that there are color themed gifts for just about every occasion. Going away party? Check. Congratulations? Check. Thank You gift? Check. You name it - there is a color themed gift and gift basket idea for it!

Color Themed Gifts Yellow Box of Sunshine Hello Sunshine Gift Ideas Juicy Fruit Nail Polish Izze Butterfinger

Via Fantabulosity

Since I’ve already mentioned the Box of Sunshine idea, I’m going to begin with it. It’s the perfect gift to send someone when you’re trying to “brighten” their day, week, semester - you name it. It’s super easy to make, too. When I made mine, I went to Target and walked up and down the sale items, food aisles, and beauty aisles, and put anything that was both yellow and small and what my friend liked into my basket. 

By choosing stuff she uses, I was able to create a unique gift basket that was perfect for her. For the basket, I actually used a cardboard box. On the inside of the box, I covered the cardboard with yellow construction paper and wrote something along the lines of “Here’s a little box of sunshine to brighten your day!” It was easier to mail to her this way. She loved it, and she actually sent me a pink box in return (more about that in a second).

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Some of the things that I included in my Box of Sunshine were:

  • Lay's Potato Chips
  • ​Yellow nail polish
  • ​Mascara (in a yellow tube)
  • Yellow candy
  • Yellow sticky notes
  • Yellow food gifts
Color Themed Gifts Pink Box Bubble Yum Nail Polish Gift Ideas

Via Crazy Little Projects

This gift box idea is similar to the package that my best friend sent me! However, I think her pink catch phrase was something along the lines of “It’s so sPINKtacular to be your friend!” It was so cute. Pink is also my favorite color, so I was super thrilled that she made a pink themed gift. Some of the things that she put in this box were pink nail polish, pink stickers, a pink toothbrush, and other pink things.

What is so awesome about these gifts is that you can give the things that we use on the daily; all you have to do is color coordinate!

Color Themed Gifts Red Box Japanese Cherry Lotion Sparkling Ice Gift Ideas

Via Crazy Little Projects

Here’s a gift box for the color red! The red gift box is another one of those “hey-you’re-such-an-awesome-friend-that-I’m-going-to-send-you-a-gift” ideas! Here are some of the things that you can include in your “RED-iculously great friend” box.

  • Red candies (Red Hots)
  • ​Red socks
  • ​Red lipstick
  • ​Red nail polish
  • ​Small red candle
  • Red pens
  • Red bath plush

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Color Themed Gifts Orange Box Orange Things Orange You Glad

Via Skip To My Lou

This is the perfect gift to give to a teacher or a child on the last day of school! You could also say something else along the lines of “Orange you glad you’re…” graduating from college/you’re done with medical school/any other accomplishment really. Orange is easy if you plan to load up on food items (yum).

Color Themed Gifts Boxes Blue Box Mike and Ike Sweetarts Jolly Ranchers Gift Ideas

Via Celebrate Every Day With Me

A blue themed gift is the one you give when someone is going away, moving, deployed, or just “out of the blue.” I really love the image above - doesn’t it just look so captivating?! Some of the phrases that you can use are “feeling BLUE without you” and “out of the blue.” Be creative! You can send a blue toothbrush, blue body wash/soap, and so many blue foods!

Color Themed Gifts Box Teal Box I Just Want to Teal You Orbitz Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Via A girl and a glue gun

Okay, so teal is perfect because you can use it for any occasion. The phrase “I just have to TEAL you …” allows you to customize it to say anything from “Happy Birthday” to “I miss you” to “Congratulations.” Now, teal may be hard to find, but I would say if you choose any item that is teal, turquoise, light blue, etc. that you’ll be okay!

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Color Themed Gifts Rainbow Box Passed with Flying Colors Gift Ideas

Via Dude, That's Dope

I’m somewhat proud of myself on this last color themed gift because I couldn’t find anything on it. I knew that if I was going to include pretty much every other color of the rainbow that I had to choose rainbow itself! This particular rainbow Jello shot cool gift basket in the image would be perfect for us college students as we finish a semester. You could include a card saying something like “Congrats on passing all your finals with flying colors!"

Side note: I couldn’t find a box for purple or green, but I did see some puns that you could use. For purple, you could give a “purple box of power” and put things related to energy, getting through finals, etcetera. For green, you could give a box that is “green with envy” (but not really) to congratulate someone on an accomplishment or a box that says “so lucky to have you!” to show your gratitude. There are so many cool ideas out there!

After reading, are you super excited to send your BFF a gift filled with all his or her favorite things? Which idea was your favorite? Comment and let me know! Be sure to share this post with your friends so that they can have some color themed gift inspiration, too!

**Featured image via Fantabulosity