If these ideas could all be thrown into kitchen islands, you’d never leave! Chopping and mincing has never been so enticing. 

Not that I’m so good at it, but as anyone who has spent a little time cooking knows, having the kitchen island nearby is undoubtedly an added bonus. When there’s a lot going on (which there often is), a nice, big space to utilize is all you could ever want. There are many many ways to take all the storage components of an island in the kitchen to the next level. Aside from having the microwave sit in the end, an ice maker underneath, or a wine cooler off to the side, I wanted to give everybody an opportunity to take these unique kitchen island designs and storage tips into consideration for your own homes!

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Above, you’ll see dishes stacked in drawers beneath the island. This works particularly well if you’re low on overhead cabinet space. The drawers I would install into this counter island would have to be soft-closing as to prevent dishes breaking all over the place. Other than that, I love the idea of having cabinets in the kitchen island to use as pantry space or to house cookbooks. I have a small kitchen, so this would be great for me. No more taking up precious cabinet space that I could be using for food! My dishes could be tucked away in my island. So looking forward to this day!

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Next up: Spice rack storage. I absolutely detest the way that spices are kept in my kitchen. They’re kept in a cabinet and I can never find what I’m looking for. It’s so frustrating! Sometimes I just want to grab a certain spice, but I practically have to empty the entire cabinet to find it, and then I have to put it all back and repeat the cycle next time I cook. That’s why this is on my to-do list of island ideas for kitchen.

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If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that every spice is labeled on the top of the lid for easy-to-see names. Time to pull a Monica Geller and take out the label maker! Aside from that, it makes a lot more sense to have the spices near the stove and the place that you’ll be slicing and dicing all those healthy veggies! How easy is it to spice up your food when your spices are literally right there at your fingertips? So genius. And, with the handy labels on the top, you’ll know exactly what spice you're grabbing!

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With that, I’m brought to my next sentiment...the coolest of cutting boards. I cannot stress how convenient this would be! A cutting board in a drawer? Why didn’t I come up with this? It doesn’t sound as good as it looks because at first it just sounds messy, but the best part is the HOLE that leads to the TRASH CAN. This shouldn’t excite me as much as it does, yet here I am, excited. Open the bottom drawer with the garbage can below, and start slicing above. Easy meal prep and easy clean up

If you have the ability to compost, how simple would this make your life? Chop up the veggies and deposit them right into your compost collector, and either add to your outdoor compost bin or if you have a collection agency that will take it (or a local farmer) then it’s all ready to go!

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If space is a problem in your home, I suggest adding a leaf to your kitchen island. It slides out just as you need it and can be concealed when you’re short on space. Just roll it out and get to cooking! Absolutely genius. And if you don’t like chopping on higher countertops, or have little ones who like to help around the kitchen, then this is perfect for you!

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Concealing things has been a pretty big theme throughout this post, so I’m going to throw two more thoughts your way. These happen to be a couple of my favorites, too! First, let me share this barstool alternative in all of its splendor. Is this not the greatest? Not only are the stools hidden under the counter island, they are also less bulky than normal barstools and still manage to maintain the classic feel that comes with traditional bar seating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan and believer of regular seating, but imagine how easy cleaning the floors would be without worrying about legs getting in the way!

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The last cool kitchen island option is electric. Literally, it’s about electricity. How annoying is it when you are trying to use the blender or Crock-Pot and have to move around until you locate the best/nearest outlet? I’ll answer for you, it’s very annoying. Like, hello, all I want to do is blend up my healthy kale smoothie (milkshake) with ease, is that too much to ask for?! That’s where this sucker comes in:

Kitchen Island Ideas Concealed Outlets Electricity Electric Blender Crock Pot Cooking Hidden Plug

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After you get over the shock of how smart and smooth this looks, you’ll probably say something along the lines of “almost every cooking island has plugs.” This is true, a lot of them do have outlets, but the thing that the majority lack is the hidden aspect. I like to be different and this is definitely off the beaten path. And, when you aren’t using the outlet, it’s hidden from view! I do like that a lot. Next time you’re searching for a plug in your kitchen, check a drawer.

Like Hawaii, an island in the kitchen should be big. I mean, the bigger the better, right? Put some extra space in your place! What does your kitchen island look like or what would you like to add? Tell me all your thoughts below by sharing and commenting. Look forward to hearing from y’all!

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