Corner shelves make use of weird spaces and create that needed extra storage! Check out the different styles and find the perfect corner shelves for you!

I’ve been looking at lots of pictures of shelves lately - open shelves, floating shelves, bookshelves, etc. etc. - but I feel like there’s one type of shelf that doesn’t get as much love as the others: corner shelves. I’m the proud owner of 2 vintage corner shelves that my mom handed down to me. They have wear-and-tear, but I really love them because they fill up those empty corners and aren’t super big. Also, they hold all my little trinkets and books. They’re extremely useful and are great for decorating.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about painting mine a new color and maybe lining the inside of them with a cute wallpaper, but I have no idea what color/pattern/design I want. Most of my furniture is white, so maybe I’ll paint them white with a white wallpaper that has something like gold pineapples on it. That’d be pretty cute, actually. I saw someone else do that with a media center. It seriously blew my mind!

As you can see, I like corner shelves. They’re practical because they make use of weird spaces and have great storage. I’ve found some super cool corner shelves that you’ve probably seen and others that you probably haven’t. Let’s check them out and show them some love!

Corner Shelves Blue Corner Shelf Living Room Office Den Makeover Trinkets Knickknacks Flowers

Via Refunk My Junk

Okay, so I’m really partial to this blue corner shelf. My corner shelves look extremely similar to this blue one, but they aren’t built-ins. I really like this corner bookshelf because it has a small cabinet. One cool thing about this particular corner bookcase - if you check out the link for the image - the owner of this shelf actually repainted hers to this gorgeous robin’s egg blue. This is where my design inspo began for my own shelves.

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Take note how she decorated her shelf. It holds those little knickknacks, small books, and plants. Corner shelves are so practical for this reason!

Corner Shelves Foyer White Floating Shelves Mud Room Rain Boots Hooks Plants Throw Pillows Rackets

Via Housekaboodle

Check out the corner shelf unit in this mudroom! These floating corner shelves also have little cubbies on them, which is awesome. Instead of placing plants in the cubbies, I’d designate each cubby to a family member so that when they come home from work/school, they have a place right by the front door to put their things. I’d then decorate the top of the shelf with plants and other cool things to give it more life. I love how this entire corner shelf/corner bench makes use of that awkward space. You have so much more storage because of it!

Corner Shelves Tree DIY Homemade Wood Bookshelf Projects Books Lamp

Via The DIY Hubby

Have you ever seen a tree corner shelf before?! Probably not, right? This corner shelving idea is amazing. I’m not sure how someone created this, but I can imagine it may be on the difficult side of DIY. However, the results are incredible. Your guests will love this tree corner shelf. The shelf will also have lots of storage space, and you can add as much as you want since you’re essentially creating this beauty from wood. I couldn’t find the blog with the instructions on how to make this shelving unit, and I apologize for that... 🙁

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Maybe you’re crafty enough to make this?! And if you are, you should totally make it and then post about it on your blog so that the rest of us can see how you did it.

Corner Shelves Foyer White Floating Shelves Simple Design Art Plants Cactus Books

Via A Beautiful Mess

I LOVE white floating shelves! I have a white shelf in my bedroom that holds all my stuffed animals. I love how clean they look - just check out the image above. These floating white corner shelves are perfect because you have so much extra space to decorate and place your cool things. You can actually do something really similar to this in your kitchen. Lately, open shelving and hanging shelves in kitchens are extremely popular (which I love love love), so you could totally put some open corner shelves in your kitchen. It’s the latest trend in modern shelving! You’ll also make use of weird space, and we all know that the more space in the kitchen the better!

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Side note: I really like the cactus/succulent theme that these wall shelves have going on. So cute!

Corner Shelves White Door Corner Shelf DIY

Via Thoughts from Alice

This last corner shelf is a fun and simple DIY project. The family that made this door corner shelf found an old door, and the husband was super excited about creating this shelf. I love that the family kept the rustic/vintage look for this door. This particular door corner shelf is an excellent showcase. I’ve seen other door corner shelves that don’t have the “border” feature like this one does. However, door corner shelves are super cute, a fun DIY, and a great conversation piece.

Is there a corner shelf that really caught your attention? Comment and let me know! Share this post with your friends so that they can take away some design inspo about corner shelves, too!

**Featured image (clockwise L to R): Domino, A Beautiful Mess, Refunk My Junk, and Housekaboodle