Why stick to the same old “natural” hair color when you could have blue or purple? Don’t be shy - let me introduce you to an amazing rainbow of colored hair!

I naturally have straight dirty blonde hair and I'm not one of those girls who wakes up an hour early to do her hair. I rarely even use a blow dryer. My morning hair routine usually involves a brush. I cut it maybe once a year and do my best to donate it every time I can (to date, I have donated my hair a total of four times to two different charities). To say I’m low maintenance when it comes to my hair is an understatement. Pretty much the only thing I ever do is wash my hair every other day and let it air dry. That’s it.

However, the last time I chopped off my long locks for a good cause I wanted to do something different. It was something I always dreamed of doing, but never really thought I could. It was simply too far out of my comfort zone up. Fortunately for me, I was at a point in my life where I was trying new things and had a bit of money. So what did I do? I dyed a chunk of my hair purple. Well technically, my cousin the hairstylist dyed a chunk of my hair purple. Crazy, right?! Well, not for a lot of people, but it certainly was for me. Probably the craziest thing I’d ever done. But let me tell you… it was awesome.

I loved every second of my purple hair. The only problem was it lasted for just one month. That was two summers ago. By the time school started back up, no one even knew I had this wild streak (yes, pun intended). I went a long eleven months without my purple hair. This summer I had to have it back. But this time my chunk was even bigger! And this time, it lasted longer. And more people saw my wild streak. And it was awesome. Because no one expects me to be that crazy. “You’re not the type!” they said. Literally, that was said to me. Well. Shame on you people.

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Frankly, I don’t really think there’s a "type” to have colored hair. There’s nothing wrong with different hair colors! Lots and lots of people dye their hair “natural” colors, so why should I stick to that? I shouldn’t have to stick to someone else’s standards of what’s “normal” to express myself. And neither should anyone else! My favorite hair color job I’ve ever seen was on an elderly woman I saw while out shopping. She had silver-gray hair with a large lavender streak through it. I want to be her one day!

Colored Hair Purple Chunk Streak Manic Panic Purple Hair Peek-a-Boo Semi Permanent Dye Dyed Hair Color

Via College Fashion

No, this is not me. However, this is very similar to what I did with my hair (though, this girl used at home hair color whereas I went to the hair salon). This purple streak is essentially how I dipped my toe into the pool of colored hair. Needless to say, colored hair has turned into a bit of an obsession of mine. And by a bit, I mean I’ve spent hours looking at hair color online. My Instagram feed is full of nothing but puppies and rainbow-colored hair! You really need to see some of these colorful hair colors… maybe they’ll make you second guess your hair color choices.

There are so many ways to add color to your hair. You can dye a chunk like I did, create an ombre look (with your natural hair color or with new hair color), or go for the all over dye. And really, I’m just simplifying things. The options are quite literally limitless when it comes to colored hair.

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You don’t even have to have wild colors! Just take a look at the picture to the left above. This hair color is absolutely beautiful, and it’s just a gray ombre! Some people would say that’s not even true color. However, most people don’t grow hair that’s naturally that gray. Certainly not at the age that person appears to be.

As amazing as that gray ombre looks, colors can look just as awesome! Take the image on the right. Normally I only hear about green hair in reference to a blonde who has spent too much time in a chlorine pool. However, this green hair is way better. I just love the transition from black hair to lime green. It’s truly beautiful.

I’ll start you off with something somewhat tame for the “all over” look. Red (or what really should be called orange) is a natural, albeit relatively rare, hair color. These two examples are just toeing the line of colored hair (the right crosses it a bit more than the left). Browns, oranges, and yellows (blondes) are all natural shades of hair and these two examples combine those colors… just in a bit less natural way. If you think these are pretty just wait...

Now that I’ve shown you a milder look into complete hair dye… check out these gorgeous colors! I honestly can’t decide which of these dark hair colors is my favorite - I love them both! These two photos also show off that you don’t have to have long hair to join the colored hair party! Short hairstyles are perfect for color, too! Colored hair can go with just about any length - it’s all up to you!

Excuse me while I drool for a bit. RAINBOW HAIR. RAINBOW HAIR. RAINBOW HAIR. Yes, I might be in love with this hairstyle. Yes, I needed to say rainbow hair three times. Yes, it was necessary. I mean… just LOOK at that hair! It’s absolutely gorgeous! This is one of the coolest hair color ideas I’ve ever seen! I’ve been a sucker for rainbows for as long as I can remember. I mean, isn’t that why we all loved Lisa Frank as kids? This hairstyle takes that love and shows it to the world!

Well, only when you want to show it off, anyway. This hairstyle is actually called the “hidden rainbow.” Meaning, the rainbow of colors are added to a lower layer of hair. So when you have your hair down, most people won’t be able to tell that you have a rainbow in your hair. However, once you pull part of your hair up (or rock a killer braid) people will get to see this gorgeous style!

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This do is definitely a professional hair color job… not something you could easily do at home. Unfortunately, I’ve read that the color doesn’t last long, so if you try this hairstyle, please take full advantage of it! And by that I mean Instagram the heck out of it. Annoy all your friends with photos of your heavenly hair. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Colored Hair Rainbow Unicorn Tribe Ursula Goff Color Dye Dyed Hair Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple

Via Rainbow Hair Colour

Obviously, rainbow hair is not limited to just the hidden rainbow style! Plus, they’re perfect for any length of hair! Personally, I love these styles and cannot wait to be brave enough to try something like this!

Show off your #rainbow personality with these awesome #coloredhair ideas!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I’m not kidding when I say I could talk to you all day long about colored hair. I’ve spent countless hours looking at dyed hair online. Every different dye job I see is like a work of art to me! They’re all so amazing. However, I know you don’t want to keep reading my rant about pretty colored hairstyles, so I’m going to end my blog post here. I hope you enjoyed your brief venture into the world of colored hair. If you have a wild color in your hair, please share! I’d love to see pictures. As always, don’t forget to comment and share with your friends!

**Featured image (L to R): Hairstylezz, Salon Matchmakers, and aliencreature