Update your kitchen with some awesome painted walls, using color theory in kitchens helps promote an atmosphere for enjoying food and cooking great meals! 

Here we are again, folks! My next post in the series on how to use color theory to add painted walls to various rooms in your home! Today, I’m going to talk to you about adding some cool and warm colors to your kitchen to make it an awesome area for cooking and eating scrumptious foods! The kind of atmosphere we want in a kitchen is simple. We don’t want the color to be garish or annoying, and we want nice shades that will encourage the love of food. Right? Right. This one was a challenge for me, but I found some pretty great wall paint ideas that you may not have thought of, and some that are familiar favorites.

Color Theory in Kitchens Red Walls Hardwood Floors White Cabinets Chrome Appliances Kitchen Design

Via DecoSEE

I told you red was versatile! Think back to going to restaurants with the family. What is the most common paint color you see in restaurants? You guessed it: red. Red is a vibrant color that stimulates your heart rate and increases blood pressure. These reactions increase your appetite. Cool, huh? That’s why it is one of the most popular paint colors for a kitchen! Paint the backsplash or smaller walls bright shades of red to help increase your guests’ appetites so they won’t be able to resist taking mere seconds to finish your delicious meals!

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Color Theory in Kitchens Yellow Walls Hardwood Floors Living Room Wall Art Kitchen Design

Via Dwell

Again, this color should be familiar to you. When you were thinking back to those restaurants, did yellow make an appearance too? It should have! Yellow is the second most common color for restaurants to use, as it is a stimulating, happy color. Happy people are more comfortable and they enjoy their meals and the time they spend eating. Unlike red, yellow doesn't have the same stimulating effect on your appetite. Yellows are good shades for your kitchen if you're not wanting to increase or decrease your appetite. Just make sure you pick a nice, happy shade of yellow. Remember back to my last post on yellow walled office spaces, and the horrid yellow they painted the walls in my high school? Yeah, don’t do that. We like people to be happy and ready to eat when they see a kitchen, not lose their appetite over gross looking paint colors.

Color Theory in Kitchens Orange Walled Kitchen Dark Cabinets Wall Clock Wine Cabinet


Orange is another one of those awesomely versatile colors. Orange is a vibrant, stimulating color that’s fun to look at, which makes it a great color for painting walls. I absolutely love this kitchen here. I really like how the dark cabinets play off of the orange walls. So cool. The orange in this kitchen adds interest and intrigue to the room. Plus, orange is a naturally occurring color in foods so it doesn’t decrease appetites. You just have a shade that makes people smile and have fun, and of course eat the yummy food you prepared in said kitchen.

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Color Theory in Kitchens Bright Green Walled Backsplash Kitchen with White Cabinets and Orange Accents

Via Harvey Jones Kitchens

I just love greens. They’re one of the most naturally occurring colors on the planet, and in many of the foods we eat (hello veggies and salads!), so this color is an absolutely perfect wall color for kitchens. I love this bright, vibrant green here. It’s refreshing, and reminds me of the freshness of green veggies. This color will encourage appetites a little, not as much as red, because of that reminder of fresh foods. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

This kitchen here is beautiful, and I love the added orange accents in the form of dishes and the bowl of oranges in the back. This kitchen just screams freshness to me. Plus, by the sink there are some fresh herbs. How cool is that? I love when people add plants to their decor, especially usable plants like herbs. Stick with bold shades of green, like this bright shade and Kelly greens. Shades of sage and olive would be good too. After all, they’re named after plants you cook with!

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Color Theory in Kitchens Bright Blue Walled Kitchen with White Cabinets Pendant Light

Via TheMaisonette.net

Blues would be an interesting choice to use as kitchen paint colors. There aren't a lot of naturally occurring blue foods out there (blueberries are pretty much it) so it’s not a natural food color. However, blue is very soothing, and if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, this color could make it easier for you to enjoy being there. Some studies show that having shades of blue near your food can decrease your appetite, so be aware that this could happen if you paint your kitchen blue. Pick shades of a bright, bold blue to help counteract that. Also, since blueberries are one of the naturally occurring blue foods, using shades that remind you of blueberries could be a pretty neat paint idea for your new, blue kitchen.

There you have it! Part 4 of my series on how to use color theory to add painted walls to your home! This is not the last post, oh no. I still have one more room to cover, so keep an eye out for it! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family, and comment with your favorite color and how you would paint the walls in your kitchen. Stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image (clockwise from top left): LioraTao of Dana, Designlike, and Home Designing.